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  1. But it's still about $135K shy, isn't it? No, it´s more about $125K :
  2. Would be interesting to know wich ones on reaper are on the "now that we are finishing, show only one stretch goal" and "show the other one, even if we don´t get it" It´s an interesting discussion. The "pledge more to show you more" idea is interesting, but also it is the "wow! i dont like this goal, but I like the other one" idea. And the whole calculations on the pledges vs cost vs goals vs addons. it´s like p**n with numbers
  3. Ok ladystorm, I know that I probably won´t get an answer (and for good reason :D) but I have to ask Any tease for after DDS2? Any tricks or treat between here and end?
  4. Finarfin goes to ks.calculator Finarfin ups his pledge *sigh* I didn´t have to eat this month anyways
  5. so I really don´t know how but I´m on with 25$ more preparing for the ruins so... I don´t know how it happened, I suddenly was looking at the mail confirmation.
  6. Roughly $256 wholesale buying the 36" inch rolls of blue/green 'tape' style kneadatite in bulk from Polymeric Systems (who make it). Yes I do order it for our store. Whoops, my mistake. This is closer to right. 37 ounces, not dollars. Also, Bryan kinda-sorta announced KS3! where.?
  7. The Reapresentatives are on record as saying that neither Warlord and CAV will be officially included in any larger Bones KS, because if they decide to Kickstart those lines, they will want to do smaller, more specific campaigns for them. So, the short answer is both. Reapersentatives* They are separate pieces, but sure, they won´t be used for play each session. On another point, I don´t ge the sentence "too many dragons". It´s like you say "too many" but later say some kind of gibberish.
  8. First line starting from below MOAR MOAR (I agree) More ??? & tentacles Corpse ??? Sg ?? Precious Star ??? Pregnant sophie Honey boo boo Gollum
  9. Still better treatment than I get back home in the goblin lair. Still a better love story than twilight
  10. No dice. I think I broke the internet. *snip* OOOOOOOOOOOOH MYYYYYYY GOOOOOOOOOD MY EEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! IT BURNS US, PRECIOUS!!!!!!!! IT BURNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are ruining this moment dsmiles: It was me trying to be a sociable person sharing your pain for the unaccesible photo. Now you´ll only see dead people' s nipples
  11. No dice. I think I broke the internet.
  12. No one cares about my csi skills :(
  13. UL CAV Golum? Her? PC Pig & Sam? Pick imp and 3 dry cloning? Dead H??? Pa???lus by KW
  14. Maybe GUS HAM ULOM? CAV4 K.D M-adigo? Black hole Dire R?? Gat Dire pen??? Gulam?
  15. *looks minotaur* Sigh *take his wallets and throw it* You want it? keep it!
  16. Ditto here. At first I proposed to combine my pledge with other friends to save on shipping. Turns out the difference is miniscule. $2.20 savings on a $650 combined pledge. Can't speak for ROW, but overall my Canadian shipping fees are ~12.5-13% of the total cost. Not as bad as I originally believed. Wow, didn´t see that one coming. I was playing the other day with the manager and the difference between one or two cores shipping was worth in my case. (but I have failed to convince anyone else to pledge, but this is a small place)
  17. I only see 4 non revealing photos, but maybe I´m missing something
  18. It´s true, the legs looks weird, but the rest of the body looks lovely, I love that jaw sillouette, it happens the same for me on the gw imperial ships or the world of warcraft dragon. It´s so cute! it´s like "i´m gonna kill you all... with love" a little happy fellow
  19. Ok, my current pledge Core - Narthrax - Lord of Darkness - Heroes and villains - HIll giants - Demon lords - Expansion set 2 I don´t want to spend too much, I have yet to see the ruins and the last goals. I´m tempted on the first expansion, but I´m almost doubling my last year pledge... Edit: But that paints are so cheap.... how well they behave if they are stored for several years?
  20. Well, I have received an email that means that it seems I can up my pledge... so I´m going to do it...
  21. Wait, where that Eulalia comes from and why is the same name a friend have? :D
  22. ...you're going to detonate your dishwasher? O.o ...I want video of this. Challenge Accepted! Just forgive my english, as you can see, not my mother language... Noooo vertical video nooooo But the fact that the sponge was fighting back was fun
  23. Mmm I´m seeing more about my "monsters fighting on the ruins as some kind of diorama" theory. With each big miniature created for different sculptor...?
  24. Titan vs godzilla type monster What would be for you a good ending model?
  25. What comments are this prediction based on? Ron Hawkins about 17 hours ago Actually, I think Jason Wiebe's piece took the most putty...we've not even hinted at that one yet. ~~~~~~~~~~ Ron Hawkins about 18 hours ago BTW, those awesome ruins that everyone saw in the video...sculpted by Bob Ridolfi... ~~~~~~~~~~ Ron Hawkins about 19 hours ago Everyone will be upping their pledge when they see what Julie is finishing now... ~~~~~~~~~~ Ron Hawkins about 19 hours ago Julie's working...finishing...something that will make our Kickstarter community freak out when they see it. Bob's working on some other things that are just going to be on everyone's final "to get" list. ~~~~~~~~~~ Guthrie-Ridolfi about 19 hours ago Julie is working on the changes you asked for, and you are right, it does look better Ron Hawkins about 19 hours ago Julie and Bob are referring to a certain something or somethings that occupies some certain ruins. ~~~~~~~~~~ At the end, is just and educated guess, it stuck me suddenly
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