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  1. The Bathalians reveal has put me in a bit of a pickle. My budget is $200 firm, and I thought I was in on core, some add-ons, and expansion one, even though I'm not sold on all of the minis in expansion 1 (I really like Thoth and the dragon turtle). As a fantasy gamer, I was encouraged by the modern spin reveal of expansion 3 because I thought it wouldn't divert my attention. But I loooooove the Bathalians, and am already prepared to chop off those little blasters. What to do, what to do...
  2. I'd love to see a conversion pack, with wings and heads (dragonman, birdman, orcman) in bonesium, and lots of weapons in wyrmgear-wing-grade plastic. I'd also like to see more unarmed, monk-type character models. Really the only thing missing, though that's perhaps the easiest conversion to make overall. My favorite Reaper mini I don't own is 60090 Degenerate Serpentfolk. I'm a fan of the serpentfolk in general, and think Khavith the serpentfolk evoker would be a good add, too. Favorite things that have shown up so far are: Dragoth and the Sea Priest, Thoth, water elemental and snotcube, and all of the monstrous humanoids (new gnolls and bugbears, turtlemen, goatmen, frogmen, ratmen...)
  3. I've just made a post on the KS comments saying I haven't seen it discussed, but catching up I see that HandofCthulhu and Pixel have touched on my 1-item stretch-goal wishlist. Huzzah!
  4. Does anyone have closer images of the sculpts from the core 30? They seem to be the only thing that didn't get a dedicated close up in the updates!
  5. Oh Buglips, you would be an angry gobbo in my realm. I had to decide what to do with the normal greenskins vs the pathfinders in my vampire pledge... Someday some hapless adventurers are going to chance upon a motley crew of dire smurfs. Though I agree they are an abomination. Which is of course why the adventurers should be very afraid.
  6. If anyone needs to pick up an odd & end sort of item, now's a good time for that. I grabbed plastic files which I've seen recommended here but couldn't find anywhere myself. Medium Plastic Sanding Needles Get 40% off by clicking on a banner advertisement while browsing the site (it alternates with the 4c shipping banner) http://shop.hobbylobby.com
  7. Mystery solved: I was thinking of 13th Age, which is due out this summer/somewhat available by pdf now if you preorder. http://www.pelgranepress.com/?p=9764
  8. No, but thanks for trying :) This thing I think came out within the past year (or is still due). I think it was also more high fantasy. Their non-pantheon had a few dragons and influential people archetypes in it.
  9. Some time ago I came across a description for an RPG system I found really intriguing, but now no amount of google-fu has been able to bring it back to me. I think it may only have been in development at the time. I figure maybe someone here might be able to say "Oh! That's ____!" Here's what I remember: Character gen is based around defining a trait that is unique in the world. There's a sort of pantheon of not-gods whom you also have to generate relationships with. Combat is gridless with vaguely defined zones of melee, not-melee, and far away. Anybody have ideas?
  10. So, I was looking over my Kaladrax's box, and I thought maybe your Spanish translator was having a goof on you when the word culos caught my eye. Closer inspection reveals you're missing all the characters with accents or other diacritics in Italian and French as well. Can't speak for German. As an aside, did we ever figure out what was triggering the California prop 65 warning? Depending on what that was (and perhaps in general) we might want to make a wider disclaimer post about boiling Bones in the kinds of vessels that are also used for food prep.
  11. I think I'm going to be one of the people who backs out. I was really excited by what they originally called their flagstone pattern (it looks more like a proper cobblestone). I was expecting that in the sampler, but what they rendered looks blocky, 'synthetic' (as opposed to random/organic) and HUGE. Some of the stones are bigger than the bases I'll have my forthcoming bones on. What I've discovered though is that there's already a whole lot of this stuff out there, it's just not marketed to us. I've just paid ~$6 on Amazon for a collection of four texture mats including one that will make the cobblestones I want to see on my bases. (It's also got potentially useful brick and sand patterns.) http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001141F3A/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  12. Argentee, from your activity here I thought you were affiliated! I'll take my comments to their kickstarter page.
  13. OR you could consider selling individual "mini-stamps" - make them 2x2" with a price point at 6-8 dollars. This is actually *better* for modular terrain and another way you could get a quick $50 from me. punch line: take my moneys.
  14. I think the biggest bang for your buck, and the biggest bang for our buck would be to expand your samplers to themed sets. Your price to produce a 4x4 sampler should be about the same as your 3x5 stamps, but you can charge more (12 going to 25 as in the kickstarter seems about right). I could imagine a great appeal for basing as well as modular terrain (2" blocks to coordinate with Hirst!), and would buy more than of the individual stamps. (The kickstarter one has metal plating which holds no appeal to me as a fantasy gamer, and I'm sure for every one of me there's a modern gamer who doesn't want my dungeon parts). So I could picture sets like: modern: plating1 - plating2 - asphalt - standard brick (or substitute forthcoming) old city: flagstone - cobblestone - fishscale brick - wood natural: broken earth - mudflat - swamp - forest I would readily buy the latter two as part of the kickstarter or at my FLGS. As it is, I'm probably going to decide between just grabbing a flagstone stamp, or just the kickstarter sampler. But start adding more samplers, I'll start throwing more money.
  15. My FLGS has a basket of ancient, dusty paints -- Citadel, Tamiya, et al. They're old enough to have collected dust in the basket, and they're 50 cents each. I'm talking many of them are visibly dry (Tamiya) and others seem to be at best a thick gunk. Is there any hope for salvaging these paints? Thanks!
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