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  1. I would if my workdays started at 10 am. But nope, I naturally wake up between 8-9 am. Clock radio goes off at 6:30 am (used to be 5 am in previous job).
  2. I have to wonder if you're speaking from experience.
  3. Goose = Goose down feathers = Lot of work for little feathers, and it's too hot outside for me to want any. Turkey = Food! = I know how to cook turkey, and I'm getting hungry thinking about it. In either case, if these birds are wise, they should just move along.
  4. How do you expect me to be addicted to ordering minis if I have to be reasonable about it?!
  5. I knew what was coming. I knew the skies would be clear. I also knew it was way too early for me to care. So I stayed in bed. By the time I got up, it was over. But plenty of pics online by better equipped people.
  6. Seeing how nearly all of us are not bar or club regulars, and weary of QR codes, I propose to reword the question: Alternate June 9 Question: You're leaving your paint club or ReaperCon late at night. You see on a lamp post a yellow and purple picture of Reaper Sophie and a QR Code. Do you scan it?
  7. So many wrong things happening here at the same time. Me in a bar or club. Never happens. Late at night. Never happens unless I'm at a friend's place. Attention grabbing sticker with *only* a QR code and no text. Suspicious, and will probably infect my system. My 8 year old Windows phone doesn't have network connection. Even when free wifi is available, it's not supported by most browsers anymore. I'll let someone else scan it.
  8. If it's like yesterday's sudden heatwave, I don't even get that hungry. But sandwiches and salads are easy choices. Yogurt if I have some. And plenty of snack munching, like a single cherry tomato with a cracker.
  9. If it's the same content as RCon 2020, you can find it here: ReaperCon Day 4, All of the Skin Tones! With Michal "Mocha" Schultz
  10. Wanna try my virtual meetings? I'm in the same time zone as Montreal, but I have clients in Brazil, India, Philippines, and Eastern Australia (same company, different divisions). It's always very late or very early for someone (i.e me and my colleagues). Greetings get weird as it's always "Good Morning" and "Good Evening" at the same time. We're Thursday, they're already well into Friday. We're heading into summer, winter is coming there, or it's the wet/dry season. I prefer evening meetings that early morning ones. I only hit my full productivity later in t
  11. Shai Hulud, aka the giant worms from Dune. Yes, their size makes them somewhat unmanageable, but you can ride them, and their larval poop by-product is pretty trippy.
  12. Spiders, bees, wasps. When not winter, I'd often trap them under a cup with a piece of paper and drop them outside. Larger critters would be a bird that swooped inside when the patio doors were open. Sometimes it was mice, almost always in pairs. Mouse traps permanently ended most of their ventures. And finally the neighbor's cat inside my mother's home. Considering it lived in a house with dogs and children, a single old lady's home must've felt very relaxing, so it managed to stealthily sneak in several times when the front door was open. Sometimes it could be hours b
  13. I am. It's part of the anticipation fun. How... small? Because of the pirate ship, this will be the largest Reaper box I've ever had. And the previous ones were already pretty sizable. I'll be curious to see the total shipping weight.
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