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  1. If wanting to do duos and such if I wanted myself and one of my kids to each paint a mini do they need an account to post from?
  2. He is wanting to just fist fight for the most part... so maybe a dagger or something but nothing massive. The face he has in mind is kind of viking warriorish, for the beard and hair... the only thing I can think of is the blacksmith bones mini and another one... barbarian warrior with axe... and cut carefully and do a head change... but I am not the best at that
  3. I have been looking all around Reaper and can't seem to find anything to match my miniature needs. We are starting a pirate campaign and one of my players is going with the new Brawler class from Pathfinder. He is looking for light/no armor, a full beard, and long hair. I have been unable to find much of anything to match well with that. If anyone knows where to find something close I would be greatly appreciative.
  4. Last Knight is correct it's Pathfinder. The game is an evil campaign of 6 books called Way of the Wicked by Fire Mountain Games. Grumblejack the ogre is supposed to be an NPC follower if the party keeps him alive. Later on he can become a half fiend. We have been greatly enjoying the campaign and are a little under halfway through. I just hope that the usual thing doesn't happen this time. Every time I make a mini for a specific character they end up dying. Hoping that once I finish him he will be a terror to behold.
  5. I doubt I can pull off those eye as well. Thanks for the advice though. I will keep working on him.
  6. On the first day of our Way of the Wicked campaign one player did not have his character made. I offered him the chance to play Grumblejack the ogre. He enjoyed playing the ogre so much he asked if he could have him as his PC and I agreed. Now we are on book 3 and Grumblejack is a fiendish ogre with barbarian levels. He is one of three characters still alive from the first game. So I am making him a Grumblejack mini. I am using the Ogre from the Blood of Grummsh D&D minis and would like some feedback on how to finish him up. The skin color right now is Old West Rose (i think). I just want him to come out very evil and such. Just kind of stuck on what to do. Pics are not the best quality.
  7. Watch her very closely. I had red and green paint get onto some stuff. However, I have one of the small kid sized fold out tables for crafts so its usually not bad if they make a mess. I also had to show them how to handle the brush and not to stick it all the way into the paint pots. Other than that and some painted fingers they did pretty good. It was the first time for the youngest three but my oldest also did a mummy a month or two ago when she first asked if she could.
  8. Girl 10, Boy 5, and twins boy and girl 3.
  9. Pulled out some old plastic Hero Quest and Dragon Strike plastic minis and let the kids have fun. My oldest two did the gargoyles in the middle, and my twins did the others. The giant was completely blood red before my little girl asked me to fix it cause it didn't look right. My little boy really likes his all green orc. Really enjoyed it and can't wait till the Bones get here. They will love those.
  10. Thanks for the information all. Just an idea in my head and I have plenty of time to work it out some more. Just helps me think things through when I have some other input. Thanks again.
  11. So my brother is a Huge C'thulhu fan and I went in for the big C. I want to make him something awesome but I'm not sure how to do this exactly. I want to make a diorama where C'thulu is coming up out of the ocean onto a beach with probably a cliff side and have either the Nova Corps or IMEF Marines on the cliff. I am decent at painting but it is the terrain building that has me stumped. Besides adding detail to bases I have never done any of this. How do you all think I should try to tackle this?
  12. Yeah, I would really like to know what size they are going to be. I have the DDM Dracolich so I would prefer to just get the larger of the two. Hopefully I can find out before I cash out my pledge.
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