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  1. Mmmm based on that comments I would say that the ruins are occupied by two somethings fighting? some kind of diorama that can be divided in individual miniatures? mmm angel vs demon? dragon vs dragon?
  2. any chance to see narthrax and kaladrax side to side?
  3. BLASPHEMY...shun the non believer....SSSSHHHHUUNNNN.... What would you want as a end game? You mean, apart of the sophie riding tarrasque riding kaladrax riding the moon?
  4. This is so wrong at so many levels.
  5. Seeing the last messages, I understand that what it needs is more discworld. Maybe the elephants behind a disc behind the tarrasque
  6. Dont know for sure, but maybe the official needs to be pledged and is not allowed for people on the fence? Just guessing, don´t know if that´s the case
  7. You might be surprised at how many Bones you think are 1 piece actually aren't. I keep finding new ones, like the skelton with round shield. Hands up, who thought he was one piece. *raises hand* Captain! that goblin is waving his hand! Shoot him! I guess that is better that they come already glued.
  8. Wishlist: 1. Female monsters (orcs, ogres, goblins, bugbears, gnolls...) 2. town guards, thieves, thugs, brigands, Anhurians 3. clear transparent air elementals 4. the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse + the Harbinger 5. Umber Hulk 6. Shambling Mound 7. Classic Bathalians 8. Urban zombies (nurses, cops, soldiers, construction workers, suits, chef, etc)
  9. Bryan is gonna kill us if after the whole "please, do the tarrasque", is not the best selling figure of this kickstarter
  10. I miss some context here. The first kickstarter is over, you already know how much profit was, isnt it? :P
  11. Heck, I'm just glad to see they will be U.S. customary 1 inch bases rather than metric 25mm. I'm more a fan of 1" 1.5" and 2" bases than 25mm 40mm and 50mm bases. Not exactly a huge difference. 1 inch = 25.4mm, 1.5 inches = 38.1mm, 2 inches = 50.8mm Thats... what... she... nevermind, don´t want the mods on me :P
  12. I'm not sure,Finarfin, what constitutes a 'bad' pattern. Perhaps one add-on being selected by practically nobody, I guess, but we aren't really seeing that. And then again, the spread between popular and unpopular is a small difference, relative to the total asked for of each. Let me throw out some imaginary numbers that are accurate representations of the kinds of numbers involved, but reflect no accurate data. Option 1 - selected by 8,000 backers. Most popular of all the options. Option 2 - Selected by 6,000 backers, least popular of all of the options. Neither number tells us Not to produce something, but it does suggest that maybe more models similar to 1, and maybe push off the table models similar to Option 2, or at least take half of the #2 we would have done and not. Thank you for elaborate :D Just a point, I wasn´t the one talking about bad and good patterns XD Anyway, I guess that it´s interesting to see the data. Oh... beautiful beautiful data. About the info itself, the decision would be between "this sells well, let´s make more" and "this sells well, let´s try a different thing for not oversaturate the backers"
  13. @Reaper, have you get any info from the pledge manager that you would like to share? More selected addon, that kind of stuff @Finarfin - So far, even the 'least popular' Option is within our expectations, but overall there's a pattern emerging. @Reaper: Oooh! A pattern!? Care to share? Assuming the answer to that is 'no', is it a good pattern? @Dan - We're seeing that despite the objections to "too many dragons", all of the dragons are in the top 25% for how many users selected them...
  14. Well, I think I was that one, anyway, thank you! :D
  15. Well, the shipping is less than I thought. That is nice. We are talking about 25$ vs 42,62. Not a big deal. Probably it will grow if I select too many add ons... we´ll see.
  16. Well, I didn´t saw that you answered here cause my message was moved (second time, the first one was the flgs issue. ladystorm is gonna kill me). Anyway I received answer, a gift certificate. Now I feel bad for the difference between the ks price of the minis and the certificate they give me >_> I understand better now the whole "reaper custom service is wonderful", with this and the whole flat rate shipping on ks1. Anyway, I think I read about not using gifts certificates on ks2 cause amazon payments don´t accept them. Logic and normal. Any chance to be able to use them on the pledge manager after that, where people can increase his pledges?
  17. I miss something like http://greg.botch.com/bones/
  18. What do you people think about this? http://blog.spikeybits.com/2013/10/kickstarter-with-soul-finally-someone.html
  19. Ok, question: I sent an email about some missing pieces and miniatures. Its not a big deal, but they told me they would give me the option to receive a gift card or resending. Anybody knows if they have finished fixing this kind of errors? I mean, I would be perfectly fine as I am now, but I´m curious. I don´t want to write again to avoid innecesary mess.
  20. Question: Will you open several stretch goals the last day/hours so you are able to respond to that last moneys?
  21. Hehe... Reaper has managed to get EVERYONE aboard! Everyone? Serioulsly? You are too optimistic or you haven't red the last 245 comments on te 36th kickstater update. I think that ROW people are rightfull to complain (I stay but I am disappionted) but before widraw they should do some maths... http://www.wordreference.com/definition/baker http://www.wordreference.com/definition/backer It was a joke :P I have to say that I don´t know yet how much I´ll spend, I´m worried as everything else about the final prices but until everything settles I won´t be able to decide. Until that, I can keep that money there
  22. I´m in a similar situation, I suppose to have some credit on the store (I haven´t received the final quantity yet but I don´t want to insist, they´ll be busy) and would be nice to send it with the kickstarter
  23. Bryan, you know what you have to do Dragon McDrac, a halfborndragon riding a dragon with a dragon skull as shield and a dragon sword made from small dragons With a dragon pet Anyway, anything you do will piss someone so listen the input but try to don´t put too much heart on them. Remember the "I don´t want free minis!" issue Anyway, as the master said, Sedatio et tranquilitas I´m guessing that this will surpass 4 millions easy.
  24. 20$ more, that would be the minimum minimum that would cost the shipping
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