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  1. Threw some paint on a few things including this big guy.
  2. Found set of printable bits to use a spool as sci-fi terrain. But it's actually pretty chunky so it used a bit of filament.
  3. Yeah, the idea of the tape caught my eye because some plastics are just beyond my gluing skills.
  4. Start a thread for a group paint of some racy minis?
  5. Added a rust wash ala Erick's Hobby Workshop to a bunch of stuff. Pay no attention to the over chipped hut in the back.
  6. If the squirrels start breaking into my house and stealing prints off my bed just before they ripen finish, I'm not going to be amused.
  7. I had a bit of a feeling that I wanted two printers, basically one to tinker with and one for production or like you say one for big jobs and one for greebles. But we both have just got printers and I feel that in the long term multiple printers would produce too much stuff to store, let alone paint.
  8. The alien kind of looks like a conversion of one of Mantic's elves. Maybe ground down a helmet then swapped in arms off of their first, terribly proportioned Basilians? You can imagine a sprue with low grav and high grav mutant bodies.
  9. It would probably have been better for my heart's health if I hadn't noticed that Velveeta boxes would make the perfect start for some containers.
  10. Got some new spray paints from a local HW store. Some Rustoleum "Chalked" Blue. Not cheap but one of the few shades I thought would be good for the non-industrial buildings. Fine textured dark brown The texture is more obvious in person and I think works really well for a rusty industrial look. Even with the Polyshades primer and this textured spray just a tad of the 3D printed texture on the pipe bend on top shows through.
  11. A raised (using a rebar mesh char) chemical tank an the "other half" quanset hut I've also "primed" most of what I've built with Polyshades so I might get to painting some today.
  12. This video is about painting with a shaky hand or tremors but it seems to me that if you set up Brick or Ms. Brick in a position that forced good posture then you would be locked into that posture to a degree. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqp76vAJu9g Just a thought.
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