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  1. Hmmm...could someone post a pic of the black lightning Dictator? and are there going to be more CAV events where i miight be able to "compete" fer one?
  2. hey for the bases, have you thought of using woodland scenics flock (Not the turf..the STATIC GRASS FLOCK)? I used it on my only 2 cav models and it turned out alright.
  3. looking back on my force, I agree it tries to do to much in the configuration of the force...however I just tried papabees' config for the groups and I did alright against the others (everyone is still in prototype stage concerning their forces) woulda done better had I paid attention and put a third section of infantry or aircraft in with it... as for purpose, I actually think that you guys may be right about my force being a heavy assault group. I compared it to some old Btech armies i used to have and this force pretty much screamed " WE ARE AN ASSAULT GROUP! NOT A RECON!" anyways I would like more input. how can I get a section of aircraft and a section of apcs and mecha infantry in there, and how should I reconfigure my force without changing any CAVs or adding any CAVs?
  4. actually my friends are not going to be battling me, or each other...we are going to work as a team. one guy I think is using a massive combined arms group...about 6 cavs, and the rest tanks, infantry, aircraft. another is building a fire support group. with that info, what can I or should I add to mine to make it more useful?
  5. got a new force, but it only has 2 sections. It is only 1 part of a merc army me and my friends are werking on. each one of us has 6600 pts to play with, and we get up to a maximum of 5 sections in our squads. what I need right now is another section that compliments these 2 groups: Command Section (between 2200-2700pts) 1x Ogre - elite pilot, vet wso 1x Dictator II - ace pilot, elite wso (My Ride, as I am The Leader of this merc group) 1x Puma - elite pilot, vet wso 1x Specter - elite pilot, vet wso Assault Section (between 1700-2200pts) 1x Ogre - vet pilot, reg wso 1x Dictator II - elite pilot, vet wso 1x Puma - vet pilot, reg wso 1x Specter - vet pilot, reg wso need ideas for the next section. they must follow the trend I have with these guys, if there is a trend, and it should work well with this group. now post ideas dag nabbit!
  6. where, when, and are crazie noobies allowed?
  7. In Heavy Gear the smallest force I actually succeeded in using such tactics was around 15 models: A strike team (2 med class gears, 1 Upgraded med Class, 2 Heavy class) A FS Team (2 med class, 1 Heavy, 2 Upgraded Assault) And an Upgraded Recon Group (4 upgraded lights, 1 upgraded heavy) and depending on whether I wanted to spend points on it, a really badazz Light gear with skadz of Electronics on it (Like more than it could effectivly use...) In Battletech, I always Had teammates (other players), and they usually ran mixed lances, and we'd always coordinate our attack so I could charge in and cause as much madness as possible...I think we used like 3 of each class of mech...but that was 4 years ago. However, I stopped doing that when people started using Infantry and Minefields...I had the highest casualty rate then...
  8. I like the aproximate 18 ft per inch idea. the reason is is that I like to write fiction in thing like this, and I also like trying to "pace" the machines in CAV,HG,Btech in my truck. getting all this info helps me with the accuracy of the writing, and allows me to figure out the MPH I need to go when I go off roading... (And Yes, I do have no life...)
  9. Hmmm...I thank you for all the good advice. You guys do have a major point in the fact that CAV is a combined arms game. During the last three years I played heavy gear, and learned a valuable lesson: Be Very Afraid Of Infantry Using anti-armor weapons! In HG, combined arms was very imperitave to winning. I always ran a gear based northern army, but having field artillery and fast assault tanks were also incorperated into my strategy...those and jet pack infantry. The fast attack tanks and the fast gears I would send forth and probe the enemy, and they would spot for artillery. the rest of the gears would act as shock troops, then retreat, also spotting for the artilery. Now then...in the midst of all this, an apc or 2 charges into the fray, deploying skads of jet pack wearing anti armor infantry, and that usually shoots any reactionary strategy to pieces. then, the entire army, save for the artillery, moves forward at once, creating a massive blitzkrieg. whatever is left from both sides will just have to slug it out after that. In CAV I am slowly building a 12000 point force,with each squadron being about 4000 points. the force I posted was just the first one. Its main purpose is to act as, well, shock/assault troopers. is there any way I can make this squadron fit that role even more? Oh yeah on the 70s Dictators: HOLY elf! was definatly not expecting the new guass stats to be that good...Maybe I'll drop 3 ogres and replace them with 70s Dictator, and drop the other 2 70s dictators for spotters or maybe the original Dic. And Yeah I might configure my army the way Black Lightning suggested...course with a slight mod if its over 4000pts any other ideas? (Must...Have...More...)
  10. Well any advice that would help...Still want 4 ogres and 2 dictators IIs in my group. Critique it, and tell me what I should do to it, and bear in mind I only have the core rule book. as for the stats?
  11. Im building an outfit (4000 pts) involving about 12 units: 2 Dictators 2 Sovereighn IIIs 4 Rhinos 1 Challenger 1 Panther 2 Pumas Now I want to replace the 4 rhinos with Ogres, and the 2 Dictators with the new dictator 2 (70). I dont have much money for a new book...was wondering if I could get the stats for these monsters (the Ogre and The New Dictator) for no charge? If not...guess I better save up then eh? :O
  12. Maybe...Just got down here from a big move...gotta get all my stuff together yknow? actually, down here its all Warhammer and nothing else. Id rather go up there. any ideas? Maybe the tourny...Id go as a spectator...but Id like to learn more.
  13. Any players here in Fresno CA? it is ridiculously boring here...need someone to smack around in CAV, Heavy Gear...Battletech.
  14. just got the core rule book yesterday, and I noticed that it doesnt say the scale of the minis, or the hex scale. like in heavy gear, one hex=50 meters, and in battletech, 1 hex=30 meters. what is it for CAV? if its close to the heavy gear scale, then CAV are incredibly fast. and if it is closer to the Battletech scale, then the ranges dont make any sense. please help...its driving me even more nuts than I already am!
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