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  1. I don't think I've ever eaten a "proper" taco. It's not something I have much experience with. We have very few Mexican restaurants to begin with, and all the Taco Bells in the province closed down last winter. So I've only ever had tacos from cafeterias or ordinary store bought shells with stuff from the fridge. Turns out my "favourite" side is whatever fell back on my plate while trying to eat them. And not by choice.
  2. If we're talking about modern card games, excluding the collectible ones (MtG, Yu-Gi-Oh!, etc.), then I've played plenty of Fluxx and Guillotine, with a smattering of Munchkin games, Chez Geek games, Lunch Money, Ninja Burger, and a few other names that escape me.
  3. I know that not all countries use the same "standard" suits of spades-hearts-diamonds-clubs and that there are tons of games. Yet I only know of a handful of games. The more unusual ones were those I found in my Windows/Games folders. Never heard of faro, so I never had the opportunity to win, lose, or cheat. Considering we're May the 4th, I know more about the fictional Sabacc game than faro.
  4. I remember your motto well: "If it's not metal, it's [email protected]!" So I'm guessing plastic and polka is out of the question? How about resin and reggae? SiOcast and show tunes?
  5. So in the end, I pledged on almost one of everything EXCEPT: the men at arms; no paints (for now); no extras. Current total pledge: $593 before S&H. I too have to wonder now if B6 will be quicker and easier to produce as it's overall smaller than the previous ones.
  6. Usually to the radio. Not music, but actual talking. Either documentaries, interviews or whatever. Being Canadian, it means mostly the CBC.
  7. A solid 5 points this week. Total 68. Learned something new about the love-hate relationship of Danes with dishware.
  8. $1,750K : Snake Demon. I don't recall seeing a preview of that one.
  9. Today, maybe not. During the live broadcast of the final hours of the campaign... anything is possible. New reveals? New unlocks regardless of achieving the target goal? Who knows.
  10. Bought myself something nice, a big wristwatch. Citizen Eco-Drive World Chronomaster "Blue Angels" edition. Solar powered, chronometer, perpetual calendar, and the outer bezel is a slide ruler (currently set to kg-lbs conversion), and it synchronizes with atomic clocks. My old Timex watch still "works", but I dropped it at the gym last March and broke the Indiglo function. So I decided to upgrade to something needlessly complicated that appeals to my engineering brain.
  11. I am one of those people. After five Bones campaigns, I fully expected to do it anyway. Upped my pledge in the last hour too. And I won't be surprised if I add more for extras in the following months.
  12. My rendition of the Jade Regent (Reaper SKU 60097). Real name, Soto Takahiro, an oni-born tiefling of the Pathfinder adventure path Jade Regent, and one of the final bosses. I was the GM of this particular campaign almost 10 years ago.
  13. I do not like it when cyanoacrylate glue does not want to cooperate. You know, the part where it doesn't want to properly flow on the parts you want, or hold like it should, yet somehow works every single time at gluing your fingers together.
  14. You're going to find that Midlam is a very reliable company. They make short, focused campaigns, and deliver quickly. I've pledged on 17 of their campaigns, more than any other including Reaper's Bones 1-6. So I'm a obedient slave happy customer. You'll also quickly notice that Midlam is fond of puns for each of the characters' names.
  15. Hasn't come up yet, but it would probably depend on the size of the companion. Small, easy to carry familiar? Probably the same base. Large animal companion? Own base. Like minis, it's "not enough storage" that's a problem It's easy to appreciate Kolinsky Sable brushes, and I've been slowly increasing the size of my brushes at each purchase. So I went from mostly size 0 in my early painting days to size 2-3 for that easier to maintain point and paint holding capacity. So a I got a few Winsor & Newton S7s, a couple of Raphaels, and one of my FLGS even has Rosemary & Co available in store which was my latest brush purchase. It's only recently that I've gone back to use inexpensive synthetics for quick base layering. Since it doesn't need the same fine level of details, I can allow myself to be a bit rougher.
  16. 6 points (my best yet!) for 63 points. I only missed the carrot one. I got lucky with the Giant Peach as a Facebook meme about Roald Dahl popped up on my feed the very next day.
  17. Midlam got me again! Wizards' Apprentices Volume II: Now we got gifted magical girls full of promise to go with their male classmates from "Volume 1" (Midlam MIniatures' first KS in 2016).
  18. It'll be quicker if I just link the page to Kickstarter Bones 1... Then KS Bones 2... Then KS Bones 3... Then KS Bones 4... Then KS Bones 5... Then KS Bones 6... (I'm planning ahead) Then a dozen other KS miniature campaigns.. Otherwise, it's several cases worth of mixed and matched unpainted minis. Bacon has been left at WOOF's HQ doorstep. Then said bacon was consumed at WOOF's HQ doorstep.
  19. Spelljammer was one of my 2e AD&D loves. I *want* it. But if no one wants to play it, I already have a library full of unplayed games.
  20. Everything concerning the Robotech IP rights was already ridiculously complicated. Add a level of Palladium (Kevin Siembieda) and the Kickstarter fiasco, and the outlook isn't great.
  21. I've always loved Modrons since the days of 1st edition AD&D. Very few exist that aren't dressed up dice. Unsure as to how Reaper should call them.
  22. I love that idea! A majestic frill necked bard; an eye-popping chameleon scout; a stoic iguana guard.
  23. Maple products are surprisingly versatile. From maple water (sap) tapped straight from the tree, you boil it down to maple syrup. Further boiling gives you maple taffy. Boil it more and whip it up as it cools to get maple butter. And finally crunchy crumbly maple sugar. The whole process is something candy makers understand well. But pouring taffy on snow as a treat, that bit is quite unique.
  24. Seeing as how much stuff in my kitchen manages to stain permanently... Cheetos fingers, NOW is you time to shine!
  25. We used to go to church on Easter Sunday when I was very young, but we've become pretty secular over the years. A few Easter activities stuck though. From family gatherings, to Easter supper, to sugar shacks, and Easter treat hunting for the kids. Despite many last minute cancellations from relatives who got COVID, we did manage to go to the sugar shack. I haven't been there in over a decade, so I missed the lumberjack style breakfast, and I finally got some maple taffy on the snow. For those who don't know what it is (most Canadians and some New-Englanders do know about it), it's maple syrup boiled down and poured over fresh snow. It instantly cools down on the snow, and you roll it up on a Popsicle stick and eat it. Be aware that any ice crystals caught in the taffy will drip down the stick. Pouring the still hot maple taffy on the snow: People rolling a line of taffy (my aunt and mom at the back) Me about to roll my own taffy: The end result: Again, me about to enjoy my treat (I went four times altogether): The next day, we had a big Easter supper with my mother some of my aunts. Needless to say I gained quite a few pounds over the long weekend.
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