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    Launch-Date: June 7th, 3:00PM EST on Kickstarter.

    That's 19:00 for us Brits


    I thought it was 20GMT and 21CET?

    That daylight saving is going to undo me.



    You could be right, at least I wont be late to the party  :blink:

  2. Got to see it in person today, plastics are good as we would expect. 12 board tiles that have no way of holding them together, no where near the amount of miniatures you got in the original, no generic corridors. Looking at it didn't feel like a dungeon crawler.


    So it's a no from me

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  3. lovely. There's an update about make sure your order is square before the end of the week, and yet the previous update says to wait until June before inquiring about missing pledges.

    Its more some people haven't closed their pledges in the PM and if they don't by the end of the week, then they may not get the KS exclusives, so check to see if you've got an email from them saying you haven't closed your PM order and close it.

  4. Reading how the games played, it's nothing like the original in any way. It has the random mechanics of AOS e.g. you killed the goblin if you can balance a sausage on your nose for 5 mins


    No visiting settlements, lacking any depth of the original, the boards sections don't seem very "Dungeon" to me. I'd say they stuck the "Warhammer Quest" on the title just to try and bring nostalgia into it, rather it being anything like "Warhammer Quest"

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  5. Didn't cmon already do a fantasy zombicide game?


    Just read the dakka dakka thread, well the money I did have on mierce seems to have found a new home.

  6. There's not that much of a saving on the KS for some items.


    Typhaaggahw, Gwyfern of Ceredigion - £56.99 rrp £59.99 on Mierce website - £52 on KS rrp £69.99 with £3.00 shipping saving £2.00.


    Is the KS is giving a false rrp price to make it look like you are saving more than you are??


    Edit - Mierce answered my question looks like a price increase is on the cards as he will be rrp £69.99 soon

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    In the UK can you get their existing miniatures from any other online stores are is on the KS the only place to get discount prices?


    I have only seen them on very select few US Online Retailers...and only a few sculpts at that. No idea on UK stores.

    Guess I should throw my wallet at the screen then (thud)
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