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  1. Had a nearly 90 minute long job interview this morning through MS Teams for a position of reliability maintenance engineer in a hydrogen peroxide plant. As per usual, no matter how good or bad I thought the interview went, they may have a different idea. If there's a follow-up, it'll be next week.
  2. No one want to see tattoos of my colonoscopy! So of the two options, the emotional color change is the reasonable choice. Granted, people will keep asking if I'm dead, but it beats the alternative.
  3. Talked to mom to get some updated family news. The retirement home she's in, with three other relatives, aren't allowing any visitors except for immediate caregivers (which allows one of my aunts to visit). If my mother spends one night anywhere outside, she'll be in confinement for two weeks. As it is right now, all of our holidays (Christmas, New Year's) will be virtual. We all live in different areas of the province, and no hotels are currently open for business. Seeing the still high number of daily cases, it was unsurprisingly inevitable. On the plus side, this makes shopping soooo much easier. My sister (44) is on extended sick leave for work burnout, and has some kind of unspecified rheumatism that makes walking difficult for her. She's on a waiting list to see a specialist. She had knee problems for decades, and her second youngest has juvenile arthritis. My brother (46), who in all appearances is doing fine, has shingles for the second time in two years. This really surprises me as we all had chickenpox as children too. He's like my dad in this regard. No matter how he thinks he feels, his body has a different idea. This really weirds me out when I think that, despite being the oldest (49), I'm the healthy one?
  4. I'll assume you mean something that doesn't require an absence of pants. The pictures alone would more than likely get me banned and investigated. I'll stick to eating chicken strips and pork rinds.
  5. No win here, but few other regulars did. The show reached over 960 viewers. Triple the usual amount. So the odds were still pretty good at about 1:10.
  6. Now I'm dying to know what you put on your armpits. We know you have access to a looooot of crafting materials.
  7. I'm testing a hypothesis that the staff at the health clinic are all hard core LARPers with a preference for rogues. So I go to get my blood tested (routine, as I'm on Warfarin). She searches for a weak spot in my arm, and STABS ME! She misses the vein. And repeats the attack until blood is drawn in the vial. Once I return home, my shoes are barely off that I get a phone call. The DM claims the attack results were misread and it was not the critical hit they expected (head nurse realized not enough blood was drawn for test results, up to the line in the vial). So I had to return to redo the whole combat round. I go back. They try attacking my other arm. But that arm's vein knows evasion and has damage resistance against needles. So it nimbly dodges away. But my arm did not expect the second higher level nurse rogue to sneak attack stab me in another area of my arm. The second attack is successful! A proper amount of blood is taken. Then they use Cure Minor Wounds (band aid) and sent me off. I thanked them for their efforts. I support and encourage the hobby wherever I find it. Living ~5 minute walk from the clinic, with no other projects that early in the morning helped.
  8. My experience will sound familiar to many. Locally, since I live in a remote area (population ~2000, next town a 50-60 minute drive away), cases have been very low (none in town), but restrictions and best practices are ongoing (social distancing, public masks, limited business hours). Practically no social activities, or none that interest me (I'm not an outdoorsy type). With federal/provincial policies changing on a weekly basis that somehow manage to be too restrictive and too permissive at the same time, and everything in between. Personally, I'm somewhat surprised at how well I'm handling things. I've been unemployed since January 1st, my employment insurance benefits is exhausted, essentially no jobs in the area (aside from student jobs like part time cashier). I haven't seen a single family member in person since last March and no friends in over a year. Yet somehow, I'm doing fine (turns out introversion is a secret weapon). Any issues I do have are unrelated to the pandemic.
  9. Depends how you qualify "job". The first one where people gave me money for serious work (not yard work), was working in a lab, preparing samples (tree needles actually) for one of my dad's grad students' research project (early 90s). It was more of a contract work, as once all of the samples were done, the job was over. The first conventional job would be working the weekend graveyard shift in a convenience store. (mid 90s) The first job as a professional in my field of study, with benefits, would be as a plastics processing engineer. (mid 2000s)
  10. Wait! You want to leave the deserted island? As an introvert, I disaprove.
  11. Fun fact, the latest version of Paranoia RPG references Mr.Clippy as a way to explain Friend Computer's philosophy. Imagine Mr.Clippy as an all encompassing, ever present, all powerful computer with advanced AI. It really REALLY wants to help you and you cannot ignore it. Then think about your smartphones. How they feel snappy and responsive when brand new. But over time, after endless updates, you accumulate more and more junk data, and the results get more and more unsatisfying. Now repeat the process for decades, centuries even. Keep smiling.
