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  1. I´m going to say that now, the only thing that we could do is wait, or if we can´t, simply send an email asking for the info. It shouldn´t be that way, but it would be more effective (not so much more) than talking here :P
  2. Ok, all of them primed. Any suggestion on wich one start? :D
  3. Washed and cleaning. Little mold lines. Almost no leftovers of white metal. Some minis were untouched.
  4. Just received! :D I have yet to confirm number and I would like to make a detailed analysis of the minis with the problems and improvments, but is going to be a picky one because the work is very clean and detailed! :D nice work! I´ll update with photos. Checked: They all arrived correctly, really happy with this
  5. I have now backed over 20 crowdsourcing campaigns, the majority have had delays but none have had as big a fulfillment phase as this one. I have had ones with much worse communication too. This could be why I'm so forgiving of Reaper. They're doing quite well in comparison to a number I have backed. Just by comparing Reaper, an existing experienced company with existing international logistics connections, to some guy off the street with a novel idea and little to no clue about project management tells everything that needs to be said. And the fact that the 20 other campaigns are "guys off the street" and not "existing experienced companies" comes from...? I´m not goint to say nobody to calm down. But I don´t think this is as bad as "reaper worst company ever!". People are expecting a product from a campaign several times bigger than planned. Where the majority of the problems have come from third parties. Where they have hire more people to send them before. And in general, you are getting the product before that your LFGS. I´m the first one who prefers that this problems simply don´t happen. And of course I´m more confortable with a better communication. But the bashing I see sometimes? I´ll keep it civil, but is nothing beautiful to see.
  6. I´m not normal because I´m not worried about the delays? I mean, I would prefer to have them but... I suppose is some kind of zen thing
  7. http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/dies-irae "This will enable us to print 1650's expansion book, in English and Spanish, and more bands and miniatures." I think they had another indiegogo in the past... yeah, this one (http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/1650-s-rulebook)
  8. It´s choosen by the project owner. Some updates are only for backers, and others not.
  9. Update! :D 1762 pledges last included retail (274?) So... 1500 ROW? How many where at first? We could try to calculate the truck capacity :D:D
  10. It seems that they won´t get the level this time but are planning a relaunch. I asked again about the single figures Superfluid Industries says: Hi again :) yeah, I think in the end they decided it would be best to save it for the relaunch ;) we're going to be coming back in the next couple of months with a new set of pledge levels ( including mix and match single figures :D ) and a more streamlined approach, with better stretch goals :) we hope you can join us next time ;D ~The Nameless Sculptor
  11. Suddenly i'm flashing back to the "Thriller" video. XDDDDD All the single ladies, all the single ladies Oh oh oh oh oh oh
  12. Oh crap... I.... must resist.I have put it on remainder for no apparent reason...
  13. I really couldn´t think that sending a ton of mails would help the situation instead of centralizing the answers, but if you say so... In my case I sent it a couple of days before and I had a problem with my address so I´m happy I did.
  14. Well, this info is good, we are talking about tuesday at best. (I say at best cause you never know what could be at worst XD) Come on people! :D We are The Waiters, The Patients, The RoWers. Look at your shelving of shame and think that a couple of days is not too much. Put more traps on for the roleplaying session you are waiting the bones! :D
  15. Nice to hear, it´s been a couple days without hearing of new mails. Maybe tomorrow I´ll have some good email
  16. It´s not like he is the only one working on the business. And probably this new date was based on "I´ll delay my holidays after what I calculate everything will be shipped." If there is a new delay, what would you suggest?
  17. I sent them and email yesterday, I´ll let you know if I receive answer.
  18. I don´t want to add my email to the massive input of mails they are probably receiving so I´ll better ask here: anybody has email them this week?
  19. There are a serious possibility that I´ll receive my Oathsworn dwarfs in the next week, yay!
  20. At least you have updates hahaha I don´t have nothing to see :P
  21. I´m here on Canary Islands dude, believe me, you are not going to be the last one XD A little joke: - Knock knock - Who´s there? - Not your bones
  22. Oathsworn dwarfs and toughest girls are projects that probably I hadn´t pledge if not for pledging bones. And I´m sure I´m not the only one.
  23. No, they're to be placed around my urn to usher me into the afterlife. I was thinking about your other bones really.
  24. Offer to pay the KS price of Nethy and keep it, if you feel better
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