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  1. February was an incredibly work heavy month, and being in a mine camp with 12 hour shifts with no access to hobby stuff meant that I hardly did anything creative. I was lucky to get 3 hours of Pathfinder RPG two weeks ago. But that's it. I'm getting almost two weeks off in the next few days. Hopefully, I'll get something done.
  2. I'm curious to watch Netflix's Avatar: The Last Airbender. One family related reason is that my cousin's son plays a waterbender in two episodes. He even travelled to Hollywood last week for the premiere.
  3. Pretty low as a Neanderthal. They were great survivors for their environment, which I am not. Then again, there are days I don't think I'd even score as a homo sapiens. Knowing my lifestyle, I'm more of a plump human shaped potato. Homo Sedens Tuberosum! 🧍‍♂️🪑🥔
  4. I just rebooked my room to get the full RCon discount and cancelled the previous one I had that was far more expensive. I'm losing one bed (still got the fold out couch), but it'll be cheaper for me and my roommate.
  5. Uhm... elongated base truncated pyramid shape with rounded corners? A bit like a gold brick. I don't even use ice all that often, so my ice tray mostly goes unused.
  6. 2e has a special place in my heart. Not because of the rules, which didn't age well after trying 3e/Pathfinder. What 2e had was tons of original campaign settings that still have a strong fan base. But most importantly, it's because of who I was and where I was in that time period. It was the 90s, I was young (late teens, early 20s) and in college. We had a game club where I spent all of my time, stocked with tons of games and RPGs. We had a subscription to Dragon magazine which I read furiously. Me and my buddies had time to play without adult/family responsibilities. It was my golden age of gaming that just happened to coincide with 2e's print run. Had it been a decade earlier or later, 1st edition or 3e would've had my fondest memories.
  7. Workplace: coffee ☕, water 💧. Home: coffee, water, tea , herbal tea, cola. I'm surprised at myself at how much my cola consumption went down over the years. It used to be my go to beverage for decades. Now it takes me days to empty a single 710ml bottle. Instead, I'm now appreciative of warm water. And I hardly ever touch juice. The only exception is vegetable juice, but I count that as part of my lunch and not a thirst quencher.
  8. Nippy this morning at work. (-42F, -69F windchill) Luckily I didn't have far to go outside. It's crazy how you gradually get used to those extremes after a few days.
  9. My province doesn't have any holiday between New Year's and Easter. Throughout the year we have one day off less than other provinces. And these modern holidays just don't feel festive like the traditional ones.
  10. Not that I'd buy them, but I don't recall ever seeing fat elves that aren't Santa Claus. 🧝‍♂️🎅 I have some Tamiya flush clippers which I guess counts as nice ones. I know they're made of carbon steel and no stainless steel as rust has managed to form on it from a wet paper towel. Otherwise, a generic hobby knife with replaceable blades tops it off.
  11. I could've been "Cranky Dingo", but it looks like I was born on the wrong date. So I'm "Fair Dinkum Magpie" instead. 😕 For fun, I looked up Australian slang to figure out what the heck it meant. 😆
  12. I remember from experience how fast they sell out. I quickly realized that I couldn't book a room online with the dates I wanted plus the special rates, so I decided to call. Turns out it was the right move. I had an answer within a minute. I only managed the special rates for two days, but I did get a room.
  13. Booked! So I couldn't get the special rate for the whole period, only two nights out of five. Still better than nothing. And since I got a two queen room, I'm open to roommates to split the fee.
  14. I'm on the phone right no with them right now. Trying to get the special rate plus an additional two days is complicated.
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