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  1. Upgrade set confirmed with replacement character cards for ALL survivors and the plastic dashboards. Very happy to see this. Now to see the cost differential between it and the new "core", which I imagine will be set to push folks towards the full new edition...
  2. Rahz

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    Hmm nothing major comes to mind. I don't particularly like creepy crawlies wandering around on me, but but they don't send me into a "get the flamethrower" fit.
  3. Rahz

    Starfinder thread

    We kind of played Starfinder for 6 months or so. Our DM was more focused on rules and tables and ships than us and the game died out. We found one of the few kerjiggers needed to save the universe or whatever we were supposed to do (we started out as a salvage team looking for loot... not sure how we got to saving the universe). And when I explained to the DM that we were feeling lost and confused, we were captured, forced to fight in an arena match against someone we couldn't defeat only to be resurrected (yes, they killed us) but someone else. In the process we lost our ship and the kerjigger and were told how dumb we were for not knowing what we were supposed to do. That was the last session... Overall, I liked the setting but really disliked the constant need to "level" gear. The variety of the gear was impressive though. And space combat... It might be better at higher level but at low level it had to be one of the most boring things I've done.
  4. Rahz

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    Anything with a nice colour to it... Rubies, sapphires top the list. Plain black with red numbers. My D20 eats PCs for breakfast... doesn't roll as well for me when I'm a player though... Cold is coming quickly. I expect sub-freezing temperatures within a couple weeks. Mice, though I don't see them or hear them often anymore. We sealed up all the gaps we could find when finishing the basement. I know there are still some, but I don't see them anymore. Raccoon using my window well as their outhouse is my more pressing issue... apparently flamethrowers are not an ok solution to this problem so I'm looking into other options. Work... Federal Election in 11 days and it affects my work A LOT. The next 3-4 weeks are going to be totally insane. Then I will take a holiday. Whichever planet out there has a population that can live in (mostly) harmony.... There has to be one and it would be great to visit... Biology and beer drinking (often before class....). High school in Europe was a very good thing!!!
  5. I'm really hoping for a "conversion set" with character cards, rule book and whatever player "grids" they've come up with. I like some of the tweaks that have come along the way with the other versions of zombicide but still prefer the feel of the original modern-day apocalypse story.
  6. Rahz

    Getting to Know You -- Sept 2019

    Hobby-wise, spectacularly little... sadly. I did get a bunch more prep done for my ongoing D&D campaign though, which is good. Otherwise, initial steps to winterize the house have begun seeing as the temperature is starting to tickle the freezing point at night. Accomplished a lot at work in preparation for the chaos that will reign post October 21st. Lastly, I've started sorting out the process to take an extra 5 weeks off next summer so I can spend some extra time with the kids. Very excited about this!!!
  7. Rahz

    Getting to Know You -- Sept 2019

    Seeing what I do and where I do it, which I must keep vague, there are many times when rules have been broken to get a job done, but it has always been for... "the Greater Good" (insert Hot Fuzz quotes and jokes here as required). These have sometimes been with a nod from the rules enforcers as I've told them I was breaking their rules but other times, you just gotta do what you gotta do. A teleporter... my wife has been demanding that I build one since we met almost 20 years ago...
  8. Rahz

    Just a hello

  9. Rahz

    Getting to Know You -- Sept 2019

    Straight up vanilla. No sense messing with perfection.
  10. Finally got Mice and Mystics on the table for the kids over the weekend with me acting as DM of sorts. After a rocky start (I had missed a few things in the rules) and a couple youtube videos later, we started over and got most of the way through the first chapter before getting called to the dinner table. They are very keen to continue. It's a cute story and fun though after we make it through the whole story, we'll see what the interest in the replay is. Also played Scythe last night with "the boys". I usually dominate that one but last night I was dead last... things just didn't come together. I'm blaming the fact that I spent half the game on my work phone answering messages and not paying attention, but I think the game gods were just not with me...
  11. I have ordered the first couple D&D for kids books. Looking to break them in with something a bit more basic than 5e. The order they are releasing the books in is a little boggling, but when the actual "rule book" come out in November I should have enough to get them started.
  12. Rahz

    Getting to Know You -- Sept 2019

    Either just butter and syrup or with chopped fruit and syrup. And now I want waffles...
  13. Rahz

    Getting to Know You -- Sept 2019

    I have taught a few things to some of my close friends, mostly around building, converting and the use of putties and the like. I'm now sharing things with my kids. My daughter (7) and I have been making foam terrain together and we've gone over the basics of mini painting again, this time with more focus on steps (base, shade, highlight concepts). Both kids helped me build the bulk of my Bones IV order, minus the really big pieces and we went over the trimming, test-fitting, different glues for different materials...
  14. I sometimes enjoy scary movies. Really enjoyed the 80s horror movies. Do not like the more modern gore-fest ones. I'm not sure that the scariest one was though...
  15. Usual workday morning is get up at 5:20, dress, check on the kids (this morning my son's covers had fallen off and he was shivering in his sleep), feed the fish and then have a cup of hot water and a PBJ (Peanut Butter and Jam sandwich) while reading the news on my phone. At 6, it's out the door... Before bed, it's usually a large glass of water, some stretches and then bedtime routine. Cheeto-powder-covered dried larvae of some sort and chocolate covered crickets. These were found at a candy store and we said "why not?" Roast baby camel is by far the most amazing meat I've ever had. I've eaten pretty much everything else folks have listed thus far except for Kangaroo. None were dares, all were out of curiosity or they were served to me so I ate it.