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  1. I have not. Though if I ever do, my FLGS is very well stocked in Iwata gear.
  2. Eversince I started my new job last year, my spare time for Reaper has gone way down (but is still valued). By the time all my other activities are done, it's either already pretty late, or the hangouts are empty. I used to pop up on Discord for some live group painting. And I still visit the Twtich channel from time to time (assuming I don't have a game or other event at the same time). Overall, live F2F socializing has got the upper hand. Knowing my tastes. It would be a mix of savory Chinese cuisine and heavy French-Canadian breakfasts... plus poutine just in case. Expect soy sauce, hot sauce and maple syrup at the table. I got that reference! R.I.P. Stuart McLean.
  3. Sonuva! I kept forgetting that I have to go through GrowTix to get the class schedules, and not the ReaperCon link on Reaper's page. 😱
  4. Most colours in the dark greys, be it military or industrial shades of greys, are just... sad.
  5. I'm not quite sure how I'd rate them. Strict but fair. So...7? Not quite helicopter parents, but they did keep a close eye on our development. If me, my brother and sister all grew up to be "normal decent" citizens; open minded; accepting of differences; no hate towards our fellow human beings (though lots of frustrations); none of us are smokers/substance abusers/heavy drinkers, etc. In addition to having several university degrees (engineering; bio-agronomy; MBA; masters in nursing). Then they did a good job. They taught us to take responsibility for our actions. So we *were* allowed to have house parties (it's how my sister met her husband, 20+ years and counting), but there had better not be a trace of shenanigans upon our parents return. They trusted us enough to know we could go out and get drunk and not get into trouble (no fights, no driving, call a taxi). Knowing me, I'd experiment things. What happens if I drink/eat this? What happens if I pour something over me? What happens if I wander through smoke? If I clip my nails, do they become visible? Do I have a shadow in full daylight? Do I need sunscreen? I need to pee... This is gonna get messy. The weather started nice on Saturday, then it gradually got worse. Mostly clouds and rain. Not the nicest June. I'll tell you when it happens. Sure, on a technological level, the internet revolutionized the world, but I'm on it enjoying the ride (with a few places making me sick) like everyone else.
  6. 5 points, total 95. I got all the Romance languages correct, and it's tricky because although more people speak Portuguese as a first language (Brazil, Portugal), more people know French as a first *and* common second language (Canada, parts of North Africa).
  7. [Looks at calendar to realize Friday the 13th was last month] Dang, even your calendar is cursed.
  8. Ooh, how about going to just a few years ago to get OOP paints? That or save the dodo or passenger pigeon from extinction. There might be a crispy dodo breast burger business opportunity right there.
  9. May 25th 1977, and attend the original Star Wars premiere. I really want to see an unbiased crowd's reaction. And again a few weeks later when it became the mega success we know it as.
  10. Potato on a bike. Spud on wheels. Tuber on tubeless tires. Tater Rider!
  11. Largest: It used to be Kaladrax, rivalled by Ma'al Drakar. Now it's most certainly the pirate ship. Largest I have that's actually painted would be Ebonwrath. Smallest: Not sure about the absolute smallest. There are quite a few familiars that fit the bill. Smallest painted, I think are my Bones 1 rats.
  12. The only active duty relative I had that served in France was in the early 50s. As a French speaking Canadian, he said he never had to pay for a single one of his drinks in gratitude.
  13. Parents who teach them young so they know how to... No wait, that's a spoon held backwards.
  14. A decent 4 points, total 89. My knowledge of languages failed me for the puppy. EDIT: M'wahahah! 5 points for 90! 🐶
  15. Saturday: Went to a MET opera broadcast of Hamlet. Went to visit my former neighbor at his new retirement home (it's... not a particularly nice place). Groceries. Made an Asian flavored marinade for my pork roast. Sunday: Cook that pork roast! Laundry.
  16. There was no donut day, so I did not partake in a donut today. Had it been offered, I would have eaten the donut. Earlier this week donuts were offered, and I ate some donuts. It was a good day.
  17. Myself, not so much. But I've had to help my mother several times for falling prey to online scammers. Like "your computer is compromised, click/call here", "you have a package with fees, contact us", "you won an iPad, enter your credit card to claim". Luckily, little actual damage, but she did have to changre credit cards last fall once we discovered that small innocent looking amount of a definitely not approved purchase. A bit like @Werkrobotwerk, I realized that pseudonyms are a great way of identifying spam. When an email calls me "Mr. Cranky" instead of my real name, it's a good sign that it's not legit. Also, being in bilingual Canada, nearly all big businesses send official emails in both English and French, or a single language with a link for the other language. And lets not even begin with those with spelling mistakes, either by purpose, ignorance or pure laziness.
  18. Last campaign I GMed was the Asian flavored Pathfinder adventure path, so I used some uncommon monsters like onis, kamis, kenkus, and even a kappa, with some ninja/samurai combos. I've probably used most of the classic D&D or mythological monsters. Though I'm struggling to remember if I've used fey/sylvan creatures or not (fairies, nymphs, centaur, satyr, etc.). My fairy princess ballerina infantry minis from Thunderbolt Mountain Minis will get some interesting reactions. No one expects fairies to be packing submachine wands firing high velocity armor piercing glitter.
  19. It's also worth noting that all the other activities do not share the same schedule or duration as the classes. So classes; games; Reaper tours; hobby hijincks; ceremoines; etc. are all independant of each other and easily overlap. So if want to try a bit of everything, a bit of scheduling is necessary.
  20. Glad things are manageable. Incidentally. Do you have a bottle of wine stashed away for the day everyone leaves? Even if you don't drink, having the family around for a week is enough for some people to start.
  21. I'd recommend against it. Have you seen the price of plutonium these days?
  22. WHO will take over the June questions?
  23. 3 points, total 85. Not my worst performance.
  24. [Googles "Leaf Sheep"] Found one! 😮 😍 Is that a cartoon cow wearing a leafy tutu... or is that a sea slug?
  25. Early 90s maybe? Small local BBS over 2400bps modem was my first access. Managed to find a couple of games that weren't traded between people at school on floppy disks. Then came the university library computers over Veronica/Archie. And eventually the computer labs got connected. So I was there when Mosaic and Netscape existed, and saw the heydays of Yahoo, GeoCities, Altavista, and plenty of IRC chat channels with the endless "part 1 of XXX" split downloads. Then came the late 90s early 2000s and the Napster/Kazaa/Limewire wave. Online gaming (Diablo, Starcraft). Back then, eBay was a treasure trove. All over 54kbps and no one on the phone.
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