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  1. Just watched the gameplay video.....will power is now at 1 i cant see me holding out much longer
  2. Arrgh......so many minis i want, yet so many minis i dont want, this is the most torrurous KS i've watched.
  3. Ok so 3 days left in this KS..........if you go for a x2 pledge you are almost getting a 3rd set free with all the free SG unlocked to date. And the next big thing after we reach the current SG, is the new infestation packs........which look awesome......come on you know you want too These will come in three different size packs Outbreak £12 - Covers about 1/3rd of a ground floor infestation. Biohazard £23 - Covers about 2/3rds of a ground floor infestation. Epidemic £32 - Covers about 1 whole ground floor of infestation. smallest of the three contains this:
  4. Most will still be waiting on their full pledge. Mantic aren't starting the second lot of shipping until after Christmas for the expansions
  5. For bones IV - we need to finish off the large elemental set. I know there is an Earth elemental already, but it doesn't fit the aesthetics of the other elements, we need a brown translucent large earth elemental, which is a blob rising from the ground, maybe a few rocks embedded in it, NO crystals or bones. Then to go with the set a few smaller earth elementals in the same translucent brown. This would make me a happy camper
  6. I want the Hydra, that the best one I've seen to date. Guessing I'll be checking out eBay after delivery as there seems to be no add on options. The gods and the Titans look awesome, not a fan of the rest of the miniatures
  7. That's a certain......I know that usually my shipping to the UK is around the 50% mark, if that was reduced then that 50% can be spent on more goodies and raise the total further.
  8. Individual buildings are now unlocked We are still trying to persuade them to create a new pledge of buildings only
  9. yep it cost £4 per sheet of card............so the hanger is 5 sheets. It's still a very small business, nothing is discounted you pay the same at retail as you do on KS. They give a lot of free core items to make up for this.
  10. New Hanger Bay to be unlocked at £100k Can I tempt you now??
  11. Mine was pretty simple.....main core set and the Cyclops shield maiden addon, only had to pay the $28 shipping to UK which I didn't think was that bad.
  12. I don't have anything from either of those two sets so I guess I'll have to see if I can get a peek of them at a FLGS. The new plastic DZ minis were not bad, it is a softer PVC. not quite as soft as bones but more so than say the DZ1 minis. Has some minor mold fill and detail softness issues, but it turns out acceptably. I found the new material excellent, crisp detail, a lot firmer than Bones. Was more than happy when they switched from metal to this.
  13. Material will be the same as the Walking Dead miniatures and the new plastic DZ2 miniatures from what I've heard
  14. I'll be backing, never had a problem with any Mantic KS (touch wood) be nice to have a new space hulk type game, we'll have plenty of miniatures, and with my DZ and Warpath stuff plenty of opportunities to for custom squads.
  15. Packages are now dropping worldwide for this KS
  16. Had EB and the Cyclops spear maiden pack........was disappointed with the addons, the mobs were a good idea, just too many of the same sculpt for my liking.
  17. This has been a great KS love the sheer amount of monsters we've got, a nice handful of heros, a couple of what I thought were crappy SG. Game has never really appealed to me, after discovering it's not a "Real"'dungeon crawler, so that will probably go oh evil bay with a few of the monsters, and make some cash back.
  18. A related question to the campaign - the coloured base rings used in this and Z:BP do we know if they are going to retail. Are there companies that sell a similar thing? Can think of so many alternative uses for them outside of showing which character you are
  19. Currently 132 miniatures so $0.90 per miniature 18 of these are large miniatures (10 KS Exclusives) That's not including the scenery and everything else It's a win, win situation.....we know CMON deliver even if you didn't want the game. Selling just the miniatures at $1 would make you profit, and the larger KSE would go for more. When it gets to this stage I just go in, as there's no loss to me.
  20. just had the Heros 1 pack through from ebay...........nice miniatures. Compared them to the Reaper Bones miniatures perfect size Also GW standard round bases fit inside the coloured rings.....but 25mm clear bases dont :(
  21. Yep the elementals are an easy pass as they are rubbish compared to the Reaper ones....will try and pick up the cards separately and use my Translucent look more like emelentals, elemantals
  22. on the campaign page they've posted what you now get. The large monsters seem to show scale in relation too each other
  23. I'm thinking of using the goblins more as hobgoblins for other games.
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