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  1. Nothing much out of the ordinary. None of it particularly exciting. Got a pork shoulder that I'll turn into pulled pork in the slow cooker. Gonna make some sauerkraut. I'll possibly paint. Maybe some house cleaning.
  2. Airship mods? Floating stones, sail winglets, spelljammers, the works.
  3. Cooking and baking. I have a very well equipped kitchen, and a big chunk of my daily meals are prepared at home from raw ingredients. Yes, I still occasional buy ready to serve meals, snack foods, or simple freezer to oven foods, but they are the minority of my meals. RPGs, despite the advancements of online gaming and streaming, I still prefer face-to-face interaction and the roll of real dice (also a good excuse for moar minis). Drive standard manual transmission. Though modern automatic transmissions are now far more efficient and reliable than 20 years ago, and very few North American cars come with them (if at all), I still like the feeling of control you get from manual transmissions. And it doubles as an unofficial anti-theft.
  4. Two things come up constantly, be it at work or family: Can you help me with the computer? Can you help me print this thing? I don't even consider myself a computer guy anymore, but as a computer geek of the 80s and 90s, my general knowledge is far above average. DOS prompts; programming in Basic; creating your own autoexec.bat file; custom 14.4kbps modem strings; manually setting IRQ pins on your hardware; building several desktops from scratch; tweaking the hell out of Windows 95/98/XP. A lot of that knowledge sticks around. Even IT guys at work quickly recognize me as being an unofficial backup for my department for basic service calls. No, I won't start fiddling with the cables in the server room, but I can help you with your page formatting so it prints right.
  5. Stuff I've done that made sense at the time but would rather never have to do again. College partying. Almond milk; coconut mil; rice milk; soy milk; etc. All of the "pretend milks" just taste awful and have horrible texture. Roller coasters. I just don't find them thrilling. But they shake my bones bad. I'm looking at you Space Mountain! Surgery. Very happy I had them, would rather avoid them anyway. Sadly, I know to expect more as I age (like my mechanical heart valve, or pacemaker battery that will need replacing). Staying awake for over 24, even 48 hours. My "record" being 72 hours. After 48 hours awake, your brain starts seeing things it shouldn't, and it takes more than one night's sleep to get over it.
  6. Also had to Google it, so... No? I mean, I've seen the word before, but never paid any attention to it. Maybe my mother would've known about this being a thing once. But I've never heard of it ever being a holiday over here (Catholic background).
  7. It's freakin' snowing outside! Not hail... SNOW! We had 30+°C temperatures just three days ago, and now we're back to sub-zero night temperatures.
  8. Life has been very unexciting. I have high speed internet access, so I've been able to cope with boredom. And the occasional web chat helps alleviate lack of personal contact. I live far from large centres, so combined with most public areas being closed, there is very little activities over all. Combined with the roadblocks restricting travel between areas (unless it's for work, medical reasons, etc.), I have had no reason to drive anywhere since early March. Being unemployed hasn't helped either. Job offers are currently scarce until more businesses open up. I have plenty of free time, but nothing worthwhile investing my time in. Who would've thought that being an introvert would be this much of an asset.
  9. Though I pledged for it all these months ago, I kept wondering if it was a wise decision or not. As soon as I saw the 3D print instead of the renders, my doubts were laid to rest. I may have squeed a little.
  10. Ice cream. And looking a the half tubs of ice cream I've been eating daily ever since the heat wave hit us, it's easy to prove. More specifically "Blizzard" style milk shakes from Dairy Queen or the like. Semi-soft ice cream mixed with a multitude of secondary treats (candy, cookies, peanuts, etc.). I'm also a fan of home made smoothies. Frozen fruit, bit of milk and sweeteners, powerful blender, pour in a large mug and eat it with a spoon. I really only ever eat frozen treats in the summer. In simple terms, it involved begging for candy on October 31st decades ago.
  11. After weeks of delays, I finally got mine! Pics here.
  12. It felt like forever due to shipping delays within Canada, but my Dangerous Dames - Pulp Figures finally arrived! Daughters of the East The Ladies Exploration Society Daughters of the Empire Evil High Priestess (+2 victims) Rugged Adventuresses Gangland Gals Pets and/or stuffed animals Crash Callahan + Fred the dog, with motorbike and sidecar (poster tack) Accessories: Cameras, binoculars, telescope, handguns, blades, sacks, satchels and purses, canteens and light sources.
  13. Indeed. Why should Santa have the only flying mammals of the deer family in the world? We know how to dream big. Indeed one of our many contributions for world peace. I prefer to think that they were zombie dinos preying on their own.
  14. Hmm, I already talk very little about myself, be it friends or family. Almost no one outside the forum, including my family, knows I collect and paint miniatures. None of them are really geeks or artistically inclined, and since I live pretty far away, when I do see them, my hobbies are never a conversation piece. Other little known things: I've visited over a dozen countries. I lived in France as a teenager for about a year. I'm a cousin two times removed of former Canadian prime minister Jean Chrétien (my maternal grandmother's cousin, she didn't like him). I've had open heart surgery, have a mechanical heart valve, and a pacemaker. None of it is apparent unless I'm bare chested and have my scar visible. For someone who is single with no kids, I am surprisingly good with children. I'm the one grownup children find approachable in gatherings.
  15. Then maybe custom moulded earplugs? The kind that blocks most sounds, but lets voice frequencies pass through easily enough. In any case, identifying any triggers would be a great improvement.
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