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  1. AH....I dont know which one to follow.... Kickstarter Comments or here.... Too many things going too fast.... (also, can't view the pic either...Permissions are stupid)
  2. I'm refreshing my Kickstarter app on my phone. I pulled over just so I can get in during the first few minutes.
  3. In this variation of the thread, we have seen a call for Bryan-zilla.... I now propose the following (including above) Bryan-zilla LadyStorm w/ Bat buglips*the*goblin w/ stinky cheese shoes and old MSP paints
  4. I consistently was picturing the entire story in a stop motion kind of video. I'm just going to have to try to get some Hirst Arts molds, generate a map of Reaperia, and get my painting sped up, and to get the figures that I don't have that were mentioned here. Also, Buglips, you have given me a new signature today...
  5. I'm going to second the more popular animals (wolves, bears, and what not), but I'm also really, really wanting some monks, or even all the classes in both sexes and all possible race combinations possible. Translucent Spell Effects Slimes, oozes, jellies Mounts (Saddled and not; Horses, ponies, and donkeys) Giant scorpion mounts Flying Mounts (saddled and not)
  6. Thanks! Oh, and where is the Paint and Take area this year?
  7. So, as I'm new to the whole Miniatures world, and I've never looked at any of the MHE or NHM events at GenCon, I have a question or two: How do the Paint and Takes work? I can't seem to find anything in the event registration Do the Paint and Takes have any cost to them?
  8. I'm trying to come up with the money to do so. Provided I'm able to do this, I am planning on doing at least one Speed Painting and one of the Warlord games.
  9. I work in a call center and support the network for sites and their registers nationwide, and let me tell you, I feel like I'm talking to the dregs of humanity sometimes. However, the few sites and techs that I get the pleasure of dealing with in the morass of hellish people is enough to make my day or even week worth it. To those who know the horrors of a call center or to those that are always kind to us call center people, thanks. When I was looking into this KS, I actually knew next to nothing about them. And it was actually because of these boards that I've come out of the faceless void of the interwebs to at least leave a part of myself here to be part of this fantastic community. Oh and again Reaper's customer service is awesome! And I really do am willing to pay for it....Good Customer Service that is....
  10. I would tend to disagree with this statement. Reaper has averaged 3 updates per month since the Kickstarter went live. They have not slipped into the shadows, they have not withheld bad information. On more than one occasion they were very pro-active about letting us know about delays and decisions that have been made. I would even say that all that noise over the last two to three weeks didn't really force them to do anything either. When it became apparent that shipping was going to come to a halt because of a delayed or late shipments from China this last update was posted and we now all know what's going on. Part of the focus behind this whole project was to bring production here to the US so that overseas shipments and customs wouldn't delay the release of new product. On top of that they did start the shipping during the estimated shipping month of March. An impressive feat when you look at how viral this kickstarter really went. I would say that this kickstarter has more than bucked the trend with transparency and communication. I backed this primarily to bring plastic production to the US. Yes, getting all the BONES is very cool and is a great reward for helping out but ultimately I'm going to be giving most of mine away to friends that couldn't be part of it. Waiting is not an issue for me, I know that it is for some people. I know that people were counting on these being available for games and what not but was that even a realistic expectation? I know of very few kickstarters that have ever delivered on time. A lot of those shipping was delayed because of the sheer numbers of backers that came out of the woodwork. How can anyone predict that? At some point decisions have to be made, you can only anticipate so much and then you have to build your model on that. In fact when it comes right down to it, Reaper was flexible enough to keep things going as the numbers climbed higher and higher. They are talking about hiring temps now, but I sincerely hope that my box isn't packed by a temp. The odds of it being wrong are going to be so much higher when the person packing it doesn't care, doesn't have an investment in what they are doing. I really don't see anyone can really fault Reaper's communication on this project at all. Agreed, while I know from experience what it's like to be a temp worker (I was a temp for almost two years where I work before I got hired on), I know for a fact that not all temps/contractors appreciate or care about the work that they are doing, as they know it's going to be what they are called Temp. That being said, I'd almost wish that Reaper could put a call out to the fan base and ask them to come down for a week and have a bit old party and pay us in minis (or in Buglips case, more paint)
  11. Hollow it out as well and scale it so it can fit over the majority of 25mm humanoid figures. That way you can just pick it up and place it over figures it's digesting... Also, mold impressions of skulls and bones and other indigestible items into the 'inside' of the hollowed out cube so we can paint it from the inside and make it look like they're embedded in the cube. quoting the above from the minis we'd like to see thread. And yes. Seconded
  12. Your score: 14 Gender: Male Age range: 30-39 Best score for your gender and age range: 0 Highest score for your gender and age range: 1520 However, I would like to note: I did this at work, on a crappy monitor, after I slept in my contacts the night before, while on a phone call with a moron, and only half paying attention....not bad if I do say so myself...
  13. I actually came up with Kultus many, many years before, but I started using it again just after the launch of World of Warcraft Vanilla and I was the first Kultus in the game...I later found out that my name had spread due to people thinking my name was cool and couldn't spend the brain power to come up with their own character name.
  14. I corrected that for you Buglips... I've sure you've seem plenty of Plastic Goblins, just none that are Plastic Zen Goblins. EDIT: all of you are
  15. HOORAY! I'm just now getting into the Miniatures world, but I've been impressed with everything I've heard about Reaper. I'm patiently waiting for my KS Bones and have found that I'm finding it hard to spend money I don't have right now on stuff to fullfil me until my KS arrives. From what I've seen from everyones posts on this thread and around the boards, I'm looking forward to giving Reaper my hard earned money and know that I and my budding new hobby are in good hands.
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