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  1. I'm in again. Norman, Oklahoma No to international shipping No to starting a box.
  2. Conan snake on Reaper 3 inch round base.
  3. A possible alternate suggestion for the bard's instrument is a sanxian like this.
  4. Rebel Minis has a goblin henchmen pack with a miner, a porter, and a lantern bearer. Also happens to be sculpted by the same sculptor (Bobby Jackson) as well.
  5. Pics of what I took. Some pieces from Massive Darkness. Three martians, an unknown fishman and two Buck Rodgers figures. A partial draconian, paladin with halberd, barbary sword master, GW undead horse, and a reaper Daimyo samurai. Grenadier air elemental, monk, paladin, wight, night hag, wererat and armored barbarian. Sabertooth cerberus missing two heads, GW gryph head and wings from 14234: Guardian Beast. And finally what will be my first bust.
  6. The lady on the left is 01524: ReaperCon Sophie 2014 . So she is also missing her wings.
  7. Pics of what I took. Wood display base, cork and wood pieces. Moss, two types of flock, plastic I beam, wooden knife. Gold rocks, sand, blue glass, resin snail, two gears, skull and spine bits, glass ball & 3 bases.
  8. @Pingo The two unknown archers are Persians from Warlord Games Hail Caesar.
  9. From a kickstarter board game called King Down.
  10. I'm in. Norman, OK No to starting. Don't have much supplies will add what I can.
  11. This is what was waiting for me in the mail box today. My wife ordered them last week after I just happened to find them for sale when trying to find pictures of the verminites to show her. Kaladrax is just a bonus that she knows I've wanted for a while.
  12. Reaper bases that Ebonwrath would fit on are not available yet. There are 3 large round bases in the preview gallery that would work showing a December release. The kickstarter pledge manager shows 3 oval bases that would work of an unknown release date.
  13. That base will be to small. My Ebonwrath is mounted slightly diagonally on a 100mm x 50mm rectangle base. The back most foot is at the edge of the base and there is only 5mm of space to the edge from the front most foot.
  14. Primary and secondary base coat colors roughly blocked in on both dragons. Ebonwrath Kryphrixis
  15. Dragons assembled and primed with liners. Not sure what I'm going to do with the bases yet, maybe something will come to me as the dragons take shape. Paints for Kryphrixis should arrive soon possibly tomorrow. So on to base coating Ebonwrath.
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