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  1. Put me in for an order..since it was my idea I guess. The thing people are missing here, and this was the main reason I wanted something like this, is that a practice plate has *MORE SURFACE AREA* to practice on then a mini does. The cost to me is negliable(I just dropped $2k on this hobby..lol, $20 isnt much) Its just the availability of such a product. a miniature has aproximatley 1 square inch of surface area to paint on. Where a plate would have 5-10x more to work with. I have tons of minis I can practice on, but I still see this as a better solution for honing my skills early on. Example: Lets say I wanna practice blending a cloak, I could do it on a regular mini, and get...maybe 1 or 2 attempts before I've run out of surface area(I dont consider painting over it an option, as that throws off colors making it hard to judge if you did it right or not) But if there was say.. a pewter plate with lots of cloak-like ripples, I could get 10-20..maybe more attempts in before I had to strip it down and re-prime. Anyways, put me down for some .
  2. So here I am, practicing my blending, layering etc, techniques, when I think.. "well gee..isnt it a real pain in the arse to keep stripping these everytime I screw up well practicing" Reaper ever consider selling just what I'd call a "Pewter Pallete"? Just a bumpy pewter sheet whos sole purpose is to practice on? Prefer something with same consistancy as what I'd normally paint on as opposed to just priming say a piece of wood If ya ever do..first customer here. Discuss, wether this is a good idea or just random stupidity.
  3. Have you tried licking the corrosion off the lead mini? (omg..please dont..lol..sorry couldnt resist)
  4. Mine *is* natural just to note..neat freak ;(
  5. Glad to see its such a popular topic!..see lots of neat setups. and sorry that my obsessive cleanliness offends everyone ;( Makes you feel better I tripped this morning on the desk and like 3 paint bottles fell over...was total chaos.
  6. I searched and didn't see a topic on this, thought it would be interesting to share our workspaces and compare and contrast the enviroments we paint in. Heres mine: Photo 1 Photo 2
  7. That wasnt my intention of implying either. But whenever I make a shading color I typically add one part light blue to 20parts the normal color. Its very subtle but I like the effect still
  8. Its pretty simple, the atmosphere is blue when hit with light(WHY its blue is a whole nother can of worms thats beyond scope of this question ;>), so all the light that hits us here down on earth, is tinted slightly from the atomosphere in blue as it comes down to us. The Reveal/Ott lights use a gas in them thats similar to the effects/coloration of Ozone, without being horribly dangerous/toxic. So that the light from the filiment gets filtered through the gas as it sheds light creating that more "natural sunlight" look and feel.
  9. as some people have suggested..when shading white..its best to use varieties of blue for a more natural look. Afterall..the only color the human eye sees is the two extremes..and everything inbetween in actually a shade of blue. (ever wonder why those ott lites and reveals shed BLUE light but look natural?) ;>
  10. isnt she just as likley to respond if we asked here ;>?
  11. Thats actually a benefit to metallics, a metal not hit by light correctly *doesnt* shine. That said I'm not trying to be argumenative, I already said theres many styles to painting, Im just not fond of the stigma "all metallics/gloss=bad and/or newb" that I see often.
  12. Wish I had a camera to show this off, but I've done similar..I made this most goregous Sky-Blue Metallic color.
  13. Much to my surprise I took to NMM very fast for a beginner, Being a metals worker and formerly an art major I guess lended well to getting that down ;>. That said I have to agree with above poster, I really don't like the look of it in general. It really depends though on how your painting the figure...NMM has a very..I don't wanna say cartoony..but unreal flat look to it.If your painting the whole miniature in a similar fashion, then its appropriate and looks good. Metal Shines and sparkles, similar to many top line metallic paints. This is much more appropriate for a "realism" approach to mini painting, Most well kept swords/armor that are sharpened and polished regulary DO shine with that glossy hint...barebrite copper is a very good example of that. I think the reason NMM is so popular is more because #.1 Its harder to do, not nessicarily better..but has more "prestige" associated with it, thus making it more appealing #.2 a "glossy" look is tended to be frowned upon as far as I can tell in the mini community, even where appropriated, seems like a stigma.
  14. If Reaper offered better containers/bottles, and possibly a thinner variety, I can assure you my next major paint purchase would be a reaper set. I can honestly say I think Reaper has a higher quality product in the actual paints, Unfortunetly you need to combat the competition on thier strong points, not yours. When I made the purchase, for me it was an issue of Near-Same Quality, Vs: Much Greater efficency(which Vallejo definetly wins for the moment..) Simple things like the Eye-Dropper bottles are major things when it comes to purchases , due to ease of use, and as I mentioned above, saving paint. I waste alot less paint then I did even pouring tiny amounts from reaper pots, thus increasing value of the purchase, and the case for the competition. On another hand, having a thinner line helps, People(like me) who live in really high humidity areas often have trouble thinning paints, they tend to Paste up when I add water, as opposed to thinning down. In the future I plan to construct a Climate controlled room with a ventalation shaft to combat this problem, but you can hardly expect that of everyone. My end point not being to glorify Vallejo, but to say Reaper could easily be "the" paint, with just a few changes, and some of the wonderful suggestions of community. (Granted, I have No idea how feasible any changes are from a finanscial Standpoint , but for once Im not the boss, so that doesn't concern me! ha..)
  15. As a beginner, I tried about 9 different brands of paint before settling on one, I use Vallejo Game Colors line. You can defray some of the cost by buying sets. (thewarstore.com has a excellent package, 194.00 for all 60 and 6 vallejo kolinsky brushes) I really just like how thin it is, took me awhile getting used to having to put *more* paint on the brush then I learned to, but I've had such piss poor luck thinning paints out. I always just got horrible blotchy results(Yes, I know why) but even knowing why it was happening , for the life of me I couldn't fix it. So its nice to have a paint that you can use right out of the bottle with little side effect compared to other brands. I also cannot express how great the eyedropper bottles are, 50cents more a bottle for less paint might seem like much, but its gonna last like 5x longer because your not wasting anywhere near as much...
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