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  1. That's great news since they are too nice not to be available. I'm not sure I'd call those elves 32mm though.
  2. Yeah, I've always loved the Kroot. Yours are looking ace.
  3. Normally I'm at my brother's house for Thanksgiving so this is a bit odd cooking a big meal in our kitchen here. Butterflied turkey drying in the fridge Stuffing ready to go under the turkey Cranberry sauce with orange zest done. Turkey back and neck simmering. Now to think about how to get potatoes and kale done at the same time when I have one largish pot. Probably need to parboil the kale early and then sautee it at the last minute.
  4. Have you looked into Mice and Mystics?
  5. Apparently Woot is having a sale on Ender 3 pros.
  6. Anandtech used to do nice reviews of budget phones but I'm not sure where the best place to learn what's at least decent these days. [Edit] They just put up their current recommended list and they suggest Moto G Power in the US and Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro outside the US.
  7. Well here in a small town, we've just started our first wave so yeah us! I wonder how much is the general quarantine and how much is people no longer deciding to drag themselves into work when they are feeling not so great.
  8. So apparently the blank masks come from Dark Eldar reavers. The wyches have a pair of similar helments on the sprue. They seem to be in fairly high demand.
  9. As a fellow washer user, something I do on deeper bases (mostly 40k minis) is use clay to fit in between the base and the washer to make the washer flush with the bottom of the base.
  10. A friend asked if I knew where to get hemets like these Anyone have ideas?
  11. This morning power went out due to some strong winds. Just went on.
  12. I think you have the ratio backwards as it's $1.30 or so per mini. And yeah, if you want/need even a majority of what's in any core set or expansion they are good values even at twice the original price.
  13. If you look at the support (which I shouldn't have added, I guess) all the way to the right of the pic you can see the huge shift in the print. I seriously doubt this thing came loose so I'm not sure how this happened.
  14. It's a remnant of a volcano. I'm not a geologist but as I understand it it's a mixture of a solidified magma left over when other rock erodes away and that same magma being pushed up by pressure from below. This one is called "God's Finger" in Ethiopia.
  15. Printed out some Axumite stelae, both upright and fallen. Had to take a hacksaw to the models to break them up because the 3D file for this gives wonky results when modified.
  16. Earlier, Reaper was sending out emails with encoded info for the community to solve.
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