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  1. Did I read? Yes, a lot! My parents had library cards for all of us, and we used them. Do I still read? Very little. Almost nothing for entertainment. There's this Internet thing that appeared in the last few decades that keeps grabbing my attention. It's also one of the reasons I think I have adult ADHD, my brain doesn't want to sit down quietly anymore.
  2. Maybe I WANT to bow to our new viral overlords. I'm not worried that it's deadlier, there are thousands of identified mutations that are effectively harmless. But any time one of those suckers mutates to become easier to spread is a PITA. Did I mention it's also spring break? Cause that timing doesn't help.
  3. My mother, uncle, and aunts that live in the same retirement home all got their first vaccine dose yesterday. And on the news, I heard that my old grade school I grew up next to (a block away from our home) was hit by one of the new variants. Barely 15 months ago, my mother was still living next to it.
  4. I've just started working from home, but keep a level of professionalism considering Teams/Zoom meetings are frequent. So clean pants and a clean shirt appropriate for an engineer working alongside clients in industrial environments. So nothing on the shirt like slogans or that seem to promote this and that. So a regular button shirt fits the bill. The only real difference is that my shirt may not necessarily be tucked in, and I'm wearing my slippers instead of shoes.
  5. Some stressful family news. My sister (45) is currently hospitalized with acute encephalitis, following some medical treatment for her hip problems. Last week her new medication was giving her side effects, tachycardia (rapid heartbeats) and occasional dizzy spells. By Tuesday, the oldest of my nephews found her in convulsion with no sign of the side effects going away, so he called 911 and the ambulance came to get her. It's only Friday evening that they identified the encephalitis (could've been the heart, or a form epileptic micro-seizures) and are giving her massive doses of cortisone for the swelling. Apparently the neurologist says that in 23 years he's never seen such a severe case of viral encephalitis. She's doing relatively fine, her memory of the past week are vague and full of holes, so she has some level of confusion. She'll remain in the hospital for a few more days before returning home for some serious rest. Her family was hit with COVID last fall, mostly without symptoms, but a compromised immune system is one of those lingering side effects.
  6. Meanwhile, I've been on 12Mbps down 1Mbps up for the past three years and paying $100+ just for that service (they had a monopoly until recently). I'll be switching to 50Mbps down/10Mbps up (for cheaper) when I move in April and will be very happy. I could get faster (400Mbps), but I don't need faster for my needs.
  7. Indeed, winning an argument on the Internet is never as rewarding as you wished it'd be. Been seeing it for days, STILL HILARIOUS!
  8. Good question. What is your stance on folding chairs that only appear when the ref is looking away?
  9. Finally got my MegaBundle in hand! Got an extra Sample paint bottle out of it that I'll call fruit smoothie red/pink (with a hint of metallic sheen). I also have the answer to a very important question:
  10. BATTLESTAR GALACTICA (1978) opening theme song.
  11. So many scents are pleasant, often food, a particular cuisine, or some location with natural smells (forest, seashore). I thought of the same thing before I even read yours. Memories of walks through the woods in autumn, where leaves are bright colors with the earthy smell of the forest floor.
  12. I visited Russia, and it was an amazing trip. Then again, we had an amazing tour guide, and this was a year or two before the Sochi winter Olympics and Putin stopping to pretend he was nice, so the whole country was still somewhat accessible. If you ever do get to visit, Saint Petersburg has a very different vibe than Moscow. Open minded port city used to foreigners versus the more conservative heart of the country. But both are as amazing to visit. Best wait for a post-Putin era and see what it becomes first.
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