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  1. Usually it is my children and it is usually because a toy is broken. Our modeling hobby is VERY useful in this regard and I have fixed many, many toys..
  2. I just got the first of 12(?) printable sky ships from a kickstarter and I had managed to talk myself out of this, but... OMG the temptation... I'd even just take the figurehead as a separate piece to paint up!
  3. I daresay all of it? I am very much a social being, hugging friends, shaking hands, kissing cheeks (growing up in Europe will do that!), patting backs... I miss sitting 5' from my boss, who I really get along with. I miss wandering over to a pub at lunchtime on Friday sometimes with a bunch of colleagues. Though when I took the Reaper Emergency paint kits over to my friend's house for his kids, his wife answered the door in tears as my friend had just left to have their dog put down (it was time). This is a woman I have hugged every time I've seen her in almost 20 years and we both kind of fidgeted while talking through the screen door. I hooked the bag with the goodies on their mailbox and wandered home, far less cheery than I had been on my way there. This was easily when I felt the "effects" the most of social distancing.
  4. Thinking of you guys down South (of the Canadian border).
  5. I did the same thing!! Several Star Wars figures got the same treatment... I make a point of not looking at the value of those toys nowadays...
  6. I take my shoes off and have a pair of house shoes that I have been wearing since my first-born started emptying drawers all over the floor. After partially embedding a potato masher in the wall because it was the most painful and... 10th thing I'd stepped on that day, it went flying. My wife calmly looked on and suggested that perhaps I should start wearing shoes around the house, like her. She's a wise woman!! In the summer I keep an old pair of sandals around for in-house sandals since I'm not allowed to keep my outdoor footwear on inside. Anytime that I don't have to work...
  7. Guitar, so I could then badly sing all the songs I so love!
  8. My wife for making dinner (I usually do it), picking up the car at the garage and dealing with 1000 other things around the house since I am no longer allowed to leave my work computer for 12+ hours a day... Also, several reasonable clients who are being patient as we try to sort things out for them without our usual tools and set-up and colleagues who are helping sort all this out. And the kind Home Depot employee who brought me my online order to my car, despite failing at the whole social distancing part of the equation. I was also thanks several times today, which helps a little bit when it feels like work is going to swallow you whole.
  9. I have re-learned (or am in the process thereof) how to manage working horrible hours while sadly ignoring my wife and children, despite all being in the same house. Working loads of OT has happened to us both in the past but we’ve never been home-teachers at the same time too. Sooo sleepy.
  10. Hmmm, I always just pour more on while it's printing (lifting/lowering, but not while curing and over the top of the build plate). Have to do it in little bits, but I've never had any issues. I've always been too scared to pause a print as I figure it will wreck things so I've never done it.
  11. Awesome stuff, guys!!! really hope work quiets down (10-12 hour days) so that I can get back to painting my nurse... And get some rest...
  12. Is it Friday yet? I have lost all track now... 12 hour work days with home renos sprinkled in here and there I feel like I haven't stopped all week. I miss 3d printing, painting minis... It's 20 to 8 in the morning and I feel like I've been up for hours already (it's only been an hour)... Almost afraid to log on to my work computer... But here goes!!! Hope everyone's day is much more fun that mine will be!!
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