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  1. I received mine last week (human set). Once I'm finished moving, I plan on taking and posting pictures of them.
  2. I vaguely remember building some in the 70s and 80s. They mostly would've been made of sand or LEGOs. Occasionally, it could've been mighty forts made of pillows, cushions, chairs and blankets. Outside, many snow forts were built in those periods.
  3. Nationally and provincially, things are getting confusing again as the variants are hitting hard. Ontario particularly is getting record numbers of daily new cases. We had one case of a woman dying from the blood clot side effects of one of the vaccines (Astra Zeneca or J&J, forget which), so that one is on hold. Outside mask wearing regulations keep changing daily to the point that people don't know or don't car anymore. The area I live next to (orange zone) is banning any travel from red zones without a two week quarantine. I live in a yellow zone and moving to an
  4. Currently, no. Last hobby club I was in was when I still lived in Newfoundland. I joined the St. John's Board Game club. It was my family away from home for almost three years. Though it did feel informal, it did have activities nearly every week; it hung around conventions (where I first met them), and they have members active in the local geek community. Haven't seen any of them in person since 2018, but I still keep in touch with most of the gang through Facebook. Prior to that, it would be my college gaming club from the early 90s, "Le Hobgobelin". aka
  5. Welcome to "human brain". I've recently heard on a science show that being in a different room than the one where you had the original thought is enough to "reset" the brain's focus. And that returning to the original environment can stir your memory. So... go stand in the shower?
  6. Considering we share a hobby where we paint wolves, dragons, dinosaurs, undead, floating skulls, etc, etc. it shouldn't come as a surprise that we're used to odd looking things and don't judge them unnecessarily.
  7. Meet: Buglips. Avoid: Buglips. He's such a fascinating fella.
  8. Anyone else curious to see what a Vortex Mixer or paint shaker would do to an egg? (Pre-scramble it?) You know the size is about right.
  9. Moderna vaccines are reserved for remote locations and are in limited supplies. Everything is by appointment, and the earliest availability is in May. The city I'm moving to is a much larger urban center with access to the Pfizer (or Astra Zeneca or J&J) only. They're on a completely different schedule, and current medical knowledge doesn't recommend mixing vaccine types. So if I want to get a second shot, it has to be Moderna. It's very inconvenient, but it'll be simpler and safer.
  10. Happy Birthday! It's your first birthday as a dad! You get to keep ALL the cake.
  11. Most of the time it's some taps on the side of the bowl/pan. The end results are rarely as satisfying as I'd hope.
  12. Under a hot sun, yo can wear them as sombreros! If they die from the heat (they'll sacrifice themselves for your well being), flip'em over and use them as plates for your guacamole. Those spikes in the tentacles? Actually nachos to go with the guacamole!
  13. As a bit of space nerd, I'm celebrating 60 years since Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space in 1961.
  14. Finally got my appointment for my second Moderna dose. It's in a month, I *will* have to drive a 1200km round trip (it got complicated), but it's over a three day weekend, so it could be worse. And though I'll have moved by then, my old apartment is still under my name till the end of May, so I can still bring a foam mattress and sleep there for one more night.
  15. That reminds me that I also filed my taxes last Friday (during ReaperLand, Brother Dave will be so proud of me). I'm getting back several thousand $! BTW, I'm moving next week. It'll cost me several thousand $! (Dang it!)
  16. UPDATED December 30th, 2020 TLDR: Backed: 78 Projects Delivered: 69.5 Projects Soon to Deliver: 1 Projects Still in Development: 2 Projects Running Late: 3 Unsuccessful Projects: 0 Projects Late, Effectively Dead: 2 Dead/Scam Projects: 0.5 Current list: Total 78 campaigns, (Kickstarter + Indigogo), 69 fully received, 1 partially received (counted as 0.5). 89.10% successfully delivered! Delivered: Still within expected production/development period: Delayed: Ridiculously delayed, but
  17. After decades of living in Canada, I know very well that an unseasonal warm spell is no protection against late snowfalls. I remember driving in a snow squall in late June. Though this past weekend, I can tell you that everyone with a motorbike was out and enjoying lovely weather.
  18. Fantasy will be the default game genre that will satisfy the most people. So Pathfinder 1e is the current final choice. It's relatively easy to add other genres in the setting. Though official support has moved on to 2e, there is a ton of material and still a large fan base.
  19. I'm in the middle of an unseasonably pleasant heat wave. Hitting the 20+°C temperatures for days in a row, combined with a mild winter has left virtually no snow on the ground. And lakes and waterways are unusually low for this time of year. Now I'm worried about next summer being at much higher risks of forest fires due to dry ground.
  20. This is a tough one as it would depend on the game style I'm in the mood for. For fantasy, I love Pathfinder 1e for the sheer amount of material, the setting, my familiarity with the system (though I haven't touched it in several years. And I like D&D 5e for its streamlining of many of the rules and mechanics. So I would end with a blend of the two. For games more down to Earth, Savage Worlds has a good amount of variety and support. Science fiction is also tricky as the Star Wars West End Games d6 system is quite beloved, but most of its material is no
  21. Any of the flesh triads! Then I'll go show it off to the padawans. P.S. I'm not allowed near playgrounds anymore and I'm on some kind of "list".
  22. I know very little about flowers in general, but I do like seeing fruit trees in full blossom. I heard the Japan's cherry blossoms are early this year. As it is, I still have to wait a month for the trees to even start sprouting leaves. So I'll need to be patient.
  23. From what was said during the Reaper Live show, they're aiming on uploading two classes per day.
  24. Depends on where it's built. In ancient Greece, it could be Crankopolis. In modern California, it could be Los Perrogroonio (simplified Perro Gruñón). In any Welsh region, it could be Maecigafaelgaryngymraegynedrychynrhyfedd... [almost faints from losing breath] And for the last time, STOP BURNING DOWN MY TEMPLES! I'm sorry for making Comic Sans the official city font.
  25. It's one of the rare benefits of all the social distancing/face masks/hand washing rules, it works for other pathogens too. As it currently is, the 2020-21 flu season is at record lows. The numbers were so low in Canada that they stopped their own flu vaccine program early.
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