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  1. I think the "oddest", at least to me, was compressing my spine while relaxing in a pool with my son. I had spent the night at the hospital with my dad after he had a stroke and had promised my son I'd attend the "parents' day" at his swimming lessons, when we're allowed to join the kids in the pool... Beach entry pool and I was facing the entry and I kind of let myself flop forward into the water... My chest hit the bottom and I threw my head back so hard to avoid bashing my face that I messed up my spine. Still hurts to this day... A much "cooler" option was falling off a wall while bouldering and I caught myself with one hand which wrenched my shoulder out of whack. I did finish the route though, and apparently it looked spectacular, so I count that as a quasi-win. My shoulder likely disagrees... Depends on the movie I guess. Going out to the movies used to be my normal date night with my wife, followed or preceded with a visit to a coffee shop. Now... Unless she's really really craving movie theatre popcorn and there's something worthwhile seeing in theatre, it's really not worth the cost, IMO. Pawpaw fruit is ok. Tried it a coupe times. it's got nothing on good mangos...
  2. I roll out of bed at 6:30 and rouse the kids and start getting things ready for the day (lunches packed, etc...)... When I met my wife, we were working a job where we had to be in the office for 5am... I don't miss those days. πŸ˜‰
  3. 🀫 Oh boy... oh boy oh boy oh boy... Not typing that out here or anywhere else... But to answer the question... Maybe?
  4. No. Im too much of a city rat and would likely disappear forever in one… Oooh heck yes! Meg Ryan in the diner scene yes! I used a lump sum payment from work a few years back to buy one of those fully automatic espresso machines that grinds the beans, makes the coffee, spits out the grounds. I have settled on a mix of a couple different beans I get from Costco as they are good and come in bags larger than a toddler.
  5. House, yes. I know the basics of home maintenance (paint, drywall, plumbing, electrical, framing) but also am well aware of when I need a pro brought in. With regards to the car... I know they go vroom... I can change a tire and fill fluids but that is the extent of my abilities on that front.
  6. Morning routine is usually up, dress, wake up kids, start packing lunches and assist with breakfast if needed, head to the treadmill for 30ish minutes, then coffee/breakfast and work. If it's a day I need to be in the office, there is no treadmill time and I'm out the door by 7 to pick up coffee for my carpool folks and the walk happens over lunchtime instead. Kittens and puppies are always adorable but we don't have any pets other than a handful of tetras in a tank. I don't have the mental or emotional space to take care of animals on top of my offspring. πŸ˜‰
  7. Yes. My parents have been throwing me into pools since I was barely 1 (yes literally throwing and there's a fun story where both floaties go shooting off and I go straight to the bottom of the pool....). I view swimming as an essential basic life skill, along with basics of cooking, driving stick and understanding/adhering to Wheaton's Law. πŸ˜‰ I have swam in oceans, seas, lakes, hot springs and pools and I would say it depends on the mood and the reason for swimming. For basic exercise, I prefer a pool. With kids, nothing beats a beach, and a tropical beach if you're lucky for the marine life (and the warmer water...). If I'm out hiking or camping, any stream/lake/large puddle will do. I have started using pieces of sponge more and more and am really digging it, but I think my vortex mixer as I tend to paint with a lot of paints so having something to mix them properly and quickly without wrecking my already messed arms.
  8. Festivals: Not much happens regularly in the "Town that fun forgot" as Ottawa is fondly known... Pre-pandemic there was an annual metal festival in Montreal (2 hours away) that I attended most of the time. Hasn't been held since 2019 though... need to find another way to get my fix. Lazy time: hiding in my basement. This would include video games, 3d printing and/or hobbying. Holiday: I think we need a First Responders holiday up here like you guys have in the US. I think those fine folks deserve way more recognition. Bonus! Finished this for my youngest. Working on a second version with a resin print of Lumalee in clear blue resin, in the hopes of adding lights to it. This depends greatly on who I'm with and their comfort level while driving. If the driver is at all nervous, it makes me very uncomfortable. For long family drives, I tend to do most of the driving because my wife doesn't like driving on 2 lane highways and passing into oncoming traffic. I'm getting to the point where I dislike driving at night as my eyes are very sensitive to oncoming lights, so my wife may get more time behind the wheel as the years advance...
  9. Assuming I'm travelling for fun, the destination is the favorite part, whatever that may be. The least favorite is the prep... Planning, packing is not fun, in my mind. I can deal with lines, waits, driving for days on end...
  10. Rahz was the name I picked from a list of options in the Dark Sun player's book (Mul Fighter/Rogue) who went on to be my D&D character in a campaign that stretched over a decade of regular play. Then became my WoW character's name and my username on most geek-related boards/sites. The avatar changes from site to site and Reaper did such an awesome job with the pathfinder goblins, who I adore, that this was fitting.
  11. Work and D&D both get the hand-written treatment, for notes at least. Most of my job is digital but I still drag a notebook to meetings. I HATE the sound of people typing while folks are talking in a meeting. Hell's Kitchen... Never really watched any other reality tv and avoided it, but somehow, that one sometimes catches me... I'm terrible at finishing books but I'm an absolute pro at starting them! πŸ˜‰ D&D elf, if nothing else for the longevity. Depends on how much time I have and my mood. If I've been printing stuff, I check the 3d printing threads, if I've been painting, the painting threads... If I'm feeling strong, I'll look at the kickstarter section and try not to fall to temptation...
