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  1. Just finished my own sets of rats (needed some for my game). I went with a set of white, brown and gray rats. All of them with "evil" red eyes. I wasn't satisfied with the white ones base color and over done it with the black wash, so now I have light gray, dark gray and brown rats. Turned out better than what I originaly expected. Even the eyes came out far better than would've thought. I also believe I've improved some of my techniques by working on these models, like properly thinning my paint with just the right amount of water (which is barely more than a damp brush).
  2. Hey, at least it's Reaper paint! But yeah, the next two weeks will feel really long. It has nonetheless moved faster in the past two days that I would've expected. We might even get the next reveal by the end of the week.
  3. I MUCH prefer gaming at someone's house. I have never been confortable playing RPG's in a gamestore. Noise is just one aspect. Roleplaying in a store, or even a game convention isn't easy. Wargaming on the other hand doesn't need as much quiet and loves big tables.
  4. On points 1 and 2: 1. Food regulations are pretty darn strict, but it depends on what level of food service you want. If you stay along vending machine levels, i.e. Mountain Dew & Cheetos, and keep them full, it should be simple enough to get right permits for it. 2. Kitchen tables may be free, but very often kitchen tables are in constant use. And for large miniature games with terrain, available space is a premium many people don't have at home. Especially apartment renters without access to a basement or gaming room.
  5. Looking at last year's Bones, I wouldn't be surprised if Gauth was an 11th hour reveal like Cthulhu and Kaladrax were. That would also mean that Gauth is an extra, and not a core piece.
  6. Actually, this might have been a free trade agreement thing. It may not be so much the "toy soldiers" element as much as the "made in the USA" was. Sadly due to volume the majority of Bones are currently made in China. ROW is normally screwed two-fold. First for the costs of getting items out of the US, and secondly for the taxes and duties to get items *into* their respective country. This isn't a Reaper or Kickstarter exclusive problem, it's with every shippable item in the world.
  7. You know, deep down I *wanted* to play mad scientist and create my own witches' brew of mixed ingredients. Walnut'n'water just doesn't have the same mystique.
  8. So basically, I'm over thinking the whole process? Works for me!
  9. The FLGS stores I usually visit don't have Reaper paints and I want some proper liners. They have Formula P3 paints, but I'm not sure about liners. What I currently own is the Vampire Bones paint sets, including the popular walnut brown and several shades of black. I also own some acrylic diffuser medium, Future polish and plenty of water. So, is it possible to mix my own liner, and at what ratios? I'm considering some flow improver if necessary.
  10. A clockwork dragon riding gnome... I should be surprised, and yet I am not. Now I *have* to buy Wyrmgear.
  11. That's what sh... Nevermind. Damn, I'm away a few hours and I miss the chance of a limp tentacle joke.
  12. The first thing that struck me were the wooden staves which look incredibly natural. They look exactly like an old wooden post would with its paint or varnish worn off from use. It's the combination of colors I'm trying to get right. Now that I see it, I think it's given me some inspiration.
  13. That still leaves us with quite few critters. From "common" monsters like orcs and bullywugsTM to beholdersTM and banshees to several single-episode-appearance dragons (including a demonic hooved tentacly two-headed one).
  14. I always kinda though it was 'GOTH'. I use "Gaut" (rhymes with crowd). Ask Gauth how he pronounces it, and he'll answer "Throat Warbler Mangrove" + a face full of angry dragon breath. Seriously, this is the whole "drow" sounds like snow/cow/tau argument all over again.
  15. As others have already mentionned, creatures/characters like Asmodeus and Orcus are public domain. Beings like Tiamat is a mixed bag. The mythical Mesopotamian Tiamat was a sea serpent mother of all dragons and is public domain. The "five headed chromatic dragon" though is a D&D creation based on the original, and is protected work. So *if* we get a five headed dragon, it won't be called Tiamat unless WotC allowed it.
  16. With the current Bones 2 KS, I'm now thinking Ratlings vs Mouselings.
  17. Looking at the 1000$-1500$ pledge levels, are those Reaper paint bottles?!
  18. Wait, so this is a "Blood Bowl on Ice" in the works? Interesting. [Canadian blood boiling]
  19. Don't you know he's a vegan dragon? Probably part of PETA too. Cares about forest creatures monsters, not murderous adventurers.
  20. Aww (understandable), but I had such nice gaming stories concerning some of the monster minis we discussed in the past day. Short versions then: On the Tarasque: how we sent it to the astral plane with a random Cracker Jack prize. On Gelatinous Cubes: how we lost our invisible thief who explored on his own and walked into a clear cube. We wandered by that same room, saw nothing and continued on our merry way. On Kobolds: my Pathfinder monk got killed by a kobold. A raging 12th level barbarian kobold... who rolled a critical hit. On Mimics: we encountered an intelligent amnesiac mimic in the shape of a large door, who truly believed it was a magic door into somewhere. Walk through it and it ate you without realizing it. We carried it with us.
  21. Stop making suggestions of things that I would throw money at. Please? The one thing I want more than anything as a miniature for my game table is the Tarrasque. I might even pick up two! One to mod and play around with of course. How could I ever forget about the Terrasque! PLEASE REAPER, OH PLEASE!! I will just give you my credit card... If we want to get geeky and historical, the "original" Tarasque was a legendary french turtle-like dragon beast of yore, and we already have a turtle-dragon. Edit: Oh right, I forgot: "MORE DRAGONS!"
  22. Just got them delivered 10 minutes ago! Bones KS spoiled me as I was expecting a huge box again. They're tiny and adorable! The troll is *huge* comparged to them. EDIT: AAAAAAARRRRGH! I just snapped one of the troll's maces off while trying to see how much bend there is because I thought it looked a little crooked. There isn't *any* flexibility! Definitely not made of bonesium. Though it because of the size, it will be a piece of acke to repin.
  23. Currently, the trend is similar to the first KS Bones. The unlocks were between 100K and 400K once they got to the 1M$ mark. If I recall correctly, they lowered the last goal to get a chance of getting C'thulhu.
  24. I love the mottled pattern you're using! I never thought of using it on dragons. And the griffon wings are *amazing*! That's far more bands of colour than I would've dared use.
  25. I don't know why, but I really like Kaladrax's green stone base color and the gray-brown wing membrane.
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