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  1. Well in California you should have quite a few options. In other news, lettuce and radishes are starting to grow. Seemes I had real bad luck with spinach and peas germinating I only see the occasional plant of either. It was pretty wet and cold until now. Ethiopian Kale did good, other kales only OK. Weeds quite vigorous. Put in my tomato plants, peppers and various herbs.
  2. Haha. Did not expect a tutorial on how to make it. You must have the most expensive trees in wargaming history but also the happiest daughter.
  3. Finally got around to pledging. Whole world/china/shipping situation told my brain that even pledging is irrational. Heart said "But it's Reaper!".
  4. Yeah, the long winter of neglect is coming to an end. Cleared out junk and planted some lettuce, spinach, radishes and various kales. Last years kale did not survive like it did last winter. As far as I know last winter was more severe but what would I know I was in Florida. Also the garlic that I planted last fall is coming up so the seed saving was a success.
  5. Might well be easier for you to fill in a small insert or cut down a bigger one than for Reaper to make molds for every 5mm of base size. Warlord makes them to put prone shooters on. They are quite flat with no real sides.
  6. Interesting. I was just playing Star Wars: The Old Republic and wondered if there were files out there to do and Old Republic force for Legion.
  7. Yeah it's somewhat frustrating how many medicines have drowsiness as a side effect and how hard it is to deal with long term sleep issues.
  8. Anyone playing this? A while ago one of my gaming buddies bought a copy and since I had picked up a few random cars with this game in mind, I jumped in. It's taken off at my store and it seems that the low cost of entry and the instant fun (we've spent more time trying to get to the first gate than anything else) makes for a good way to tempt people away from 40k. Maybe it's just that we are still learning but so far it seems a bit like Bolt Action in that, despite being simple enough, it's surprising how long a game takes. Finally one of the players just showed off his port-a-potty transport truck and I, for one, am jealous.
  9. Another month another paint n take! Some first time paint jobs .
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