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  1. A friend of mine has had a Photon Mono for well over a year without using it so I went to his house today to get him going. Things learnt: Maybe a giant crocodile wearing spiky armor and wielding giant spiky maces isn't the best model to use while explaining how to add supports manually. Make the first print one of those very thin exposure tests because.... You should really make sure that you take off any protective plastic film that in inexplicably stuck on your build plate before printing. Second print went better so hopefully he is on the way to printing some minis and I did have what I thought was a good idea in bringing an unwashed build plate so he could start using the wash and cure while we waited for that first print.
  2. That's when you learn what your doctor really thinks about you.
  3. From top to bottom: Neat Xpress, Mixed with 50% xpress medium, applied over gloss nuln oil (how I prefer to use Contrast) Plasma Red still seems dubious for any kind of one coat use.
  4. My thoughts were split between this and the fact that I don't even like painting under magnification because it diminishes my sense of depth.
  5. Picked up some of Vallejo's Xpress paints with the idea of using them on some of these guys. Here they are painted over some Vallejo grey primer: Most of those except for the red seem at least usable. What seems like the next experiment: diluting with Xpress medium or trying to put down some nuln oil first?
  6. "I'm not dead yet" "What do you mean, I've got your brain right here." "Don't need it do I?"
  7. Besides One Page Rules are there any other sculptors I should loot at for bases?
  8. Doesn't he need a minstrel buddy that follows him around and plays the Jaws theme?
  9. Going to try and make some craters to match this set of ruins. I'm using some plastic signs to provide the rigidity so these can be put on some thin e-pvc and keep them low to the table overall.
  10. Those guys can eat a tomato plant right quick. Looks more like the deer got in than a few admittedly large catapillars.
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