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  1. It's pretty much decided that this is dead in the water and is going to be cancelled, Rob is waying up his next steps in regards to when and how it will be relaunched.
  2. Dropped out............it's clear it either get what's being offered or don't back. Mierce Miniatures 17-time creator about 1 hour ago @Corbijn - in answer to your questions... - we've not done anything for that, but trust me, that's never come up as a thing that's required, even with a board full of enemies. Regardless, if that's a problem for you, just use one of the other counters to mark what's gone / what hasn't. - Correct, it's all draft. - I've already said that's happening. - A full game play video will not happen - at least, in this project. - There will be no increase in enemy diversity, for aforementioned reasons. - The rules (draft) will be made available. The bold part is the reason, why I've dropped out...........I admire them for sticking to their guns in regards to what they want. But as someone who has backed MM for monsters in the past, but not for the Universe it's set in, i want a sample of as much of it as possible, not just one small faction with limited enemies. I wish them luck........but I'm out.
  3. Another 2 - so that's 30 in total so far
  4. I'll see what it looks like at the end, I like a lot of the ideas but it just seems a bit meh.....there's not enough variety in enemies to make me want to shout about it.
  5. Think I'm just spoilt by CMON KS that produce a ton of miniatures and large monsters for the same price, spoilt with bones as well........will stick it out till the end, just without monsters it's skeletons Vs hero's which I can do already.
  6. Well this is disappointing @Quests - we have no plans to do more large monsters for this project (unless it goes scary crazy), but there will certainly be rules for them for Darkholds. Hope that answers your question! Looks like the mound beetle and tomb spider are the only large monsters for this campaign.
  7. my my...........they are looking good.......when, when is this happening
  8. £150k funding level, that'll be a steep climb it's only on £11k at present, and £90 doesn't get me much yet.
  9. Got my Massive Darkness pledge yesterday......all I can say is wow....the detail on the miniatures is great.
  10. The sad thing is if you strip the 6inches of paint off the miniatures are generally well detailed.....I used to strip and repaint the Star Wars minis......I can imagine the sculptor crying when they see their finally sculpted face turn into a pink blob with 2 eyes the size of half the head.
  11. ooooh nice.....I do love a minotaur.....my favourites so far are the Avatars of War ones, but these may push them off the top slot.
  12. What time does it start UK time?
  13. With my bones 3 been more inspired to carry on with these.........haven't added the CR rating to them all yet. and a few printed out
  14. The eager toad reminds me of the "Walking Head" from valley of the four winds.........they are rather freaky.
  15. Hopefully we'll see the Storm Giant resized to match his kin. More kobolds, more duregar, more wild animals.....some nice elk/deer. More bugbears.
  16. Probably some other miniatures related package that I've completely forgotten about.....there are so many...be a nice surprise when it comes.
  17. I do believe my game is in the post. Had an email from Parcel2go for a 5kg parcel.....can't think of anything else.
  18. I generally go for the core set, and at least one of the add-on sets.....problem I always find with the add-on sets are I generally don't like all the miniatures. The usually break the core set down into smaller add-ons, would be nice if they did this for the larger add-on sets as well.
  19. Don't use underwater creature's so although very nice the turtle won't be going on the list......hoping for an Earth Elemental to meet the asthetics of the new Water, Fire, Air and complete the set.More Kobolds....love the reaper ones, Stirges cant get them anywhere.
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