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  1. Used to be red/yellow but after learning some basics of layering and what to lay down first when building up to those colors has really helped. Goobertown's suggestion to use pink under yellow works and using browns to work up to red. Making Black look good is still tricky but I think I'm getting the hang of it (adding green or blue to tint it to something more interesting). Reaper's Coal Black with some Jungle Mist for green tinged and Dragon Black and any light blue are awesome ways to give black some depth.
  2. Thank you very much! Sadly my day was spent virtually at work and it's looking like it's going to bleed into the evening... Wife is picking up takeout for us on her way home and kindly made my favorite cake (plain vanilla pound cake with raspberry jam swirled in) yesterday. So focusing on the good while plowing through HR paperwork...
  3. Was hoping to get some painting done but... We have sooo much moving of stuff to do prior to some major house renovations so that is filling my weekend instead, while I slowly recover from the Rona... 😷
  4. Mostly indifferent. I saw a couple cute things but for the most part I try to avoid the interwebs on April 1st. It's also the first day of our financial year at work so it's totally bananas....
  5. My wife and I don't do gifts and such on Valentine's Day. It IS another excuse for cheese fondue for dinner along with a glass of wine and a bad movie (or episode or 2 of whatever we're watching at the time). We celebrate the anniversary of our first date at the end of January and her birthday in early Feb, so we're mostly sick of one another by the time Feb 14th rolls around.
  6. Spooky Woods for sure! Spooky or not, you know you'll eventually run into a fun... guy. 🤣🍄
  7. I was 6 and headed to grade 1 (or 2? I don't remember) at the Lycee St. Louis in Stockholm, Sweden. I remember stopping at the candy store across the street from the school on the way home on occasion. I'm pretty sure I could draw the plan to our apartment back then and the rough layout of the local park we went to all the time, but otherwise the memories are few and far between. Cartoons hadn't really infiltrated Swedish TV for the most part so my dad would come get me out of bed long after my bedtime when Loony Toons was playing on some channel. Very good memories of that. Good cuddle with dad while giggling at bugs and gang before being put back to bed. 🥰
  8. After 2 years of "this", my usual resolutions to "paint more" are more along the lines of "paint something", and no I have not yet this year. I am building a couple horribly large 3d printed pieces (maybe next time use a smaller scale?) and I have some electronics inbound for one of them but I have not touched a paintbrush since November... 😪
  9. First off, why would you suggest such a thing? Second, I would question what I had done to anger Mrs. Rahz (apparently if I ever did anything THAT bad I would find my painted models and any others she can find in the largest pot on the stove filled with Windex... When I suggested they might not fit, she countered with "oh they would"). Honestly though, assuming minis are gone but STLs are still there, I'd just print more. If it's all gone, I'd likely be on the lookout for something that really made me go Ooooh and go from there.
  10. My parents were with our Foreign Service when I was growing up so I went to school in Sweden, Mexico, Spain and France, in that order.
  11. Just like here in Ottawa... The fun never ends! 🤗
  12. Metal, good heavy, growly metal that you can throw yourself into a mosh pit to, though I admit to becoming too delicate for that part of the activity now... And yes, people don't seem to expect it... Working in an environment of suits and ties means things like heavy metal or mini painting usually lead to some raised eyebrows and the "Really? You?" reaction. ATM inside if I can. I find drive-up anything to be horribly lazy. Even when I park my car, I tend to park far away from whatever entrance to a building as I'm sure there's someone who needs a closer spot more than I do. Coffee (double americano with just a splash of skimmed milk) every day... followed by another Americano a little later in the morning... speaking of which, I can see the bottom of my cup... Not really. Enough good and bad stuff happens, no need to look for weird reasons for it. Accept the good, deal with the bad.
  13. While I should not be surprised, like everywhere else, things are nuts and changing day to day. When not virtually at work, I've been avoiding the internet for the most part, including friendly refuges like here, as I've hit, like so many, that stage of weary apathy. My wife had major surgery right before Christmas (successful and she's well on the mend) so we have mostly ignored the outside world but when they announced schools were going virtual again and they closed my son's dorm (boarding school for kids with learning disabilities) I can admit that it took a few days of crankiness to hit the acceptance stage again. Day schools return on Monday (cause closing them for 1-2 weeks helped?! /shrug) but my son's home e-learning with our support "until further notice". I work in a large Government department and am one of the lucky guys trying to organize the "return to the office" from an IT standpoint which is about as much fun as it sounds. Just before the holidays we had entire divisions going in to the office to "test things out" but of course equipment has been pillaged over the 2 years we've been at home, minor maintenance things that would have been flagged and dealt with months ago have been ignored or become bigger issues and folks, including some of our techs, have honestly forgotten how to do things or use certain tools as they haven't been touched in so long. This of course leads to lots of cranky employees who "can't work" and a deluge of support tickets we don't have the bodies on hand to deal with. Really hoping things settle as little as we have hung on to plane tickets to Cancun for March break for a friend's wedding and it's been comforting dreaming of laying on a beach or play with the kids in the water... I need some sun and fun as I haven't touched a paintbrush in almost 2 months and I miss it but don't have the mojo these days...
