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  1. That has been the advice on the Saturn FB page. A bad slice or a bad USB stick are apparently to blame. I still have to drain the vat and clean it before I can try again. I have re-sliced and copied the file to a new USB drive so I will give it another go once I clean that vat later tonight.
  2. I've got quite the layer lines on the figure where this happened.
  3. So after working on dialing in setting with a new mix of resins (Elegoo ABS-like grey and Siraya Tech Tenatious in 70/30 mix) I got a pretty good result. It’s a tiny bit over cured so I dropped the time by 0.5 seconds. was happy with were this was headed so hit print on a relatively big job... which worked, sort of. it’s as if 3 times during the print it exposed the entire screen for a couple layers and then went on printing again. With a fair bit of work I might be able to use it but since it’s for a friend to use as his centrepiece in an army, I’m going to re-slice and try another USB stick as I’m assuming this is a slicing error... hoping at least. I’ve seen some scary spider webbing on FDM machines but this was new to me on resin...
  4. The end of 2020? Being able to see my mother in law again (provided this covid stuff gets sorted), going on a trip somewhere, going to one of the many concerts that were cancelled/delayed this summer (Rammstein, Slipknot and Parkway Drive). Basically, I'd hoping for a little of the old normal to creep back in.
  5. A laugh with my wife, a hug from my kids are the easy ones. Resolving a problem for someone at work, pulling the top off the 3d printer and seeing a flawless print, the smell of a hot cup of coffee, that first deep breath when I get outside for my morning walk... We carved pumpkins with the kids last year. With all the covid stuff this year, the excitement around the house isn't the same and we have not even bought any pumpkins. I have eaten pumpkin in pasta (served in said pumpkin), roasted with other root vegetables, in a soup... The favorite is perfectly spiced pumpkin pie with real whipped cream (not the can stuff). I prefer to keep my pumpkin flavoring in the pumpkin itself and out of my beverages and other things.
  6. If they need to be individual strands, I would go with your plan. If you need something more substantial (chain golem?) I'd wrap some around a piece of dowel or something similar and then have a couple strands coming off. There are also plenty of stls out there that you could pillage chains from though they would likely be straight. The floating crystals I printed off here are wrapped in chains. If you were patient, you could remove the crystal and move the chains around to our liking.
  7. My oatmeal feels very insufficient now... BUT today is supposed to be partially sunny and warm (over 20!) before we apparently get snow next week. Managed to convince Mrs. Rahz to join me for a lunch on a patio today since it's likely the last chance we'll get before spending the rest of the dark months trapped at home.
  8. I'm curious, what are folks doing for Halloween if your local authorities are recommending against the usual door-to-door stuff due to COVID? My son (11) is close to done with the trick or treating anyway (he likes the loot but isn't sure the effort is worth it) and my daughter (8) is still in full excitement mode. So far, we've got a short afternoon virtual Halloween party for my daughter and her friends and we were talking about hiding candy around the house and having them hunt for it, perhaps in the dark with flashlights. Anyone else in a similar situation that might have a brilliant idea to throw in the mix?
  9. The last time I pulled an all-nighter was playing D&D almost 20 years ago. We looked up and were curious why there was light coming in from outside and it was the sun that had come up... oops! I was supposed to head over to my girlfriend's house (now wife) when I was done and she was up most of the night worried when I didn't show up.
  10. So I may have pre-ordered this from Black Sun Miniatures this morning... Like all their stuff, it's pricey, but the pieces I've gotten from them before have been impeccable casts so that's my excuse. Would have preferred the bust but it's larger scale and even more pricey!
  11. Likely some random dirty socks and old paint pots. As it is bag luck to steal from a goblin, the safer option is to set up decoy of more socks and paint pots to keep him away from other things... Homemade minestrone soup. Next on the list is likely a potato and broccoli soup. hmmmm hot soup when it's nice and cold out is awesome!
  12. Happy Sunday all! I woke up still feeling stuffed from our crepe dinner last night (thin French pancakes). Filled with savory goodies for dinner and then filled with ice/whipped cream and other goodies for desert... Both kids tackled us in our bed this morning for a morning cuddle and a 8 and 11, our queen-sized bed is really not big enough for that. Still was a good way to wake up. Long week of worry ahead with one friend in for a liver transplant today/tomorrow and another in court for his verdict later this week. A guilty verdict would see us loosing him for a long time after an almost 3 year trial... I didn't expect my little gang of gamers to start falling apart in our 40s.. At least I bred some little people to play games with!!
  13. These are awesome! I love how your style works so well across different creatures, fungi through fairies. You're going to have quite the enchanted forest in your home!
  14. Update: it seems my fep is ok. Night with water in it was fine, a day with resin in it produced no leaks either. Still worried I have a potential weak spot, but I’ll keep an eye on it and maybe not leave resin in the car all the time as I normally do. So I re-levelled everything, tightened everything like crazy and printed a cube. It’s better than the other stuff, but there is still a problem at 5mm and then at 10mm-13mm. The rest seems mostly ok. Bit of elephant foot on the cube but I can live with that and tweak my settings a little to lessen it. there is also a bit of a lip on the top which I find strange. going to try some of the same barrels again to see.
  15. So I finally got time to replace the FEP and when I was trimming off the excess, I may have nicked the new fep... put some water in it in the hopes of confirming if it's water-tight or not. If there's any moisture on the papertowel later, I guess I get to remove all those little screws again... Now to start digging around online for replacement FEP as the 2 that came with it may not see me through the week... Checked the table and machine, they're level, re-leveled the build plate and made sure everything was crazy tight. Once the fep passes the water test, I'll try another small print to see what happens.
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