  12. I'm a "little" far away from ReaperCon and the only cons I have attended to date have been comic con type events with a broad mix of comic, comic related and other wonderful geeky stuff. For those, the panels are by far my favourite part. Listening to some of the back story from a movie or show you like, how an artist developed a character or an author giving ideas on world building have been loads of fun. The shopping and simply losing yourself in a sea of likeminded geeks is awesome. Only ever went to 1 that had some games to try, but I think I have my wife convinced for a GenCon visit one year... 🀞
  13. I'm more of a fruit smoothie or PBJ kind of breakfast guy. Only time I had biscuits and gravy was at a truck stop somewhere on the highway on my way to New Orleans for Mardi Gras over 20 years ago... It was heart-stoppingly heavenly.
  14. Had loads of lego as a kid. Sadly, during their multiple moves, my parents ditched it somewhere... I have a number of Lego kits now on display along with my models and other toys. I make sure to stretch out the builds. It's become a regular gift from my mother in law for Christmas. Same as usual.. D&D on Friday night, board games on Sunday night. Saturday was a family dinner to celebrate my brother's birthday, but otherwise the days were filled with the usual house puttering, laundry, etc... I'm on coffee number 3... β˜•
  15. hmmm... almost 25 years ago... Was driving to New Orleans for Mardi Gras with a buddy and we tried doing it one stretch but we had to hit a bed before we drove off the highway in the middle of the night... Otherwise, I'm pretty hard-core when it comes to planning and having places to stay... I'll wing how I'll get from point A to point B rather than not know where I'm staying when I get there. I find sneezing tends to kick off a fit of sneezing... Don't remember it when I was younger but these days, it is certainly a thing... 🀧🀧🀧🀧🀧
  16. I had the day off yesterday to recover from a Five Finger Death Punch and Metallica concert on Sunday night. Got play some video games, play with my 3d printers and hang out with the kids. Good Monday.
  17. A few a kite as a kid many many times and have done so again with my kids. Have never flown the big "adult size" ones though. Not great... I've assembled some resin busts and some Legion Stormtroopers but have not managed to get any paint onto anything yet... sigh.
  18. 1-2 I think... I participated in 3 of them and I think I'm very much done. I don't need or want more bones in my home. My gamer group have never been picky about models that we use. We started with skittles and dice to represent things on a friend's carpeted floor so many years ago and now pull baddies from the same bin over and over again, despite all the ones I have set up on shelves close by. 90% remain untouched by a brush and a handful of pathfinder goblins have stood in as humans, dwarves, gnolls, etc... Will be interested in some of the larger pieces now that they seem to have landed on a better material than the droopy white Bones 1 but with all the STLs I have that I havent printed yet either... I think I have reached mini-saturation... Excluding game specific pieces as Eldar, Skaven and appropriate Legion minis will likely still sneak into my house here and there.... And even there, new minis are likely to start in liquid form than come from a retail store... I will follow the next Bones KS with interest, but won't be throwing any money at it. Once, a long long time ago. It hurt and I aim as well as a blind cripple...
  19. So glad this place is always full of silly, positive vibes... We got our budget cut (but an as yet unknown amount) and I've spent my week trying to figure out who I'm firing... Out of at team of 15 it's somewhere near the 10+ and apparently I'm "stressing about it too much"... πŸ˜’ Beer with lunch "helped" and now I'm going back through the random silliness from the past few days. You guys are awesome. πŸ₯° And it is WAY too early for Halloween... thank you.
  20. Online from a brick and mortar store... Living in the aptly named "town that fun forgot", I order most of my stuff from a couple brick and mortar stores in Toronto. My LFGS charges full MSRP so while I'll support them if I'm out of a paint that they have in stock, I don't buy much there cause if I'm buying more than a couple things, shipping is cheaper than the price difference.
  21. As for Webcomics, Ctr-Alt-Del, LFG, OotS, and several others. Many of the serial ones have ended and LFG just announced they're done. OotS is so slow that I haven't read it in months... Fowl Language and Ctr-Alt-Del are the only ones I follow regularly at this point. Favorite comic as a kid was Garfield. Once I upgraded to real comic books, it was Daredevil. I love it. Helps me sleep, keeps things green, peaceful, even a crazy storm. I have a list longer than my arm of places I'd like to go or go back to, but my main travel want (must?) is to cross the equator... I've been to just about 30 countries and they have in the same hemisphere...
  22. One of the guys I have been gaming with for over 20 years (he hung out at the comic/gaming store I worked at when he was 14) still plays D&D with me on a weekly basis and he is sometimes... ripe. We have cajoled, teased and even sent him to shower before we gather (we play in my basement). IT is infrequent, but there have been days my wife has commented on the smells wafting up from the basement. 🀒
  23. LOOOOOONNNNNGGGGGG wait I think. If you're on FB, there is a KDM Night market group where folks buy/sell/trade KDM stuff. That "should" help with authenticity, if not always affordability.
  24. Wow! How is the Max treating you? I was going to get a Plus and have decided to wait and see if they upscale the Neptune 4s as well.
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