  14. We're setting up for Christmas eve as the not-so-little-ones prepare for bed. Most of our gatherings have been cancelled due to the Grinch (covid) but we're doing what we can. Wishing all of you happy, hobby-filled festivities, whatever you may celebrate, a restful time and a healthy New Year.
  15. Yup except apparently for my gift as my kids want to help and my son doesn't get home from boarding school until this afternoon.
  16. When transitioning from BlackBerries to smartphones at work, I was the lead point for our VIP community at Global Affairs Canada, so the Canukistan equivalent of the State Department. After a few technical oopses and such, I chose to leave one VIP's office on the list to migrate over the weekend and then the hardware didn't go out (I should have waited to have it in hand...). So we had a bunch of VIPs with no phones (one at a cottage for the weekend) and of course something official went completely sideways and those folks were unreachable... Ya.. not my greatest moment.
  17. We were in the process of finalizing a Disney Star Wars cruise booking in March of 2020... Glad we decided to hold off booking anything. I'd still love to go on a cruise one day. Something that is on the bucket list. Longest Salt Water voyage would be the high speed ferry between Hong Kong and Macau, about 55 minutes.
  18. I may have gone a little overboard here…. House extension planned and we just put the deposit down. About 11’ across the whole back of the house and and extra 9x11 added to the basement (gaming space). Basement space is to get more space for 3D printers and their output as well as ensure I can fit the large wyrmwood gaming table when it eventually arrives.
  19. There was some painting area cleaning as I was reduced to less than a folded paper towel worth of space on my desk… And these guys. There are 2 Miles Morales busts as the first one failed at the back a little but then I broke a couple of the teeth off the zippers from the reprint… painting both and one will go to my son ans the other to a buddy who’s a Spider-Man fan and neither will care about the minor problems. The little one-eyed dude… he just really spoke to me. I printed the full figure but the larger bust has so much details I had to work on him.
  20. Wanted to try my hand at something a little different and bigger so I found something fun that I knew my daughter would appreciate. I got a ton of hugs for it today, so I must have done alright. Prime and initial zenithal was done by airbrush and in keeping with my current process a lot of acrylic mini paints (Vallejo, Reaper, WarColour and GW) glazed or dry brushed on followed by oil washes, then more acrylic dry brushes and then more oil washes. I LOVE Nightmare Black!! I wish I had kept it appart to paint it as the crossed legs made things complicated on more than a couple occasions. Also should have painted the neck area the same colour as her leotard…. Not sure but I think it would have been better. Base, cape, body and head were painted separately but I should have kept the hands, legs and boots to paint on their own. close up of the books. Doing the gold lettering AFTER I’d painted the rest of the base was not my best idea.. tried to give them a worn look. lastly a quick shot of the base WIP with a Chaos Marine volunteer for scale. thanks for looking.
  21. Oooh I have one on preorder with my local shop. will need to check in to see if they got their latest order in...
  22. Awesome stuff! I got a Neptune 2 myself and after a rough start, I'm finally getting there, I think. Much prefer the quality of resin but you can't beat dropping a space ship part and having it bounce instead of shatter...
  23. I have had solid luck with Loot busts. Drag them into Chitu, slice, print, and done. Other Patreons, I usually support everything myself. I have gotten lazy lately with a couple that I got lucky on and they worked, but often, even from the same Patreon, as usually there is a team doing the supports, I'd say I'm usually 50-50 success rate if I use the presupported stuff. I usually put throw up a movie I've seen 100 times already to keep my brain from melting or some good tunes and just do the supports myself. I'm pretty sure I go overboard with them, but the prints are, more often than not, ok.
  24. Of the many busts I’ve printed/purchased lately, this one won out on the priority list. Basecoats and metallics are a mix of acrylics (Reaper and Vallejo) and then a ton of layered oils with some subsequent acrylic highlights again. Painted the eyes very faintly and then “washed them out” to give them that milky look but I feel I went too far as the iris/pupils are pretty much gone. Otherwise, I’m quite happy with him other than the missed support nubs inside his “crown” that will taunt me forever. Thanks for looking.
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