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  1. Dang it! Now I have to go with the good old fashioned way of getting stuff. Smuggle it through Saint-Pierre & Miquelon.
  2. I looked in my old emails. My first RCon in 2016, I paid about $110/night (tax+fees inluded) at the old Fairfield Inn. That was for a single bed, offsite, and stuck with the shuttle schedule. I missed a lot of late night events that first year. This year, it's $150/night, double (maybe triple) occupancy *and* on site. A good deal. It's last year's post-pandemic RCon that was the most expensive at ~$200/night. The other 2 years I was there, it was @pcktlnt or @TripleH that got the reservations and shared their rooms with me.
  3. The room is booked! 2 queen beds, two rooms, so an extra sleeper couch for an extra guest! I already have a roommate, but I'm open for a third to split the costs even more. [Excitement levels rising] EDIT: My original roommate also scored a 2 queen-2 room suite. So either one of us cancels, or we wait to open up for more late comers. For now, I'll wait.
  4. Oh-oh! From my current workplace, I can access the forums, but the official ReaperCon page itself is blocked. So getting the links for the hotel rooms will require me to find another approach. Most likely me leaving early to go home and do it from there.
  5. I kind of remember that the ReaperCon codes were only for the convention dates and all other dates (Wednesday night for example) were at their regular rates, but I don't remember any error messages. I'm even thinking of trying for two beds + two rooms suite that would include a sofa bed to split it up three ways (or more).
  6. It'll be nice have a full pair of Boots.
  7. The only complete-ish list I can think of would be the listing in the PaintRack app.
  8. Should we start a room sharing thread? I'm not the only one who goes to RCon solo, so knowing I'll share a room right off the bat can make things less stressful during the initial room booking rush. Especially since I'll be working outside my usual office with limited bandwidth and/or it may completely slip my mind.
  9. In the background, the provisionally expected dates could be seen as Aug 31-Sept 3. i.e. Labor Day weekend.
  10. It felt the proper thing to do. I also apologized.
  11. Something very Canadian happened to me. It snowed for the last day. Cleared the snow of my car yesterday. Cleared the snow of my car this morning. And while the snow ended at midday, I still had snow over my car this evening. So after work, I go and start sweeping snow off my car with my coat sleeves. I grumble that my wipers are stuck frozen on my windshield. As I start to break them free, I pause. "Wait. Didn't lift my wipers this morning to prevent this?" I take a step back. "This isn't my car!" It just happened to be a dark grey RAV4 like mine which was parked right next to it. Wipers raised like I left them.
  12. Costumed, yes. Mostly Halloween stuff, but never any specific character. Cosplayed, no. Unless you count 7 year old me with a bath towel cape pretending I'm Superman or Batman.
  13. We are. Unless we have to share our plate of poutine. THEN IT'S WAR! The Burger Wars were just the appetizer.
  14. They've said that about many previous editions too. AD&D 2e regarding AD&D 1e D&D 3.5e regarding D&D 3e D&D 5e regarding all previous editions. Then it gets tedious just trying to make it work.
  15. "What is this curious white stuff on the ground? It feels... NOPE!" 😾
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