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  1. Garlic is poking through the mulch. I went ahead and platted some cool weather crops and a few things indoors. Given the temps today that was perhaps preemature.
  2. A pic I took of the paints I used for my future reference
  3. Some Reaper sculpts getting a base coat Still thinking about how to integrate Nienna's paint scheme (on the painting handle) with these others. If nothing else these bones black elves are a lot more enjoyable to paint en mass than a bunch of original bones minis would have been.
  4. This is the second half of the archer unit almost done.
  5. More beach painting. Some archers have had their armor drybrushed: And some painting done on 1/2 of them:
  6. Painting some minis at the beach: Batch 1 Batch 2 about 1/2 done:
  7. The metal is nice enough but the cloak, tunic and face are quite quite good.
  8. But if you survive, think of the stories you can tell your grandkids!
  9. Yeah, that's an interesting and nice color scheme.
  10. Anyone have experience printing OnePageRules Terrain? Is it set up more for resin printing than for FDM?
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