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  1. Cranky Dog

    Paint Track Apps?

    @CourageousOctopus, I can confirm that it identifies everything in the Pathfinder Set #1. One spelling mistake though, Sarenrae Yellow 89514 is identified as Serenrae. Curiously, Reaper made a spelling mistake on the Calistria Yellow 89513 label, calling it Callistra, but the name is correct on the carrying case itself.
  2. Cranky Dog

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Ooh, we got another Reaper play set with action figures. I genuinely don't remember ever seeing pre-made drawbridge terrain. P.S. Re-reading my post, it sounds much more cynical and sarcastic than it should.
  3. Cranky Dog

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    I have not. Closest I came to it was back in university in the 90s where they were demoing Doom (or Doom 2) in VR (yes, it's been around that long). Of course, wearing eyeglasses with a strong prescription, I am always unsure at how the helm would fit. TBD Maybe I'll add a different blend of spices to my turkey?
  4. Got it! Paid it! Got receipt! Now the REAL waiting starts. [Looks out window to see if delivery truck is there]
  5. Cranky Dog

    Galladoria Games Rise of the Mimics 2!

    Got'em! The shipping box (it tried to bite me, I swear it wasn't a paper cut!): Crates and baskets: Wardrobe: Treasure pile: Throne: Mine cart: Rug (I'm going to try to use the non-mimic rug as often as possible to make the players extra paranoid): Anvil: Well: Well unassembled: With Bones 5 "Thing in the Well" that's part of the Core Set, this one feels like a juvenile This-Isn't-Even-My-Final-Form phase.
  6. Cranky Dog

    Fishing Village

    Me too. Seriously, I don't own a 3D printer... yet.
  7. Cranky Dog

    Fishing Village

    This really got interesting with the new boats. Barge Fishing boat Technically we unlocked more city parts, but not updated yet.
  8. Cranky Dog

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    Short. I've always had them short and will keep them short. With the gradual hair loss, my head looks less goofy on my head if I keep it under an inch/3cm. Longest I've ever worn them was two inches/5cm long maybe, because late 80s-early 90s. P.S. I also discovered that I can get sunburns on my scalp.
  9. Cranky Dog

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I'm starting to wonder if there will be a second paint set or not. I don't "need" any more paint, just like I don't "need" any more minis.
  10. Cranky Dog

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Pro-tip when it's Red's videos: slow down the speed to 85-90% (custom speed settings) and add the CC subtitles. Expect to pause and rewind more than once (even when it's Blue). It's worth it.
  11. Cranky Dog

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    That's easy : NOTHING! (because something came up) Technically, I should be spending my free time adulting and searching for a new job for 2020. But even that isn't on the top of my list.
  12. I may or may not have received shipping notification for Canada. I'm expecting a bunch of shipments from different places, so I don't know if it's this one or not. But it started in Knoxville and weighs 10lbs, so it may be. Edit: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!
  13. Cranky Dog

    GOAT Dice: Changing the way we Roll

    Pretty, but my mind is stuck into thinking this is like a 20 sided snow globe. At $18-25 per die, I feel that the novelty will wear off.
  14. Cranky Dog

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    I do not believe so. I've even been in situations that would freak out normal people. I kind of like spiders (they kill other annoying bugs so it's all good), though I hate walking through their webs. Usually, when I find a spider indoors, I try to grab it with a container and gently put it outside. But if it's winter time, I give it a quick merciful squish. Needles, no problem. I used to give blood, I need to get my platelets tested every month, and I get the flu shot every year. The one thing I "fear" is removing the damned bandage from my hairy arm. *That* pain is worse than the tiny needle prick. Heights, airplane. No fear. I flew in charter flights for three years every week. You get nervous when you hit heavy turbulence and cannot see what the hell is happening from the cockpit since it's behind doors. Dark enclosed spaces. Working in mining, I've had to go underground, sometimes alone an unsupervised. On occasion, I would take a break in a side drift in one of the ramps, turn off the light, and be swallowed in absolute darkness and total silence, over a hundred meters underground, and find it relaxing. I was familiar enough with that mine that I could likely make my way back to the surface without any lights at all. As a child, I even remember that sometimes at night I would sit in the middle of my bed, with all of my blankets over me and happily exist within my tiny pocket dimension. Doctors, hospitals. Born with a heart defect, I had yearly exams with the cardiologist and pediatrician, and grew used to hospital environments. I also have tons of relatives in the medical field, so I was no stranger to the happenings. Germs. I hang around geeks where proper hygiene is not always their top priority. So I'm good with less than ideal sanitary conditions. Snakes, scorpions: No known fear, but I have no experience with those. Talking in public. For someone who considers himself an introvert, I'm surprised how at ease I am in front of a crowd. Though it does go with my level of preparedness. Though I'm still uncomfortable with superficial small talk that I cannot avoid (like stepping out of my apartment with my trash at the same time as my neighbour). Talking to girls I fancy: Oh gawd, I'm gonna die! Where are the snakes when you need them? If there's something I could consider a fear, it would be getting swallowed whole, all Jaws-like, or how bullfrogs can quickly snatch and swallow anything as large as their mouths and simply... cease to exist. I'm not talking about being devoured and crushed into a bloody pulp, but simply disappearing without a trace. Of course, after so many years of roleplaying, I'd like to fight my way out (also thinking back at Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy 2). I even GMed a Pathfinder adventure path in which nearly all of the players got swallowed whole at least once by a different monster. So most of that fear has subsided.
  15. Cranky Dog

    Help needed! Rock troll gems!

    One thing I noticed about real gems is that not all faces are the same colour due to light reflections. Some faces are mirror flat and nearly white, while other faces are much darker. Managing a convincing transparent surface on opaque plastique is particularly challenging.