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  1. The only part I see the same is the waist to knee. Suppose it depends how the kit goes together, front and back if body will likely be separate so you will replace the front half.


    Must be separated at the knee so new feet, head and arms, but 70% new miniature

  2. Does look really nice, think they need to change either the stormtrooper artwork of miniature, he has a clear visor in artwork but solid in miniature, I don't have the ability to paint the illusion of a 3d head on a flat surface.

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  3. Yes I have in UK......the detail on the miniatures seems good, but because they are coloured red and blue they don't look as good as the grey WD ones.


    Quite a bit or warpage in some especially furniture that needs hot water treatment....I've got a few miniatures with bits missing (not glued together at the factory)


    Edit: Also no one seems to be Manning the KS page to answer questions (nothing new there)

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  4. 1 hour ago, ced1106 said:

    I found the details fantastic, and, yeah, it's a slightly harder plastic to get them spears straight. So don't toss out the insert and don't shove 'em in the box.

    I tossed out the insert and shoved them in a box...lol 


    The boxes are just too big to do any thing else, only went for the god pledge


    Managed to reduce the 3 boxes I had into 1. I then put bubble wrap in to reduce movement further. 

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  5. 4 minutes ago, Unruly said:

    Edit: nevermind. Things changed so now both warbands get 5 extra minis. Originally I could have sworn that it was just going to be 10 extra Men at Arms.


    No was always 5 men at arms, and 5 scarecrows

  6. I was going to go for the undead expansion with a zombie dragon and some wraiths, then flicked to bones 4 with a better looking zombie dragon and wraiths.....so gone for the base pledge, massive darkness crossover and 4 boxes of bursters to sell as they are KSE.

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