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  1. Never stranded but when you don't update the car ones... We once ended up driving around for a long time with our "you are here" arrow flowing in the middle of a field while we tried to find our way. Of course, we dug up an old paper map in the door of the car and while the new developed area wasn't on that map either, it gave us enough info to figure things out... After I drove for ages and got rather cranky.
  2. I have been to quite a few, including my own and all of my siblings, strangely enough. Must be a family thing! Most were at venues that had wall-less structure of sorts for the wedding to take place under, but several were also done in back yards or parks under a sunny sky. Most recently in March we went to Cancun for the wedding of a longtime gamer buddy and it even rained on the poor bride as she was doing her walk up to the covered area, and it did nothing to dampen the spirits. And when there was a big boom of thunder just as the officiant asked the congregation if we supported the couple, we took that as a good sign. πŸ˜‰ For me, there is something about being dressed up in a suit/tux/something snazzy and yet being in a park or back yard. Having spent so many years in business clothes in dark offices, there is something "different" about wearing them at an outdoor event. I find weddings have just gotten crazier and crazier with expected requirements and being outside often strips some frivolous things back to basics: The happy couple and the folks there supporting and celebrating them.
  3. Oh how I missed this place! I love that after months off the forums, this place still feels like it always did, like a happy little getaway. Recipes, memes, comics and other geeky randomness all rolled around some wonderful minis and wonderfuler folks painting them. Time to dust off the 3d printers, Bones and paints and get stuck in again. Brain is overflowing with ideas.
  4. Awesome! He's really coming together! It may be the picture, but the hair does look a little flat. Very striking piece otherwise. Keep up the amazing work!
  5. Awesome skin tones! I just don’t understand how you can break down the pain job into pieces like that. Once I put some tanned flesh on my palet, all his skin would have been basecoated. love watching it come together, section by section.
  6. Used to be red/yellow but after learning some basics of layering and what to lay down first when building up to those colors has really helped. Goobertown's suggestion to use pink under yellow works and using browns to work up to red. Making Black look good is still tricky but I think I'm getting the hang of it (adding green or blue to tint it to something more interesting). Reaper's Coal Black with some Jungle Mist for green tinged and Dragon Black and any light blue are awesome ways to give black some depth.
  7. Thank you very much! Sadly my day was spent virtually at work and it's looking like it's going to bleed into the evening... Wife is picking up takeout for us on her way home and kindly made my favorite cake (plain vanilla pound cake with raspberry jam swirled in) yesterday. So focusing on the good while plowing through HR paperwork...
  8. Was hoping to get some painting done but... We have sooo much moving of stuff to do prior to some major house renovations so that is filling my weekend instead, while I slowly recover from the Rona... 😷
  9. Mostly indifferent. I saw a couple cute things but for the most part I try to avoid the interwebs on April 1st. It's also the first day of our financial year at work so it's totally bananas....
  10. My wife and I don't do gifts and such on Valentine's Day. It IS another excuse for cheese fondue for dinner along with a glass of wine and a bad movie (or episode or 2 of whatever we're watching at the time). We celebrate the anniversary of our first date at the end of January and her birthday in early Feb, so we're mostly sick of one another by the time Feb 14th rolls around.
  11. Spooky Woods for sure! Spooky or not, you know you'll eventually run into a fun... guy. πŸ€£πŸ„
  12. I was 6 and headed to grade 1 (or 2? I don't remember) at the Lycee St. Louis in Stockholm, Sweden. I remember stopping at the candy store across the street from the school on the way home on occasion. I'm pretty sure I could draw the plan to our apartment back then and the rough layout of the local park we went to all the time, but otherwise the memories are few and far between. Cartoons hadn't really infiltrated Swedish TV for the most part so my dad would come get me out of bed long after my bedtime when Loony Toons was playing on some channel. Very good memories of that. Good cuddle with dad while giggling at bugs and gang before being put back to bed. πŸ₯°
  13. After 2 years of "this", my usual resolutions to "paint more" are more along the lines of "paint something", and no I have not yet this year. I am building a couple horribly large 3d printed pieces (maybe next time use a smaller scale?) and I have some electronics inbound for one of them but I have not touched a paintbrush since November... πŸ˜ͺ
  14. First off, why would you suggest such a thing? Second, I would question what I had done to anger Mrs. Rahz (apparently if I ever did anything THAT bad I would find my painted models and any others she can find in the largest pot on the stove filled with Windex... When I suggested they might not fit, she countered with "oh they would"). Honestly though, assuming minis are gone but STLs are still there, I'd just print more. If it's all gone, I'd likely be on the lookout for something that really made me go Ooooh and go from there.
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