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  1. Yeah, I also had the idea that a bigger printer might be nice for terrain but it was an easy decision at that price.
  2. My mom get's some refrigerated medicine about once a month and these last two they've missed the delivery window completely and have stopped asking for signatures. This last time the driver said that they prioritize medicine and that other packages he had weren't going to make it that day. It must be crazy. For other meds we've been using a local pharmacy. It isn't quite as convenient but they will definitely make sure she gets what she needs. Hopefully you don't see any more delays.
  3. Well the pledge for two CR-6 SEs is less than for one CR-6 SEs Max.
  4. You can dig the tomatoes in deeper and the stem will put out more roots. It might help them to recover.
  5. So can you guys give a newb some advice about which add-ons I might want for the CR6-S3E? I think the Enclosure is for certain types of filiment that need a controlled temp, is it the same with the PEI Build Plate
  6. Less than 5 min to liftoff. I'm getting slightly nervous.
  7. Yes but you can't fertilize your garden with bike droppings. Speaking of which, lettuce production has finally dipped to one salad per person per day which is nice. On the other hand, the other morning I chased off a couple deer so I'll have to increase diligence as far as closing the garden gate.
  8. I find that a nice chocolate brown base coat makes for a more appetizing pie. Also I think you need to stick a few tufts into the crevices of that grassy hill.
  9. Nice conversion and paint job on that shield.
  10. Currently nuking my internets because I decided I wanted to play Total Warhammer II and Total Warhammer decided that it wanted a 5.1 GB "update".
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