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  1. It's a little windy here in SW Florida and the sun and 80 F can kind of take it out of you. Where do I go to lodge my complaints?
  2. According to the North Star newsletter this is an Osprey space ship game by the writer of Gaslands. Color me intrigued.
  3. Have you checked out the One Page Rules skirmish games?
  4. Well if you were going to make terrain for Stargrave, you could do worse than buying some of the Maelstrom's Edge terrain sprues.
  5. Apparently this is a tease of the plastics:
  6. Mine was one of the packages that was sent by UPS instead of RM. I had to keep reminding myself that if I had the PDF I couldn't possibly have left the pledge manager unfinished.
  7. Really nice report. I'm not sure if this was a mistake or if there was a new turn in between but the Grenadier squad that shot it's panzerfausts and blew up the Sherman shouldn't have been able to go down.
  8. Maybe they resist fire until they get to 1/2 hp then they take double damage from it.
  9. I have no idea about their rules but the Stained Glass golem from the Kickstarter came immediately to mind.
  10. Hmmmmmm, my CR-6 is apparently clogged and I cant pull the filament back out even at 230 degrees. I guess it's time to finally learn something.
  11. This doesn't sound a million miles away from the Escalation Die in 13th age. There the PCs get a bonus to hit that goes up every round. Since it's a central mechanic it can, say modify or limit, character abilities and also unusual monsters might manipulate the die.
  12. Unless the slicer is able to take advantage of more than one execution thread then i3 vs i7 shouldn't be a huge deal. [after googling] Kind of surprised me but apparently at least CURA is well optimized for parallel execution so more recent CPUS with more cores will be much faster. But yeah, since the slicing isn't in real time it just depends on how long you want to wait.
  13. I was holding out for Adrift having ordered 3 books and thus had 3 mini-mels. I shudder to think what use they would bet on the table.
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