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  1. For the worst, I would have to say the cold weather in general. Driving, even walking can be difficult. This said, there is something truly magical about the sound of a heavy snowfall, especially at night when you can hear the snow settling and there's a peace amidst all the movement of the falling snow. Wouldn't want to stay out in it for too long, but enjoying that sensation for a while, then coming in for a cup of tea to watch the snow is a perfect way to end a day in my book.
  2. Favorite healthy food would be any scratch made soup. Can be chicken and veg, potato/leak, tomato and rice... Not only the smells, especially if making beef or chicken stock from scratch before you get the soup, has the house smelling like the thing of miracles for days... Add some fresh bread (I'm a horrible baker sadly...) and I could die happy. This weekend I will continue to nurse the flu that my wonderful son brought home from school last weekend... I was fine until after handing out the goodies to the visiting ghouls and monsters and thought I was going to fall over. I think that plus some light house reno-related cleaning will take care of any potential energy I may have.
  3. Yes! Coffee coffee coffee coffee.... twitch coffee!! Stayed up most of the night a few times in Saudi Arabia just to star gaze, out in the desert. Have tried to spy some actual events but never managed to catch any due to cloud cover... MANY and hopefully many more. Metal festivals and concerts are better outside. I have started to get the VIP/premium tickets now for the longer shows to get some seating. Rammstein was the most recent, just this past summer. Scooby Dooby Doooooooo! (I may or may not have a Velma thing... but we don't talk about that). 🤐
  4. Ive driven a little dirt bike back when I was 17 ish... no helmet... not smart. Zipped around on a Vespa as well. Never been on a proper bike nor sidecar.
  5. Reaper order finally arrived! No rock this time. Some brushes, bunch of the ReaperCon swag and paints before it gets too cold to order paints.
  6. Hard to put costumes on fish so, no. 😉 D&D night. While it has moved to Saturdays here and there, for the better part of the last 20 years, it's been gaming (D&D, RIFTS, Pathfinder among others).
  7. Yes... and we'll leave it at that. 😳 Love it! Did a 2 month tour of Germany by train when I was 17, took trains back and forth between France and Spain. More recently, my wife and I took the train to other cities to go to Cons to avoid having to drive. Good way to travel.
  8. Very little. We put some decorations out for Halloween but only on the day and when they come in, the lights go out and that's the end of the evening. For Christmas we have the tree and a few other bits, but it's pretty much my wife's domain. Moving furniture and changing the decorations for a 1 day event hurts my brain. I certainly appreciate what some folks do in making their space look special for an event, but I'd much prefer let others deal with it.
  9. Sadly no. Tried to get my dad to rent a Hummer when we were in Saudi to run around the desert in, but it never happened. Nowadays, I'd like my dune buggy to look like it was taken from the Mad Max universe or a Gaslands game. Thing that would add some extra fun... Not sure how those would handle in the snow, but I'd be up to trying it.
  10. I'm not sure I've ever had green tomatoes in any way. Love nice ripe red tomatoes fresh off the vine though... Something very soothing about watching the sun creep up over the horizon and the mild anticipation you feel with either. The colors you often get at the end of the day would make me lean every so slightly to sunset. With either, add a nice body of water in front to really add to the spectacle, and you can't go wrong.
  11. Never stranded but when you don't update the car ones... We once ended up driving around for a long time with our "you are here" arrow flowing in the middle of a field while we tried to find our way. Of course, we dug up an old paper map in the door of the car and while the new developed area wasn't on that map either, it gave us enough info to figure things out... After I drove for ages and got rather cranky.
  12. I have been to quite a few, including my own and all of my siblings, strangely enough. Must be a family thing! Most were at venues that had wall-less structure of sorts for the wedding to take place under, but several were also done in back yards or parks under a sunny sky. Most recently in March we went to Cancun for the wedding of a longtime gamer buddy and it even rained on the poor bride as she was doing her walk up to the covered area, and it did nothing to dampen the spirits. And when there was a big boom of thunder just as the officiant asked the congregation if we supported the couple, we took that as a good sign. 😉 For me, there is something about being dressed up in a suit/tux/something snazzy and yet being in a park or back yard. Having spent so many years in business clothes in dark offices, there is something "different" about wearing them at an outdoor event. I find weddings have just gotten crazier and crazier with expected requirements and being outside often strips some frivolous things back to basics: The happy couple and the folks there supporting and celebrating them.
  13. Oh how I missed this place! I love that after months off the forums, this place still feels like it always did, like a happy little getaway. Recipes, memes, comics and other geeky randomness all rolled around some wonderful minis and wonderfuler folks painting them. Time to dust off the 3d printers, Bones and paints and get stuck in again. Brain is overflowing with ideas.
  14. Awesome! He's really coming together! It may be the picture, but the hair does look a little flat. Very striking piece otherwise. Keep up the amazing work!
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