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  1. My order arrived Friday! Spent re-arranging the craft room and starting to go through my order. So far all I'm missing is Sophie's Lucky dice.
  2. Wisdom teeth aren't for many more years, and those make you cranky too!
  3. That's my plan for my days off. I'm working from home now, thank goodness.
  4. Grocery stores should make aisle one way, with taped lines on the aisle every six feet to help people maintain safe distance. Mom is still having construction people come to her house, but the company will send only one person per day now. I have little hope of the bathroom getting done and mom being able to get a shower any time soon. May have to use the pool-shower in the back yard if she gets tired of sponge baths. Every time she goes to the one handicap accessible bathroom, the one in my bedroom, it wakes me up; She goes minimum 3 times a night,
  5. If you have a pull at your local comic book store, call them up if they're open. Tell them that it's ok to charge your credit card for whatever is in your pullbox, and you'll pick it up when things clear up in your area. A lot of small businesses are struggling right now.
  6. So... Mom has had to let at least one of her caregivers go. The woman came in on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but her other job is working at HR Block. In the office. Which she is still doing. Meeting with a half dozen people a day. So mom told her she couldn't take the risk, and told me she'd be fine alone... I'm spending every night at Mom's and drove home to work from home 3 blocks away, she'd be fine. Ha. She didn't even make it to my first break before having an anxiety attack, so I had to use may break to run to her house and setup there. With the noise from the bathroom construction in the background. Ah well, at least the construction workers are keeping their distance from mom...
  7. I finally get to work from home... my sister doesn't. So she's not allowed to visit mom, and I've moved in with mom full time. Life is going to be rough for a bit.
  8. I spent today picking, peeling, seeding, and freezing loquats. So much work for so little fruit, they're mostly seed. (ok, I also ate a LOT of them. Checking quality.)
  9. Stores have no way of telling hoarder from legitimate shopper. I've heard more than one person comment that they were worried about being mistaken for a hoarder just because they needed something, usually toilet paper.
  10. So my department of 18 (crammed into a tiny office and sharing 12 desks) is finally going to let some people work from home! 5 people. Two of whom will be supervisors. So we will only be 15 people crammed into a tiny office, time sharing desks. Today however was my highest score yet on the mental game I play with myself. I call it the cough-on-management game.
  11. I am in my first 90 days of the job.... so no sick days, no excused absences, if I miss more than 3 days I'm automatically terminated. And they're refusing to allow anyone to work from home. Since there are no assigned seats, I'm making it a point of taking a desk as close to the managers or supervisors as possible when I arrive in the morning. And yes, I turn my head that direction when I cough. And yes, if I get a fever I will be still going to work because they are NOT offering work from home and NOT relaxing the attendance policy for the pandemic.
  12. Hubby's corporate office is having half the staff work from home this week, the other half work from home next week. I work in a corporate office for a different company, but work from home has been refused. All must report to work.
  13. Concellation 2020 is running on Facebook, a group for all of us who are missing cons. Pictures from the 'con'... People are tagging themselves in them, I think I'm in the second one. ;)
  14. Time for bed... since I don't have sick days, and I don't have an assigned desk, if I get the flu or corvid19 I plan on sitting next to the managers desk and turning my head their direction when I cough. Sister is flying back early from New Orleans. Wish she had skipped vacation all together. All well....
  15. No panic buying in my circles but I live in hurricane territory. There are two kinds of people, those who just keep a months supply of dry goods on hand, buying when on sale and rotating stock, and those you see at Publix the day before the hurricane hits fighting over the last of the bottled water. Seriously, I just wait until pasta, canned veggies, sauce, etc are BOGO and get two for the price of one. Take a marker and write the expiration date on the top. Put the stuff that expires first towards the front. Do it a little at a time and it lessens the economic pinch. And if you lose your job, well, you eat through your reserve until you get a new job.
  16. So tired. The new job is rough, and no work from home. Not now, not likely ever. Let's hope coronavirus doesn't hit my office...
  17. I live! I also have a new job that is keeping me busy, but it is good to be employed again.
  18. See, this is where I think the 'chronoscope' expansions go wrong (stick with me here). Chronoscope is Reaper's 'everything not fantasy' line, and a lot was said about how it was the poorest selling expansion in Bones IV. But Bones IV had Lost Valley.: Prehistoric figures, Not fantasy, therefore: Chronoscope. Bones 3 had Mythos expansion.. once again not fantasy, therefore: Chronoscope. But neither were lablled as Chronoscope, they were given names that described what was inside. I can't help but wonder if the Bones IV Chronoscope had been a little more tightly themed and named 'Pulp Sci Fi' or 'drive in movie sci fi', would it have done better? Bones V we're back to a scattershot Chronoscope expansion... even more so than Bones IV. And I'm wondering if it will help or hurt? If Mandapur pass had had a pulp adventurer instead of a dwarf, it would be Chronoscope... would a pulp adventurer sold more or less of them? Ravenhome would also be pulp if the adventurer held a gun. Would a set of modern zombies, rednecks, and trailer by itself as an encounter do better or worse than tossing them into the same expansion as steampunk, pulp, and post apocalyptic robots? I'm disappointed that the teased encounter with a model A never happened. Having a pulp encounter (Model A, Mythos Monster, a half dozen humans, and maybe a few small terrain bits such as barrels of bootleg whiskey, piles of tires/crates, and a lamp post or larger bits of crumbling brick walls) and being able to compare how it sold with the Chronoscope expansion sales would be a useful data point.
  19. I need two Buglips minis. One needs to have a tattered Santa's hat.
  20. Yup, it's tieflings. https://forgottenrealms.fandom.com/wiki/Tiefling has a pic if you click on the 2E tab under the pic. I can remember using elf sculpts painted with red skin/black eyes for tieflings.
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