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  1. Ooo nice.....I'm a sucker for the undead, some nice looking city guard there as well.
  2. A warband if those not "fimir" would be very nice indeed, just need a group of 5 in different poses.
  3. Ok backed, not usually a cthulhu fan..but backed cause if 3 things: 1: I'm a CMON sucker 2: The investigators look nice 3: I have no will power
  4. I love the free mine set, and that's the only one you can't buy.....I want more.
  5. Got mine today, I'm actually really impressed with it all, yes the horse and cart is pretty much a squashed lump that will need some serious hot water treatment, but overall a happy bunny.
  6. I was supposed to get mine in the UK today, but FedEx couldn't be bothered to turn up.
  7. Received all the rest of my pledge. Forgot how many Fatty Bursters I bought.....all the extra stuff comes in a Zombicide box of its own.
  8. I didn't cave, I kinda feel cleansed that I managed to pass on a Zombicide game.
  9. Tina turner and Morphius are pretty much photo's as well.....will watch this see how it plays out.
  10. Here's an actual prototype Paint job is pretty basic, not as good as the renders. $140 is pretty steep. Gonna watch this one until I see more, not sure if a wash of colour would make the paintwork pop.
  11. If the final production miniatures are painted that good...I'll eat my own post.
  12. I'm liking a lot of the character miniatures so far from this, but my exposure to Hellboy has been the 2 films (which 2nd was lame). Not sure I'm going to know what I'm looking at to draw me in.
  13. Nope neither aliens or survivors interest me, guess I'll be skipping this one
  14. I'll be definitely ebaying a lot, all the alternate versions of same characters...I don't want 5 different versions of batman.
  15. I'm in it for the miniatures, I'm also interested in the action system and if good using it for a simplified RPG system.
  16. Cross between a space marine and Mantics "Survivor" miniature
  17. What's with her leg, is she creeping? If she is shouldn't she be more hunched over?.......is she tiptoeing? Or is she showing her leg through an open door way, to attract aliens towards her.
  18. I actually quite like the Aliens, really like the brute guy. Now that Harry Potter is gone, I'll probably be in for this now.
  19. Not interested in the game....let's be honest Zombicide has been done to death. Interested in then "not" hero's, and the other components..
  20. Unfortunately this seems to be a "fire and forget" KS No new add-ons of any sort planned, pretty much all SG planned, no backer input. $100k + SG So I've done my bit, there's absolutely no reason for me to take part in the campaign any further and just check in at the end.
  21. In for the base pledge plus Arkham and Bat mobile Wayne mansion just doesn't appeal to me, nor the Vs one. This is already rocketing with the SG and we are only 3-4 hrs in.
  22. Good to hear so many instances of 40 being a time when life was gearing up rather than slowing down.
  23. Well hitting the big 40 this week. I have a lot of friends now coming up to this age and are dreading it, seeing it as a sign of "getting old". I'm actually seeing it as the opposite a time of re-birth. 40 I feel is the time when you've probably experienced the crap and good of life....(not saying that there's worse or better times ahead). At this age, I now know what is and isn't important in life. That I still didn't know at 30. So now I can take all my experiences and wisdom and move forward with the right mind set. 40 is just a number at the end of the day and you are as young or as old as you allow yourself to feel.
  24. I have no reason to get this..........I'm probably getting this (sigh)
  25. I'm tempted by the giants, but have a lot of the bones giants, and with the hill giants from bones 4 don't know what or how they'd fit in.
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