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  1. Apparently battery chainsaws are getting popular even among professionals since they are so much easier for quick little jobs that come up.
  2. I'd like to finish any terrain build within my lifetime so I doubt I'd try to recreate that building but I do like the idea of a wedge shaped building as far as making things a bit interesting tactically. May have to make one.
  3. Well now I've found the tree support option so that's something. Now will come some experiments. Thanks guys.
  4. No one can say you give up easily! How much time and need for tools would the complete kit have saved you?
  5. So this is another support problem I'm having When I printed this guy his hull came out very nice but the legs were encased in supports carbonite style. Should I remove the legs to print separately?
  6. The only downside I see is that the wrist will probably be exposed in the final model. Maybe I could split it into two prints cut at the wrist then glue them together. I guess supports are a bit of mystery to me since sometimes they pull away easily and reveal top notch detail behind them, and other times I end up damaging a model trying to even remove them.
  7. So I'd like to print this hand for a dread claw (tm) conversion I'm doing for a friend, but am unsure how to handle the support issue. When I did a scaled down test print the volume between the base and the palm was full of support that wasn't easy to remove. I fixed that by clipping the hand off the base after which the support structure surprisingly easily. The full sized print is going to take a while so I'd like a bit of advice. Some ideas that occur to me: 1) Just print on the base then clip the hand off as before 2) Remove the base bef
  8. Yeah, it even had the file I was testing under "open recent". So if I'm thinking about getting a second bed should I just look for another glass bed like the CR-6 came with or should I look more into the spring steel magnetic stuff?
  9. Apparently the new version of the Creality Slicer wants me to learn Portuguese and also crashes every time I "eject" the SD card. Guess it's time to check out Cura.
  10. Working on this again though probably will be playing them as IG in 40k. Need advice. Is it wrong to want to build a walker version of the Armadillo Mk III that warlord sells?
  11. After many months, I finally got around to unclogging my printer. I ended up needing to replace the bowden tube and I went ahead and put on a new nozzle. Printing a Benchy just now to make sure I didn't mess anything up.
  12. Just noticed that there is a set of plastic "Wild West" minis for Dead Man's Hand. I would be very interested in knowing how compatible they are with the Stargrave sets.
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