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  1. Thank you! That was the idea... problem was that I painted the base almost a year ago and had only basecoated the dragon... While I knew more or less what I had done to the base, there was still some guess-work involved to try to match the armor plates to the stone on the base... It's not perfect, but it's close enough.
  2. After 10 months, I finally dusted this off and finished it in an attempt to find some hobby mojo again. Dragon is from Artisan Guild and was printed on the elegoo Mars almost a year ago. Basecoated, drybrushed tan and then multiple washes layered before another quick drybrush and a final wash. It was printed in clear green resin and the eyes and crystals on the rock were simply given a layer of Tamiya Clear Green after the mask was removed. Crystals on the base are from Anarchy Models, again with a quick layer of Tamiya Clear green. Reaper base with some Vallejo texture paste. Thanks for looking.
  3. I'm pretty sure if I bring another Zombicide game into the house (after Zombicide 2 comes...) my wife is going to murder me. I've got pretty much all of it thus far and we do play it a lot. That said, the whole West theme doesn't do it for me so other than reading through the rulebook to see what special rules hey have have come up with that are worth including in our current versions. Think I'm safe on this one...
  4. Hmm on a scale of 1-10, I was probably in the realm of 7-8. I was responsible enough when it came to jobs, but there was a lot of skipping school, drinking, smoking of various things and general shenanigans that make me cringe now. Managed to keep a lot of it under wraps from my folks or they chose not to intercede because they were usually too busy giving my poor brother a hard time.
  5. Awesome! welcome to the 3d printer family!!
  6. We are apparently going into lockdown again as of December 24th. I guess it’s one way to avoid Christmas gatherings that people would have had despite all the pleading and warnings. My parents are NOT going to take this well, but then again they’re the ones really at risk here. Waiting for the official announcement today at 1pm before I call my mum. our city has been doing well (government/tech city where it has been relatively easy for most to work from home) but the rest of the province is not...
  7. So after many failed prints (tried a new resin combo that worked great on the test files, both the cityscape and the flat one) and getting ready to bang my head against a table, I switched resins to Epax hard resin and finally had some success... this is on my Saturn. Been trying some water washable elegoo resin on the Mars with reasonable results. i really like the feel of this epax resin. I used their settings though I did reduce the bottom layer curing time by 1s as the first try I though I was going to need a hammer and chisel to remove the prints. One second less ans they came off like I’m used to. goblins are from TytanTroll Miniatures Transhuman Girl from Duncan Shadow Undead Stormtrooper and vampire Batman are from GoYo works. Also printed up a bunch of heroforge figures that a buddy designed for his family. Made 2 sizes of each on the Mars after so many failures on the Saturn with the previous resin mix.
  8. I got myself (from the kids) the new Ecto1 Lego kit. It's been in a crate in the furnace room with the rest of the xmas gifts for weeks...
  9. While they can become too much, well timed puns had become a staple at my gaming table. With the restrictions I'm a little dry on puns these days though my son (11) is starting to warm up them. They're not great, but he's learning. Don't have any specifics from this year but one of my favorites ones that got me chased around the table as a player was trying to bean me (and it's not even fully a pun I don't think... ). After defeating a small squad of ninja (Rokugan setting in D&D), one player asked how many ninja-tos (ninja swords) there were, my response, "It's usually 5 per foot, but you can remove their footwraps and count them if you like".
  10. Being the "town that fun forgot" is apparently paying off here. I am lucky that I live in a relatively small city (1M with the surrounding areas) that is predominantly a government city with a fair bit of high tech as well. Means that a significant portion of the population has been able to work from home which has seen us come down from our second wave quite quickly. Less people off work also means many of the smaller businesses are still around too because folks are trying to support their local restaurants/stores. My wife and I have spent a fair bit of money on setting up home offices (sit-stand desks, switches so we can use our work computers with our home peripherals...) and we already had desks for the kids. The kids have been in school since September and thankfully both have been good about adapting to the new norm but my son has only seen one of his buddies once since March (they're not in the same school) and he's very lonely. I still have 2 buddies over for D&D on Friday nights (we paused from April through to mid-Summer) but both have very small bubbles and are exceedingly careful and at the first sign of a sniffle we call things off. I went for a lunchtime walk with my 3rd d&d buddy yesterday who had a liver transplant a month ago. We wandered around a mostly empty mall and chatted for half an hour (masked and all that of course). He won't be joining the group again for a while... Even when things were bad I had to break quarantine a couple times to help my parents and thankfully we're all still healthy. Why my mother calls me when my dad falls down instead of paramedics is beyond me... My work is still planning the eventual return to the office. I go in about 1 day every 2 weeks and coordinate with a couple buddies. We all work in our former spots and then get takeout and sit in a large boardroom well apart from one another to eat. Help keep our local food joints alive and we get some human interaction for a little while. I don't see more than 50% of our workforce returning to the office in the long term. I don't miss the commute to work at all, but I miss the people. I miss being able to just pop into my boss' office with a question or running into a colleague I haven't seen in a little while in the hallway and catch up for a couple minutes... I get up an hour later than I used to, go for a longer walk and then get stuck in with work. My issue is that instead of walking to meetings and moving aroung the buildings, I simply dial in to the next one now, so I move less than when I was in the office, despite attempts to increase it. So locally things are not bad at all (22 new cases yesterday), but I fear we're not out of the woods yet.
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