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  1. I had intended on printing and painting some things for some family members but my work schedule just didn't permit it. Might just start poking at it for next year's birthdays or Christmas seeing how little hobbying I've had time to do lately.
  2. Anything from the original Star Wars movies, especially A New Hope. So many of the props and models were cobbled together from anything they could get their hands on. Amazing examples of scratch (scrap?) building and the stuff has become so iconic. Luke or Vader's lightsaber, even the models of the ships. Any one of those would make me the happiest of man-children. 🤩
  3. Really happy with how this one came out. This was print in place in one “piece”. Black/purple PLA. from PipeCox. He has some neat pieces. IMG_3898.mov Also, from the same designer, a small plant/flower pot. Still have to put something in it.
  4. mostly spiders and other insects. We did have a mouse issue in the basement when we first moved into the house, but we found where they were coming in and sealed things up. I'm sure there are still some in the upper walls above the garage, but they're not "in" the house so I'm less worried. For the insects, if possible, I release them outside, otherwise they get flushed.
  5. I joined in on the silly turkey spending frenzy and picked up a small variety of filament for my printers as well as a couple board games that were on sale. Not incentivized by the "spend spend spend Friday", we also picked up a new-to us car.
  6. Their Mousin line is beyond adorable. I picked up the first one when it came out and came back for November for this one too. I have to admit I have yet to print any of them as I'm trying desperately to make a dent in my printed but not yet painted pile, but several of the pieces will be printed eventually. Just so darn cute!
  7. We acquired (pending financing) a new to us car last night... Out 10 year old car was starting to show those signs that the next problem was going to cost a bomb to fix and my wife found a like replacement and by the time I got to the dealership she had already test-driven it and was all smiles... So, we replaced our 2013 Mazda CX9 with a 2021 Mazda CX9... 😒 Of course, we only just finished paying off the other car. So much for better cash flow. 💸
  8. Not yet, fingers crossed... I sometimes have a hard time finding a color scheme, but I'm not sure I gravitate towards a scheme though I do paint a lot of models that kind of... end up with a lot of blacks/dark greys.
  9. On a normal week, I would say 3-4 hours more than my scheduled/paid 37.5. These days I'm working 16 hour days many days of the week and 8 hour shifts overnight on weekends so.. way too many? I spend roughly half my week in meetings. I'm involved in several large scale (full data center migrations) so there is a LOT of coordination, planning, pleading... Normally I would sleep an extra hour. This year I was working and we got to watch the clock go from 1:59 to 1:00... it was a little heartbreaking. Worked 9 hours for an 8 hour shift.
  10. I received my Elegoo Neptune 4 Plus yesterday. Of course, Fedex just dropped a $500 printer on my front step and left and of course they showed up on the day when my wife and I were both in the office (it was supposed to arrive today). Anyway, a kind neighbour moved it into my garage for me and once I'm done pulling 16 hour days, I will get to set it up and start printing some larger things...
  11. Umm... so... I just received my seventh printer yesterday (I have been selling off the older ones, I'm not running a print farm). Other than game-based minis that come with rules I might need (legion, etc), I don't see myself buying another pre-cast miniature again. I see many that make me go ooooh but with 4/6 Bones KS still mostly unpainted along with a slew of GW and other stuff in various states of "in bins" to still "in shrink", I just can't justify it. At the end of the day, STLs cost about the same as minis as you then have the overhead, material, etc... but they hit on a hard drive instead of in boxes all over my basement. Much more manageable and when I need something, its easier to search for "vampire" or the like, than dig through a million bones. Ultimately, printing is it's own hobby, in addition to the gaming, painting, etc... But I really like the workflow and taking the model from digital to physical to table ready. A lot more little endorphine hits than ripping something out some packaging. English, French and Spanish more or less fluently (Spanish is a little rusty, but I can more than manage). I could read and write in Swedish before any other language but it's long since been forgotten to the back reaches of my brain. Along the way I've studied German, Italian and Latin, though only the German ever got anywhere functional, and it too has become a jumbled mess in there somewhere.
  12. Not in the hobby. It's a great way for me to mentally tune out basic day to day stress, but more than that... loosing my head for hours in a video game is the way for me.
  13. That's a hard call... would depend on my mood. Sometimes it's gummy style candies, other times it's straight chocolate, others would be the "mini chocolate bar, and usually in the Twix/KitKat kind of realm".
  14. Is there one where you have to sleep? I would choose that one. Win or lose, I would win.
  15. Every time you post train stuff it reminds me I need to deal with my dad's boxes of Marklin trains that have barely been touched in 40 years. Very nice haul!! Thank you! You found my next print job. And the files are free! The only thing I have acquired in the last couple weeks is a couple weeks worth of double shifts. 16 hour days are gonna be rough, and my wife is already planning acquisitions with the earnings...
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