  12. Multi-tool (with included fire starter) Cooking pot. Blanket Towel (I'm a hoopy frood who really know where his towel is) So something for food, shelter and rebuilding civilization out of coconuts.
  13. Move to somewhere with more social activities. I'm still a city boy at heart. Make sure my new home has plenty of storage space, and a dedicated art/gaming area. Travel much much more. All those weird classes. I'll take those. Give a leg up on life to my niece and nephews and other kiddos with potential. No blank checks, just a little something to get them started from time to time. Maybe retire? It's only a problem if everyone else you know isn't and don't have the same free time you do. But if money is no longer a worry, I can see myself volunteering more. I'd be the crazy old coot that doubles as a greeter in a FLGS.
  14. I dunno. A clean hobby desk just feels so... unnatural.
  15. ^^^^ THIS! ^^^^ I postpone stuff I do like. So the rest comes naturally out of (bad procrastinating) habit (that may or may not be a form of ADHD).
  16. Theme: COOK SOMETHING NEW! Specifically, picnic pork shoulder, in the oven, with crackling skin. The pork shoulder in question (~4,5kg or almost 10lbs): The basic spice rub (salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder). Rinsed and dried: Let us not forget some quartered onions on the bottom of the pan (support grill is visible): Spice rub on bottom side: Spice rub on top (skin) side: Bit of leftover wine and water to cover the bottom onions. Popped in the oven (set at 250F): 11 hours later! Seriously, this took far longer than expected. After 9 hours, I raised the temperature to 275F as the internal temperature just seem to stall. Added a bit of water too. After setting aside for a few minutes, back in the oven at broil/500F for the skin crackling. Huzzah! It may have been near midnight, but I got very satisfying results. Solid crust, crunchy and salty like evil bacon. Pork itself was quite tender and not dry. Onions were darkened and nicely caramelized. After letting it cool, popped it in the fridge and went to bed.
  17. I saw Rhonda Bender use makeup brushes for dry brushing on her Twitch show this afternoon (painting fur and feathers class). Seeing them in action, I am now a convert to their utility. It's not a catchall solution, but it does a few things very well.
  18. I've been doing that for quite a while now. It's kind of entertaining too as we can substitute quite a few words for them.
  19. Used to be pill bottles with poster tack. But the bottles were either too small or too large for my hand size Then I got a Citadel paint handle. It works if you have a standard round base. Square ones take more room and may slip, and larger bases need an extra adapter. It's iffier for Bones broccoli bases. During ReaperCon 2019, I got one of those Hobby Holder type 3D printable paint handles that uses screw on bottle caps with poster tack and is my favorite. It allows me have multiple projects at the same time, where I just unscrew one piece for another instead of ripping one off the pill bottle's poster tack again and again.
  20. During the KS funding period, it's very easy to justify the FOMO effect as the overall value is pretty amazing. Afterwards, particularly once delivered, it really falls into a "It depends". Sure you still get a ton of models, but the overall value is not as good unless you really are an avid painted that will paint everything, or only stick to the largest models. Most of us aren't that obsessive on painting everything, and have way more minis that we really need. So the pick and choose option of retail is just as good. Two other things. With eBay, you have to remember that shipping costs can really dig into the savings. And with Reaper orders, when large enough, you can get plenty of extra goodies. So no clear cut answer.
  21. Though with four legs, Reaper's Razormouth feels pretty close.
  22. I was thinking the same thing. Capillary effects like to ignore the laws of gravity and do their own thing. Pointed up or down won't make much of a difference with the brush sizes we tend to use.
  23. I don't do anything much different than the others. I clean my brushes with the Master's Cleaner/Restorer, leave just a bit of soap to reform the tip, and leave them to dry flat on the table. When I do need to store or carry them, I have a flat case that looks a bit like this one: Brushes remain snug enough for travel.
  24. Audrey grew too big and ate several of them. Of course it will impact the daily work flow. On the plus side, new paint bottle machine! Your sacrifice is appreciated.
  25. 2020 is far from being my best year, pretty much near the bottom in many ways. Though there is one impressive positive. A significant, noticeable weight loss. I'm talking on the order of 35-40 pounds (14-19kg), or 15-20% of my starting body mass in January. I have a lot of loose clothes (and skin). Friends and family have not seen me in person in over 8 months, if not over a year. They're in for quite a surprise.
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