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  1. lowlylowlycook

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Hmmmm, Reaper has quite a few expansion going at once.
  2. lowlylowlycook

    Terrain for 40K

    Thinking of teaching some terrain making at my FLGS using some craters as the project. Burned down some foam to form them.
  3. lowlylowlycook

    Working up some fantasy terrain

    Eventually I'd like to make a river and I'm thinking that some ponds/swamps might be good practice. Cut out some 1/2" Foam. Then I got out my (perhaps too large) butane torch to burn in some ponds. I think I got a bit close to the edge with these. Some swampy ground with smaller pools of water. Now I'm waiting on both some XPS foam to give these a sturdier base and some resins for the water effects. I guess I should also look into how to make some reeds.
  4. lowlylowlycook

    Cheap and easy ideas for sci-fi bases?

    This might be good for something larger like a Dreadnaught. I like your moonlit night look!
  5. lowlylowlycook

    Cheap and easy ideas for sci-fi bases?

    Just to organize my thoughts: How to advertise and gin up some interest? I guess these could be on the store counter or just on Facebook.: A before and after showing some junk, sprues,etc and then terrain. Actually I could do a Primaris with no basing and then one with basing. Put up a sign "Avoid Heresy! Base your minis! For the Emperor!" Maybe a step by step of a crater being built. Ask for people to bring in their bits box. Or at least a couple weapons or heads. A couple little displays of stuff that may or may not get used on the day: Various tools that could be used for terrain. knives, various useful glues, hot glue gun, spatulas, sponges Various materials that could be used for terrain. Foam, sand, kitty litter, spackle, flock, cork bark, etc. Various Paints. Craft paint, house paint spray paint, some brushes. If I had some small jars I could give away some house paint. Some things for making bases: Sci-Fi:Cork,sand, scatter that's being discussed in this thread, etc. Green Field: Grit, Flock and maybe some tufts Some terrain that people could make: Bushes made from rubberized horse hair glued to a washer and then flocked (should be a decent start to making trees) Rocks (Probably bits of dried spackle that I broke up. Or I might have some big bits of gravel that could be used) Craters(These could be finished either with flock or with some of this thread's sci-fi ideas)
  6. lowlylowlycook

    Cheap and easy ideas for sci-fi bases?

    Just another idea, I've got some bits of cardboard, coffee insulators actually, that could make pieces of corrugated metal.
  7. lowlylowlycook

    Cheap and easy ideas for sci-fi bases?

    Good point. I know that at least one person that bought the Citadel basing paint, but I have some texture medium and of course you could just use some sand. As far as I know, this store hasn't tried stocking the GW sand or PVA yet. @Inarah: some of that sounds a little advanced for the target audience. I do really like the idea of bits of wire, sprue, etc. as debris. I have some wire mesh that I used to make some chain link fence a while back, I guess that could be used as well. The more I think on it the more I like it. It serves the exact purpose of replacing the tufts and rocks that get added to fantasy/historical minis. Do you just twist the sprues with pliers or do you heat them a bit? In other news, I'm thinking that the main bits of terrain we'll try and make will be some craters. Not too small, not too big and just a little sci-fi. Plus the store needs some.
  8. I'm thinking about getting some people together at my FLGS so we can share basing and terrain ideas and also maybe some tutorials for people that have yet to get around to basing anything or really do any terrain. One problem is that basing and terrain often takes a lot of drying time so I'll have to be prepared to, old cooking show style, whisk out the bases they've just put grit down on and replace them with bases ready for paint. The second problem, and one I'll need help with, is that most people here play 40K and while 40K battles could take place on a grassy field or whatever, they often don't. You can make decent concrete with cork sheeting and maybe some asphalt by mixing some grit into some clay. But I'm concerned that even those won't be easy to do if, as is likely, people have already glued their models onto their bases. Any ideas for some cheap, easy, not too bad looking and maybe even fun to do? It's not like I'm asking for much...
  9. lowlylowlycook

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    But totally worth it since it makes these old knees feel new.
  10. lowlylowlycook

    Water Effects?

    Yeah, I just meant that I could do the pour and then the fumes wouldn't be bothering anyone. There are plenty of windows and fans up there. Thanks for the warning.
  11. I've got my mind set on doing some rivers and on the way to that, I'm going to do some swamps/ponds. Then I'll do some dry riverbeds and then finally the rivers. What do people recommend for the water itself? I'm thinking of buying this stuff, if it's the same as what Luke'sAPS uses then it should be self leveling and take a bit of paint or ink to tint it. It's supposed to smell but I have an over garage work shop to contain that.
  12. lowlylowlycook

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Not a bad idea
  13. lowlylowlycook

    Chinese PLA force

    I think that prior to this there was one company that made a blister or two. Recently Pendraken released some 10mm figures for it. It really is the forgotten war even for wargamers.
  14. lowlylowlycook

    Ethiopian Terrain: need help

    Drybrushed these volcanic plugs.