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  1. Knowing myself, it would probably take me a while to even realize something went wrong, yet be unsurprised. I'd probably take the path of the wise, yet crazy, hermit. I'll live at the fringe of society, sometimes mingle. I'm surprisingly diplomatic, so I'd help mediate in conflict resolution. Also, I grew up in the pre-internet age, so I know how to live without being connected 24/7. I have not. We had a late game last Thursday, and had to cancel Sunday's game (one of the player's birthday). But planning for another game this evening.
  2. 4 points, 104 total. It's been too long. I couldn't get pool ball #4 = green out of my mind. Fun fact, I visited Ulaanbaatar in 2012.
  3. I'm a pack rat. Stuff just piles on and on. It's one of those habits my dad and I shared (and drove mom crazy). There are probably enough dust bunnies for me to qualify myself as a ranger/druid/sheepherder. On occasion, I do roll up my sleeves and get to cleaning. At the same time, I produce surprisingly little waste. You won't find leftover food, or any weird stains or smells. I'm untidy, not gross.
  4. Australia: "Everything changed when the Emu nation attacked."
  5. Last book I read was The Gift of Imperfection, by Brené Brown. I was given it to read last year by my social worker. I could recognize myself in only a tiny part of it, or in a "spell out stuff I already knew" kind of way.
  6. We had to slay the dragon part of the boat. Otherwise, it was like the one you see on the water behind us. A long canoe for twenty rowers, one steerer in the back, and one optional drum beater in front (in our case, the daughter of a coworker) Before the event, I expected the boats to be more festively decorated.
  7. Here's something unexpected from my part, last Saturday I participated in a dragon-boat racing charity event with some of my coworkers. (I'm in the centre row, first one on the right with the open jacket 85 teams of 20 rowers, three 200m races spread over the day. Everyone had sore shoulders for two days, and we weren't the best synchronized team. Strong start, but lacking in the middle part of the race. And the weather was miserable! Unseasonably cold (max 13C/55F), rainy and windy. And because of some delays, we had to wait longer than expected before our turn came. Luckily, some of the team brought some insulated curtains and a propane heater to our team booth, otherwise we would've lost some participants to hypothermia (I mean, they would've went home before freezing more). The bosses catered our participation, so we had plenty of food, snacks and beverages (including micro-brewery beer) to go around. Only thing missing would've been hot coffee for the whole team (I brought my own in a thermos). My sister is still in disbelief that I even considered participating.
  8. The smell of food cooking. Various flavours can be included. Be it fresh bread, a hearty vegetable soup, bacon. All invoke pleasant memories of family gatherings. It's a shame my sense of smell has degraded so much in the past several years. Everything is much more bland now.
  9. My immediate personal preference for these sculpts is the square base.
  10. Dust... mostly dust. 20 years ago, comic books and various RPGs or related material. Today, I have no other growing collection aside from miniatures and paints (over 400 colours!). And calling them collections when most are hidden away in crates is being generous.
  11. Must be Monday as I have to declare myself to be a money launderer. Literally. I forgot to remove money from my back pocket before my laundry load, and when I went back to add fabric softener, I opened the lid to see a bunch of neatly folded floating currency. Considering it was over $100 in bills, I was suddenly quite glad that Canada went for the "plastic play money" we now use.
  12. Search for the artist Jeff Lee Johnson (/jeffleejohnson.com). He has a bunch of similar themed pictures.
  13. With travel restrictions removed, the World Tour can start again!
  14. Declare that day to be "Apple Fritter Day" and everything is good again.
  15. 5 points again, I cracked the 100 mark! A... warble? And aside from the standard 100m/110m hurdle, I never even considered longer distances.
  16. With so many combinations, I don't think I can settle on one. By coincidence, we had a charity boat race yesterday, and I discovered that I wasn't crazy for the vegetarian option sandwich the caterer made. Maybe if it had a decent condiment sauce with it, but that one tasted very bland. If it involves YouTube and the many channels I follow, it's a regular thing. My evenings go by fast.
  17. I have not. Though if I ever do, my FLGS is very well stocked in Iwata gear.
  18. Eversince I started my new job last year, my spare time for Reaper has gone way down (but is still valued). By the time all my other activities are done, it's either already pretty late, or the hangouts are empty. I used to pop up on Discord for some live group painting. And I still visit the Twtich channel from time to time (assuming I don't have a game or other event at the same time). Overall, live F2F socializing has got the upper hand. Knowing my tastes. It would be a mix of savory Chinese cuisine and heavy French-Canadian breakfasts... plus poutine just in case. Expect soy sauce, hot sauce and maple syrup at the table. I got that reference! R.I.P. Stuart McLean.
  19. Sonuva! I kept forgetting that I have to go through GrowTix to get the class schedules, and not the ReaperCon link on Reaper's page. 😱
  20. Most colours in the dark greys, be it military or industrial shades of greys, are just... sad.
  21. I'm not quite sure how I'd rate them. Strict but fair. So...7? Not quite helicopter parents, but they did keep a close eye on our development. If me, my brother and sister all grew up to be "normal decent" citizens; open minded; accepting of differences; no hate towards our fellow human beings (though lots of frustrations); none of us are smokers/substance abusers/heavy drinkers, etc. In addition to having several university degrees (engineering; bio-agronomy; MBA; masters in nursing). Then they did a good job. They taught us to take responsibility for our actions. So we *were* allowed to have house parties (it's how my sister met her husband, 20+ years and counting), but there had better not be a trace of shenanigans upon our parents return. They trusted us enough to know we could go out and get drunk and not get into trouble (no fights, no driving, call a taxi). Knowing me, I'd experiment things. What happens if I drink/eat this? What happens if I pour something over me? What happens if I wander through smoke? If I clip my nails, do they become visible? Do I have a shadow in full daylight? Do I need sunscreen? I need to pee... This is gonna get messy. The weather started nice on Saturday, then it gradually got worse. Mostly clouds and rain. Not the nicest June. I'll tell you when it happens. Sure, on a technological level, the internet revolutionized the world, but I'm on it enjoying the ride (with a few places making me sick) like everyone else.
  22. 5 points, total 95. I got all the Romance languages correct, and it's tricky because although more people speak Portuguese as a first language (Brazil, Portugal), more people know French as a first *and* common second language (Canada, parts of North Africa).
  23. [Looks at calendar to realize Friday the 13th was last month] Dang, even your calendar is cursed.
  24. Ooh, how about going to just a few years ago to get OOP paints? That or save the dodo or passenger pigeon from extinction. There might be a crispy dodo breast burger business opportunity right there.
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