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  1. For a game itself, never. The WW2 bomber model kit, or Star Wars model kits (X-Wing, Tydirium Imperial shuttle) I built as a teenager were years before I started to really play RPGs. None of them survived my adolescence (looked like a plane, flew like a rock). If we're talking paper airplanes, I've pencil colored a few in my life. They met crumply death.
  2. Cranky Dog

    ReaperCon 2019 Hotel room sharing thread

    A quick reminder for people looking for roommates: Indicate your arrival and departure dates. Not everyone can make it for the full duration, but still require a room. The system works! I've already become someone's roommate. Thanks to @TripleH for the invite. And I've learned my lesson on being a courteous roommate and the issue of clipping my toenails in someone's presence. This time I'll do it in my *own* bed.
  3. I really don't know if I can honestly answer this one. There are so many talented sculptors, each with their own unique touch, that it makes it difficult to single out only a few as it really depends on what I'm looking for at the moment. I'll go with Ed Pugh, because this year is *his* year!
  4. Cranky Dog

    ReaperCon 2019 Hotel room sharing thread

    I say this because when I looked on hotel booking sites, some rooms clearly indicated that breakfast was included, while some others were without mention. So it's best to be aware that not all deals are created equal.
  5. It's a saber tooth tiger's trophy collection. They just had to put a "Free Mammoth Bacon" sign over the tar pits, and wait.
  6. The mid-80s had a bunch of shows I loved... that mostly aged badly. (OK, I'm the one who really aged here.) The Master (That American ninja show. This was the early days of ninja in pop culture. Pfft, weeabo wannabe.) Automan (That computer generated guy in real life. Pfft, rave party Pokemon Go wannabe.) Street Hawk (That superbike cop series, Pfft, Knight Rider KITT wannabe.) Manimal (The pet detective who could change into animals. Pfft, wildshaping druid wannabe.) I always loved the full transformation scenes.
  7. I've painted mostly humanoids in my lifetime, so there are very few non-humanoid minis, and no particular favourites stand out. I've done several rats when I got back into painting. Simple and to the point, but wouldn't call them a favourite. Though there is one special case: Mecha! Be it from the old FASA Battletech to the newer Talon CAV minis, big stompy robots are a special category as they fit in both humanoid and military vehicle at the same time. The paint jobs can be highly personalized, from serious camouflage to garishly gaudy, and still be taken seriously. "It may be pink with rainbows, but you won't be laughing when those two Ultra AC/20 at 3 range shoot you".
  8. As most of us know now, the ReaperCon rate block of rooms are fully booked, but plenty of regular rate rooms are still available but going fast. So now is the time to see what people booked, and if they want a roommate for the duration of the convention. I was about to book a single bed for myself, but two beds or rooms isn't that much more expensive. So I'd be willing to split the fare. P.S. For those who haven't booked yet, make sure you get the hot breakfast option.
  9. The files are slowly trickling in through DriveThruRPG! Currently in: Basic house #1-2 Basic Asian-style house Hobgoblin barracks Bases for buildings Greebles (Asian family crests inserts for walls)
  10. Cranky Dog

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    I wondered what Ben & Jerry's Garfield's Delight tasted like. They're really running out of flavour ideas. I mean, how can they ever beat a winner like Clam Chowder Power Hour (chunky style, obviously).
  11. Cranky Dog

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    He should've worn a scarf. Then the cold wouldn't have got him.
  12. Almost did, but got hit by an attack of procrastinitus. So I never completed it. It would've been some mouslings.
  13. If I found that head as is, I almost would've believed it was some kind of bear. But those 3D scans do show it to be canine after all.
  14. Cranky Dog

    Dinosaurs in Lost Valley

    As it is, it looks like a cross between a desert lizard and a monitor lizard/komodo dragon. A dire komodo dragon?
  15. Aaaaand, they're nearly all gone. I might've been interested in the Lost Valley. Nevermind now. (Granted, the stone giants are what interested me the most). P.S. After refreshing, there's now no indication on how many are available.