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  1. Confirming that I *do* fit in size 34 pants! Considering I was 40+ size for decades (even wore size 46 at one time), the weight loss paid off as this size is easy to find in stores. Finding the right inseam is still an annoyance (~30 inches). My legs don't magically grow or shrink in length with my body weight.
  2. Not if you know what child labor laws are and raising kids is like. For a Friday off, I wouldn't blame the parent to push the child into the deal anyway.
  3. [Sigh] One of my uncles just past away about two hours ago. He was my mother's oldest sibling, and my oldest living relative at 87 years of age. They found him unconscious in his apartment yesterday and was quickly hospitalized. He remained in a coma, with his breathing slowing down and wheezing. Both of his daughters (my older cousins) were present in his final moments. Last I saw him was about three weeks ago, when I visited my mother and where we celebrated my 50th birthday. I hadn't seen him (or any other family member) in 18 months, and already he looked much olde
  4. Considering the number of Chinese/Asian mythological creatures that are part dragon and part horse, I approve of this horse-mod.
  5. Interestingly, I found an Inktober prompt generator after a quick Google search. The page code is open and you can add/remove any number of prompt words you want. Click "Generate" and you have a list. Now I need a prompt word generator to generate prompt words for my prompt word generator. P.S. Turns out "random word generators" are pretty easy to find. So instant prompt lists.
  6. I genuinely don't know. I have some "old" stuff from the early 90s, mostly Ral Partha, but no clue of their overall rarity. I have a Ral Partha "Dragon of the Month", 10-370 Cyborg Dragon, that "feels" a little bit exclusive. And knowing of the existence of ReaperCon's melt table, some pieces have become rarer. I guess the ReaperCon resin minis are also somewhat rare.
  7. Something I realized yesterday from looking at painted examples. We need a High Rollers female edition! The originals have a lot of character, but all sport male facial features. We still got plenty of archetypical classes to choose from: Holy knight/paladin, druid + animal companion, necromancer, assassin, sorceress, barbarian/berserker, etc.
  8. Oh I'm considering it. But I don't know how much I'll actually accomplish. Last year I was unemployed and had plenty of time. This year, I'm fully employed with difficulty with my time management. So either I only do a few very well, or I do many with more sketchy (literally!) results. I've only briefly looked at the official prompt list, but I'll be just as curious as the alternate lists that pop up.
  9. Technically it's this little guy (1979). But I already loved the hobby and never painted it. If we're going with 25-28mm metal minis, there never was one model above others. I got introduced to them during an early 90s D&D game, and they were probably Ral Partha, Grenadier or RAFM. One of the players was already a pretty amazing painter considering what techniques were known back then, so he did leave an impression on me.
  10. After working in gold mines, zinc mines, nickel mines (with plenty of secondary metals), I found I have a liking to various sulfides. Aka mineral ores like pyrite (iron), chalcopyrite (copper), pentlandite (nickel). The way they reflect light under the right angle is pretty. A good chunk of quartz is also nice to look at.
  11. Prospectors & Cave Explorers! Featuring Spelunker Sophie, with full climbing harness, rope, hardhat and full dwarven beard! Sooo, goblins and kobolds maybe?
  12. Hobbying. Any kind. Ever since I started the new job and moved, I feel like I just can't get into anything anymore. It's not even a matter of not having enough time. The time is there, but my mind is in a rut. What will help is that next month I should be able to consult a neuropsychologist for an adult ADHD diagnosis, or whatever it is they find. I already suspect my heart meds are making my lack of general motivation worse.
  13. Ooh, just got an automated email for my missing items *and* Sophie's Lucky Dice. The other items: dragonfolk wizrad (was missing an arm), Greek expansion centaur (also missing an arm), female barbarian (missing from the dragon slayers). From experience, it'll arrive in October.
  14. Canada Elections are done! You didn't miss much. Pretty much the same as before plus or minus several seats changing hands. The highlight of the evening was me finishing my bag of Ruffles chips. P.S. My riding even had a Rhinoceros Party candidate!
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