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  1. Thanks for the advice. These sound like plausible plans. At just $2 I think it's a fine excuse to try to figure out what works for the problem, since I don't think it is going to be a isolated issue for this product line. Any narrow, relatively free floating, feature on the models is going to have the potential for this problem. I expect reaper will have some general advice on it in the near future (if they don't have somethign already). -Tom
  2. I am prepping a bones figurine: "male human warrior". The only one in stock at the store had the sword laterally curved to about 30 degrees off center. I was able to find one site that mentioned about them addressing this issue. The author indicated he heated the mini in hot water and then held the offending portion in the desired position while transfering the fig into cold water. So far, I have done this twice. I put the fig in the hottest water I could get from a tap. After about a minute I corrected the sword's positon and held it in a ice bath. It does seem to stay at the correct angle for a while, but eventually creeps back into the previous position. Does any one have thoughts on what else could be done to get the sword to come to rest in the correct position? I would just, from now on, refrain from purchasing any figs with bent parts but none of us will have that luxury when it comes to the kickstart figs.
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