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  1. Two nights in a row Mom woke me up.... She's got post nasal drip and coughing and wants someone to sit up with her. Last night my sister came over and sat with her so I was able to get some sleep.
  2. Thank you both! I want to try painting an ocean scape next. My spouse wants me to do a swamp painting and sneak in Yoda's hut. 🤣
  3. Just ordered mine. Now to go to sleep, I have work in the morning.
  4. Oil on Canvas, following Bob Ross Season 13 Episode 9 "Emerald Waters".
  5. Spent my lunch break priming canvases with gesso, hope to do some oil painting when I get some time off of work... now back to the salt mines.
  6. Hugs are welcome! I've not had a place to set up for mini painting and I miss it.... I'm hopefully going to change that soon, but life has been kicking my broccoli. Thankfully fanfic writing requires very little space or equipment, so I've had /some/ creative outlet.
  7. Still alive. Still under medical isolation. Missing reapercon and depressed over it, so thought I'd say hi here...
  8. My order arrived Friday! Spent re-arranging the craft room and starting to go through my order. So far all I'm missing is Sophie's Lucky dice.
  9. Wisdom teeth aren't for many more years, and those make you cranky too!
  10. That's my plan for my days off. I'm working from home now, thank goodness.
  11. Grocery stores should make aisle one way, with taped lines on the aisle every six feet to help people maintain safe distance. Mom is still having construction people come to her house, but the company will send only one person per day now. I have little hope of the bathroom getting done and mom being able to get a shower any time soon. May have to use the pool-shower in the back yard if she gets tired of sponge baths. Every time she goes to the one handicap accessible bathroom, the one in my bedroom, it wakes me up; She goes minimum 3 times a night,
  12. If you have a pull at your local comic book store, call them up if they're open. Tell them that it's ok to charge your credit card for whatever is in your pullbox, and you'll pick it up when things clear up in your area. A lot of small businesses are struggling right now.
  13. So... Mom has had to let at least one of her caregivers go. The woman came in on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but her other job is working at HR Block. In the office. Which she is still doing. Meeting with a half dozen people a day. So mom told her she couldn't take the risk, and told me she'd be fine alone... I'm spending every night at Mom's and drove home to work from home 3 blocks away, she'd be fine. Ha. She didn't even make it to my first break before having an anxiety attack, so I had to use may break to run to her house and setup there. With the noise from the bathroom construction in the background. Ah well, at least the construction workers are keeping their distance from mom...
  14. I finally get to work from home... my sister doesn't. So she's not allowed to visit mom, and I've moved in with mom full time. Life is going to be rough for a bit.
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