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  1. None! I've sacrificed a couple pieces of clothing over the years due to them being paint-spackled (ahh, the Crimson Gore incident of 2004...) but I don't change into anything specific for painting/hobbying. I do have a couple old pairs of jeans and shirts that I pull out for house painting and these have been through some pretty rough times.
  2. The magic, whatever form that might take.
  3. 10 Eldar Dark Reapers. They were primed black, given a heavy drybrush of very light grey with a little bit of edging in white followed by washes of the desired colors (blue and red based on my Eldar scheme) where appropriate, then some fine detail picked out. The armor was very well suited for this style of painting... not sure why I don't do it more with my Eldar models.
  4. Nope. I've watched a handful of episodes that were recommended for specific jokes or something, but otherwise I never bothered with it.
  5. I think I will go with D&D as well, as I am DMing and it's my first foray into 5th. Lot of subtle differences that keep me guessing and researching. I'm often very tired by the end of a session. Otherwise, many of the cooperative games can be quite challenging with lots of pooling of brain power to work out combos and such to defeat the zombies/monsters/epidemics. Deck building in Magic can be quite a lot of work too...
  6. I suggested my wife clean it...
  7. Was up way too late on Sunday night (yesterday was rough on 3 hours of sleep...) playing Sagrada and Xenoshyft:Onslaught. 2 very different games and it was a good night. We even almost won Xenoshyft... almost... For those unfamiliar with them, Sagrada is a point scoring dice placement game (think crossword puzzle with colored dice) and Xenoshyft is a card-based cooperative "tower placement" game where you try to defend your based from unending aliens. Both games cap at 4 players.
  8. Hmmm signing on at the halfway point... - Finish Mossbeard - Finish building Skaven Verminlord - Finish building/converting Skaven Stormfiends - Make/test mold of rat swarms for bases
  9. The way they swear in Spain is very similar to the Quebec swearing with a lot of religious content. France-French swearing is much better though... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=td1K15jw0FA
  10. I’m lucky that when I finished my basement I was able to claim 2/3 of it for gaming-related stuff. My father in law built the table for me and the top comes off and we usually have Kingdom Death or Star Wars Xwing set up inside and we play D&D and other board games on top. The table is also presently being used and Bones 1,3,4 sorting space. The neoprene mat May makes a huge difference when rolling dice on the table. Lots of shelves too though I’m looking at upgrading/expanding them in the bearish future. And they definitely due for a cleanup.
  11. I listen to music, mostly. I have a pair of noise cancelling earphones so that my angry metal doesn't bother my colleagues (though my boss who sits in the next cubicle is also a fan). Over the years I've been lucky enough to have some folks to play with odd boardgame with at lunchtime though I now go for a walk every day at lunch, which precludes any games. I also have a small collection of Funko Pop bobbles on my desk that I don't play with but that amuse me.
  12. Rahz


    Did a first coat on the “vines”, some with a leather brown, others with an olive green. The mushrooms on his one leg got a coat of the leather brown as well. Some of the deeper or lower areas of moss got a light touch with the olive green and the bark got a light dry brush of a white/ochre mix around the face and on the higher peaks and transition points. Still to come: an overall very light wash of a brown or grey, some highlights on the vines and then his face needs something... more transition on the beard and maybe glowing eyes. Thanks for looking.
  13. Rahz

    Happy Birthday Aku-chan

    Wishing you a very happy birthday!
  14. That was an awesome video!
  15. Rahz


    I love that idea! Looking forward to seeing how you pull it off.