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  1. New update from other world concept art for some of the demi-humans. http://www.indiegogo.com/otherworldDA?c=gallery#2 Img tags don't seem to work how do you add an image?
  2. Anyone noticed they have changed the colours of the main characters? Wonder if it was an IP thing??
  3. Update to Other world campaign Green (WIP) of mule and monk Concept art for halfling thief http://www.indiegogo.com/otherworldDA?c=gallery
  4. I've still got all my D&D toys, including Tiamat, and the solid rubber monsters, I did have the castle thing but that fell to ruin years ago.
  5. First update from Other world products for you all. Since the campaign launched, we have secured the services of some new sculptors, including David Soderquist of Bronze Age Miniatures (he’ll be working on the Halflings, Gnomes & Dwarves), and John Winter of Tin Man Miniatures (some females and Elves). The rapid success of the campaign has also meant that we’ve had to come up with some new stretch goal bonuses for our supporters, beyond the initial $20k level. They will be: 1) At $25k – Level 4+ – A pair of War/Guard Dogs – 1 sitting, 1 standing, wearing studded leather collars & harness 2) At $30k – Level 7 only – Adventurers’ Stores – Crates, boxes, chests, sacks, barrels 3) At $35k – Level 5+ – Magic Users’ Familiars (standard) – cat, crow, hawk, owl, toad, weasel 4) At $40k – Level 5+ – Magic Users’ Familiars (special) – quasit, pseudo-dragon, brownie, imp
  6. Well I for one won't be changing my address at all,; n the next couple of months, unless I become homeless. So if my changes I didn't do it!!
  7. Worked fine through my XOOM don't know what browser that uses. Very slick
  8. Not a kickstarter but same thing. OtherWorld miniatures have started there campaign for new adventurers sets. They are very nice........please support them http://www.indiegogo.com/otherworldDA Cheers
  9. Excellent that they have done that, you really get the sense of scale. Hopefully they will continue to photograph new large miniatures the same, these truly are the best of the reaper giants! t is a shame al the giants are the same size as in dnd they are all different sizes. I don't know whether to go for the existing fire and land Ice giants or hope that Julie gets to resculpt them.
  10. Not a fan of the lizards, but that cause I like ones produced by another company. I think the two giants are outstanding......It's convinced me to change my selection and get the other two pairs of giants.
  11. Cheers guys looked at the image of all the KS stuff scaled. There's quite a variation in giant sizes e.g. the bone giant is virtually double the height of a normal giant.
  12. Are there any photographs of all the reaper giants together. I'd like to see size comparisons of the giants against each other? Or A giant with a 28mm man silhouette next to them. Anything larger than human size I like to see a standard human size figure to see the size difference.
  13. The only part i'm not too fond of is the head decoration, they (from the picture) don't appear to be integrated into the hair and just floating on top, other than that she's a looker
  14. I'm the Modeler hobbyist also, I think the only bit I didn't get was if they are moulded as separate pieces. Then why spend the time, money to then stick the bits together when there was no need. Like I've said I can't really comment until I get them in my grubby paws.
  15. Yep be thankful we ain't gods, what a world we'd create......the odd foot walking around......naked people, or clothes without people, a couple of random heads.
  16. I'd try painting it silver, then using a black ink coat (very thinned), maybe two in the recesses to take the bling factor away. Then give it an ink coat with blue to tone the blackness down. Finally edge highlight with silver.
  17. So are the bones a cross-between pre-painted (although not painted) and general gaming miniatures? I'll have to wait to judge. I've got no problem with resin or plastic, but I do think that miniatures non-prepainted should either be molded as one piece or if not left too assemble. 25 years of mini collecting has left me a bit stubborn.
  18. I would prefer not assembled. Purely for painting and quality reasons, something that is badly constructed will put me off buying any more. So if they come pre-assembled this will the quality of assembly will determine whether I continue to buy "bones" miniatures. If I'm paying for something I want quality and if I got some Chinese kid half assed gluing stuff together then they'll all be going straight onto a certain auction site. Sounds a bit harsh, but that's what the pre-painted stuff is for, I thought these were just replacing metal versions.......probably my bad for not researching properly.
  19. This is the definition of mummification mum·mi·fy (m m -f ) v. mum·mi·fied, mum·mi·fy·ing, mum·mi·fies v.tr. 1. To make into a mummy by embalming and drying. 2. To cause to shrivel and dry up. v.intr. To shrivel or dry up like a mummy. So you don't necessarily need bandages, but you will need a super dried, shrivelled corpse. So different from a zombie which is usually wet and gooey.
  20. Sure any ideas of how you would expect them to look.......a room with a dirtied floor graves dug, some with the coffin in them, some empty with mounds of earth next to them?? I've done one crypt type room......what other types of rooms could I incorporate? I'd like to make a set....how would the corridor sections look?
  21. I've used a lot of paper craft 3d dungeons by stone edges but found it takes a lot of walls to make a single room, I started re-using tiles for quick dungeons. Got more in the pipeline, including a northern wastes set, and the maze. Looking at a whole new rules sets to incorporate warhammer RPG, D&D and bespoke stuff.
  22. <p>After an enthralling Kick starter, some of may need some dungeons to play in. I have a website that I have been creating dungeon tile and quests on. It's been mostly aimed at WHQ fans, but not exclusively. They are dungeon tiles to be used with any RPG game. Take a look and any suggestions just drop me a line. Here's the site: http://quests-of-legend.weebly.com/index.html
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