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  1. I love gnolls! As soon as you put the spots on and the dark around the muzzle this mini went straight to awesome.
  2. Since this is a mini-centric crowd, it may be worth pointing out, the designers have backed down from hard plastic (HIPS) in favor of preassembled PVC. A boon to some and a curse to others. I'm personally a little disappointed, but not going to let it scare me away just yet.
  3. Those bandages came out really nice for the minimal work put into them!
  4. Ax Factions new release in series 3, "The Hunted", the Minotaur! Definitely a different take on the Minotaur with the less bovine face, but it still looks the part. Alternately, I could see one painted up as a devil of some sort... probably smashing my Pathfinder party to death. Probably going on my "get list".
  5. Am I the only one too ADD to make sense of this campaign? They have the same concept art in two different places, one it's a passed stretch goal, in another it is a upcoming stretch goal with a higher required goal... and $200 for 20 free minis.... or some such? Isn't that 20 minis for $10 each? Or are those on top of another $200 worth of minis you actually are paying for? I like their concepts, but I was hoping they would learn a bit about how to communicate after their first KS. I know I'll miss out on a good deal, but I may wait for retail so I can just point and click what I want without having to use my secret decoder ring.
  6. Well, if you're brave enough to go in on another KS for Myth, they'll give you the hardcopy of the new rules... the KS for expansions starts next week (I think) and they've said there will be a below cost level for folks who just want the updated rules/cards to try to make the game playable*.. Not sure how I feel as the minis are kinda neat, but the game thus far is too much trouble to bother with. Also, still no minis here in TX. *italics are my addition to the sentence.
  7. I can't speak to these particular minis, but I can offer a bit of advise that may help. First, I've had some Bones minis that didn't fit well. Sometimes trimming the end of the 'tab' part of the joint a little shorter makes it fit better into the receptacle. Second, get some very hot, almost boiling water and dip the pieces in for a few seconds. This will usually cause the pieces to resume their intended shape which may make somethings fit together better, and may make it more obvious which tentacles go where in the case of the kraken. I would imagine pieces like the tentacles suffer some warp and misshape that makes them hard to even compare to box art. Good luck!
  8. Awesome work! Love the wings on the Raster, and the dryad is quite nice too. On a semi-related note, I opened the last 'new releases' email from Reaper at work and was clicking through the pictures.. bewbs. It would be nice if they would put a NSFW on those links since, like these forums, my work is a family environment. Well, it is when I'm working from home anyway.
  9. I live in the Dallas Forth Worth area. DFW always seems a lot closer to where the con is held. That said, I'd fly into the airport where you get the best deal so you have more money to spend of fun stuff.
  10. You know, that is a factor I had not considered... I have an antique table... Thanks ! Dice Tower!
  11. I think they are doing free world-wide shipping.
  12. This is similar in concept to a game I've been tinkering with. I'm sorry it's not going well for them, but I'm glad to know how low the interest is before I tinker myself too far in that direction.
  13. Are they balanced? Why does the spinning GIF image on the KS page seem to change where the sides are, optical illusion? I swear the six is only opposite the 1 on every other spin around. Other than the above concerns, they look cool. EDIT: First update and FAQ confirms, NOT balanced. I don't see any mention of which side is specifically heavier though.
  14. There have been more regular updates on on this one. Apparently Ed is now in possession of all the bits needed to Troll-cast this beast... well, except for bits of time I'm sure! Better late than pregnant as they say. I'm still excited about this... hope springs eternal after all.
  15. Thanks guys! It's shaping up to be a great one as I just got word I can pick up my Bones!
  16. Email from the Stiltz just a bit ago... local pick up ready! I may have bones by dark! EDIT: Also, it's my birthday... so happy birthday to me!
  17. I hope everyone followed the rules and picked the last wave like I did. :) Looking forward to making a trip up there when you tell me it is OK. I must have missed the rule about last wave? I'm still wave 2 but local pickup? I thought all the local pickups were bumped to wave one some time back? I really need more unpainted minis sooner rather than later you know!?! I am only 30 minutes from Reaper... it would be a chance to get a tiny box out of the way pretty quickly. Just saying.
  18. I'm locked and loaded... well... not loaded. Though I do have some rum at the house. Hopefully my address will be picked quickly; HOLD FOR PICKUP DO NOT SHIP Fort Worth, TX 76244
  19. See, ok, there's all these rings right? But then there's this one ring that controls all the other rings. Halflings have seized the master ring and must take it on a long journey to a pawn shop located in a faraway volcano... Of course, Orcs and worse are looking to mug the halflings and take the ring (and any biscuits the halflings have) for themselves. You could certainly add subplots with a party member being of noble birth or some such, but it really isn't necessary as long as the halflings know they must get to the pawn shop. Returning isn't a big part of the story and can be explained away by being given a lift home by giant frogs, or birds if you are in to that kind of thing. Party size should be about 9, not all must be halflings, but they must be capable of fellowship so mixing dwarves and elves in the party may be a stretch. Oh, and you'll probably need a wizard. If the wizard dies I'd recommend bumping him up a few levels and bringing him back via miraculous plot device. May sound silly, but you'll need the wizard to prod the halflings or the story will be one long meal with no real adventuring to speak of.
  20. I see the Oatmeal guy already has an understanding of how Kickstarter works... http://theoatmeal.com/blog/kickstartmart
  21. If I was interested in exploding kittens, I'd blow up the real ones. One word, population control. Seriously... 2+ million already? I'm missing something...
  22. My total wasn't too high. And, I'm local pickup.... might be a great test candidate since you can test without bothering with shipping labels... just saying.
  23. I really need to break out my Counterblast figures. I've got some super ideas for the ones with the bubble helmets. Also... did you guys know that Patrick Keith is working on some 15mm scale stuff? Even tinier stuff to make my eyes cross trying to paint!
  24. Nice work! Lots of good ideas to steal.... I'd have never thought to shade that green with purple, but I sure do like it.
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