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  1. Another positive experience with GDF. Played a game at our usual time and then managed to get in a learning game with a player that's way more into customizing looted vehicles for his orcs than learning rules upon rules. Even with the late start and him needing to put together a list they got in a full 1000 pt game.
  2. Add some jets/rockets to that airstream!
  3. Made the second one (I ended up breaking the molds to get these out) then cleaned them up a bit. Kind of debating how much detail to add to these
  4. Some months later.... My custom plaster shaker to remove bubbles: Those weights are holding down a chunk of insulation foam to keep the weight down. No bubbles but I'm not sure that styrofoam makes a perfect mold.
  5. Apparently I need to start spending more time on these forums again. These are amazing.
  6. Again with the Paint n Takes! This time I had all 9 lamps being used at one time so I think in total there were 11 or so attendees which might be a record for me. Some fist time paint jobs knight was known as Sir knight of the order of reluctance since the third friend wasn't that enthusiastic about painting. Hellhound was painted by a patient 6 year old girl. Some returning painters
  7. Another paint n take! Better attendance this month even though the weather was very nice and not furnace like. All of these are either first minis or very close to that. In my experience the main thing new painters need is patience.
  8. Just a minute ago I saw a squirrel climbing one of our trees with a remains of a quite large tomato. If I wasn't laughing I'd be crying.
  9. This seems to be taking off a bit at my local store. Everyone that's played agrees that its better than 40K so hopefully we get a good critical mass of players going. What I really like is how quickly you get a game in. Yesterday I had time to unpack and set up terrain, help a new player make a list, decide to up the points because Grey Knights and Custodes are hella expensive even when renamed, had a player take off to bring his girlfriend home from work because her ride fell through and then pack my terrain back up. Never felt rushed in the slightest. This despite running a three way battle on a big table with two players on their first game (I need at least one more set of Bolt Action dice so we could go 4 way). I'm sure that once we get a bit of practice we should be able to get two games in which should accommodate people that can't get over to the store early quite nicely.
  10. Yeah both the mat and the docs are real nice.
  11. So I have some packaging from a coffee grinder that has a very interesting shape but on the inside. Is there anything that would stop me from doing a plaster casting inside styrofoam?
  12. Garlic harvest was maybe a few weeks delayed from the ideal time.
  13. Not dirt cheap but I like Maelstrom's Edge terrain sprues for this kind of thing. By using other bits and bobs you could stretch them out pretty far. The biggest problem with the granny grating is that it doesn't glue down well. Ideally, you'd cut some windows cut bigger pieces of grating and then glue down a cardboard frame to make a kind of sandwhich.
  14. Some garden pics: Garlic and Tomatoes. Herbs in the near bit: In the back, Kale and cherry tomatoes, Foreground are peppers in cloth containers which are doing much better than previous attempts in the ground or plastic containers. The trash can is occasionally filled with water so I can dunk a watering can instead of run out the hose when just a few plants need a drink. Okra in front beans behind there and cucumbers on the trellis in the far corner. In the corners are some small zucchini plants that are behind schedule because I accidentally planted some cucumbers in those spots. This guys wings are seriously not large enough for flight... A sunset:
  15. If these were from GW's line then paining the eyes was no small feat. Well, quite small, actually.
  16. Another paint n take. A first time painter went with this coversion by paint: Some of my younger participants seem to be getting a bit more patient: Not sure these were done when I too this pic:
  17. One friend had something come up so I played instead of just running the game. Even with it being a first game and given we did use the Bolt Action dice pull for activations, a1000pts game went quick. As to @Werkrobotwerk's advice, I would say that 2+ armor saves mean a hell of a lot more than they do in modern 40k. Good time was had by all. My friend was certainly turned from a bit skeptical towards evangelizing GDR to anyone standing nearby. "Look at these rules" "They have an army builder and it's free" "They put your special rules on the sheet", etc. etc. Haven't looked at this. As a Kings of War fan how would your compare it?
  18. I'm going to try and get my 40k playing friends into this today. It's got to be better even if I don't understand why wounds and melee ability have to be special rules instead of stats. Is 1000pts a good intro level?
  19. Pureed garlic scapes make a nice flavor enhancer for broccoli-cauliflower soup. That is all.
  20. Forgot to mention that my local farm/rural store never got seed potatoes so I put some grocery store potatoes in some containers on the off chance they'd sprout. Just my luck that I didn't have any already sprouted spuds in the pantry.
  21. Beans, Zucchini , and cucumbers are sprouting. Lettuce production saved by the return of cooler temps.
  22. Another of these done. Didn't really give enough advance notice so there weren't many people but it just takes a few first time painters to make my day.
  23. Let me try: 3 meters is about 120 25mm bases laid end to end.
  24. Well in California you should have quite a few options. In other news, lettuce and radishes are starting to grow. Seemes I had real bad luck with spinach and peas germinating I only see the occasional plant of either. It was pretty wet and cold until now. Ethiopian Kale did good, other kales only OK. Weeds quite vigorous. Put in my tomato plants, peppers and various herbs.
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