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  1. Only the first two photos are showing for me...
  2. His human flesh coloration makes me uncomfortable. Good job!
  3. I was wondering about the top of the staff in the show off thread. Lovely!
  4. Little more color down. Home stretch on these 4.
  5. Wow! I am super-impressed with your staging backdrops. Do you also make terrain for play?
  6. Getting a bit of color down. @Inarah I really wish I could say you're right! It's not behaving any better than my beat up craft brush. When it's dry it looks like frizzy hair. Maybe it spent too long without being teased into shape? I may try coaxing it with brush soap.
  7. While I'm waiting on brush-on primer to prime the conversions, I decided to get started painting up some of the others. The players are Aaran Rabin, 77209; Mi-Sher, 77217; and Boris Mingla, 77406. This is my first attempt at doing eyes in something like 20 years (and I didn't have any tutorials back then, so I was lucky if my two black dots seemed to point in the same direction). I was actually pretty happy with these, although Mi-Sher's eyes look much worse in photo. One thing that drove me nuts was that I had "fancy" brushes stashed away for a long time that I was happy to crack open for the first time. But they both splayed out just as badly as my craft store brushes. Any idea how to fix that? (These are an army painter psycho and Windsor Newton #2.) The psycho has a few bristles that stick up being the tip but I'm not sure I have the precise enough tools to cut them away. For whatever reason, I was fine on each mini's right eye but took a million tries on their left. I decided that the leader looked like a ginger, but was disappointed that my lava orange went on like a wash, but after a second coat and some sun yellow mixed in for highlights, I was satisfied enough.
  8. Fixing an empty scabbard and some fingers. Since I removed his swords, Mr Voss needed a reason for his scabbard. In my bits box I found a hilt with an eye motif I can paint to match with his kneecap decoration. Then I had some fingers that needed dealing with. Rogan the half-orc rogue (77224) had a badly mangled finger on his mold seam. I thought about letting it be a gruesome wound with a story point but decided I wanted to play with green stuff instead. Finger 1 dealt with, I had a second one that wasn’t quite so important, but would shift the attitude of one of my bandits. Dub Bullock (77207), top right in the top post, beckons to his opponent with an extended pointer finger. I wanted to shift away from that come-hither gesture, so I shifted which digit the friendly bandit was saluting with.
  9. Thanks for the suggestions. I moved forward, and i’m About 80% happy with where I ended up. My intention was to have him choked up on the spear, so that the business end was ready to be driven into whatever was in front of the bandit: But I didn’t anticipate that gluing the hand on was going to spread to fix the weapon as well, so now he’s really reaching with the thing. I spent too much time trying to break that seal to no avail. I’m half tempted to excise a piece of the rod and reglue it, though that may spell doom for the stability of the thing.
  10. Huh -- I hadn't considered pointing the blade up. I think that does solve the problem of the outward-pointing blade looking wrong. Thanks for the idea!
  11. I'm running Phandelver for our 8 year old, finally pressing some of my Bones into service (Kickstarters I and II, I believe) Currently working on outfitting a band of bandits for the Redbrand encounters. Plenty of suitable minis in my collection. I really like a lot of these, but I don't like that practically everybody is dual wielding, and I don't like a few of the poses, so I decided to try my hand at converting Bones. First one I was itching to get into was 77093 Drago Voss. Cut his right hand at the wrist and his left arm at the elbow. Idea was to rotate them and run some sort of polearm through. Pin vise with drill bit through the hands after cutting. First one was off center; I'll have to fix that with the Xacto. Second one I was really happy with -- bit almost didn't fit, but I managed to get it just through with all the fingers intact. I had some plastic rod I bought from my FLGS once upon a time. Seems to be smaller than 1/16, but it fits snugly in the hole my 1/16 bit put into the bonesium. So now the big question is what kind of pokey or smashy bit I put on Mr. Voss's long stick. Original plan was for a bardiche kind of thing with the blade behind him, but mocking it up makes it seem more like he might prefer to drive a spear into somebody. Opinions?
  12. The Bathalians reveal has put me in a bit of a pickle. My budget is $200 firm, and I thought I was in on core, some add-ons, and expansion one, even though I'm not sold on all of the minis in expansion 1 (I really like Thoth and the dragon turtle). As a fantasy gamer, I was encouraged by the modern spin reveal of expansion 3 because I thought it wouldn't divert my attention. But I loooooove the Bathalians, and am already prepared to chop off those little blasters. What to do, what to do...
  13. I'd love to see a conversion pack, with wings and heads (dragonman, birdman, orcman) in bonesium, and lots of weapons in wyrmgear-wing-grade plastic. I'd also like to see more unarmed, monk-type character models. Really the only thing missing, though that's perhaps the easiest conversion to make overall. My favorite Reaper mini I don't own is 60090 Degenerate Serpentfolk. I'm a fan of the serpentfolk in general, and think Khavith the serpentfolk evoker would be a good add, too. Favorite things that have shown up so far are: Dragoth and the Sea Priest, Thoth, water elemental and snotcube, and all of the monstrous humanoids (new gnolls and bugbears, turtlemen, goatmen, frogmen, ratmen...)
  14. I've just made a post on the KS comments saying I haven't seen it discussed, but catching up I see that HandofCthulhu and Pixel have touched on my 1-item stretch-goal wishlist. Huzzah!
  15. Does anyone have closer images of the sculpts from the core 30? They seem to be the only thing that didn't get a dedicated close up in the updates!
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