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  1. "Stranger Things" is a must.....off topic bumped into Dustin on a recent trip to Disneyland.


    Still waiting on the Massive Darkness crossover......but liking th SG in this campaign....need some more Zomorcs inow i think though.

  2. Yeah F&F is a disappointment for me...i have bones familiars that could easily replace the ones shown.


    I'm liking the mix of monster aboms in this campaign....better than always an abom with a giant clawed hand.


    A MD crossover is has been clearly decided, that will be a must for me.

  3. 14 hours ago, Club said:

    got the battlefield set. might get additional fences and walls. and maybe more walls. useful for large buildings, dungeons, battlefields, pretty much everything tabletop.


    I'm in for 2 battlefield crates giving around 24ft worth of walls and fences (including the Crate Freebies)

    Was only going to get 1 an extra Walls and Fences, but for the extra $30 would get a second camping and Baggage Train set as well, could sell them on and recoupe the $30 easily.

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  4. This is going to be a tricky one for mantic.....once all 12 are complete which i dont think is that far off. 


    What dp you do begin creating a new set? What happens if you dont hit enough SG to complete the set?


    Add extra stuff to existing sets?what happens if some sets grt extra and others dont making crates unbalanced?


    Can't imagine that they add metal pieces that have their own mold?

  5. I know many people complain about KS exculsives, but this where they are a benefit.


    CMON KS are generally always a great deal $100 so about £75 buy in plus additional shipping but when the game alone generally costs £70+ at retail it becomes a no brainer....with all the extras.


    I generally only join KS from companies i know make up for retail differences, others i hold back on until close to yhe end to see the benefit......with my 20 games and 20 miniatures, im not desperate for anything anymore.

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  6. I'vr always been in the mind set, if its not painted, its not getting used. Ive now realised this is foley as nothing i own will ever get used......now im going for i'll assemble them and use them.


    This is also foley as i dont get the time to assemble them.....so i may as well buy them look at them painted online and put it in a box never to be seen again.

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  7. I like the winged monkey......but nothing else in the expansion/cross over, and this is what I'm finding with all of the expansions. I like 2/3 of the miniatures but at $45 a time I'm not willing to waste it for the other miniatures.........I'm actually going for 2 God sets for twice the SG just so I can sell it at a profit, and buy individual pieces later on Ebay.

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