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  1. I thought the game was utter rubbish, but nice miniatures so I'm in.
  2. Designed these scifi grunts bought my .stl, and finally configured the printer, now to test print one.
  3. It cannot pick up metals very good.....I'm actually suprised at the back lash, these look the same quality as what was displayed in the kickstarter. These are far more zoomed in than the images they showed, during the kickstarter, but they've always had that chalking grainy look. Exactly the reason why I just went for .stl files. I think the bugger the ck trast between light and shade also work better.
  4. I bought an anycubic photon S a month a go and it scares me.....haven't built up the confidence yet to even set it up......
  5. Few more I now have a Anycubic Photon S to print my own, haven't used it yet, as I find it intimidating....lol Some for my Daughter when she saw me making things Trying to recreate 1st Edition Talisman characters
  6. It's just way too much fun, at the moment enjoying the challenge of trying to make tv/film characters with the limits it offers.
  7. I've been a bit preoccupied recreating 80's cartoon characters Masters of the Universe
  8. I'm loving the quality of the resin....makes me excited about getting my Anycubic Photon S...although I wont have a clue what I'm doing.
  9. Have a Photon S coming next week, first foray into 3d printing, so backed for the gold pledge.
  10. I'd like to go all in, but too worried the postage will be the same cost as the pledge.
  11. Watched the first new "Picard" episode, enjoyed it, had the star trek feel of the past. However it was tinged with a bit of sadness, having grown up with TNG and a lot of my morals and look on life coming from it. It was sad to see an older frailer Picard....suppose it was seeing age taking effect. Looking forward to how the series will progress.
  12. This is something I have considered, but my experience of 3D printing is pretty much nil. So if anyone knows a good miniature 3D printing service in the uk that can top heroforge 3D printing and PM me, I'll just get the .stl files.
  13. I've gone in for 1 mini on this, more out of curiosity. I've no experience with th le quality of heroforge printed miniatures. The coloured versions seem to have a white dusty layer on top
  14. Daily unlocks have released a new villain and some additional cards. Backer SG of 1300 backers to include the 6 villains from dungeons saga rules and cards
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