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  1. I really like all of the plastics that Northstar has done for Oathmark and Frostgrave.  The dwarves, goblins and orcs are great and the elves are nice if maybe slightly basic. Maybe the wolves that the goblins ride area also not the best ever.   I've seen pictures of their humans with different shields that are nice as well.


    I have the Oathmark rules but haven't even given them a proper read through because I can't get excited about a mass battle game where you remove individual figures.


    More opinions are available in this thread that I started a while ago.

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  2. Ended up just doubling up the strike plates to get them about the same height and weight as a washer.


    Now I'm wondering about how to extend this to cavalry.  If it wasn't for the silly basing of cavalry in GW's MESBG then I'd just put them on magnetic 25x50 bases that I get from Shogun Miniatures and be done with it.  If I tried washers then they'd be limited to 25mm in size and I don't think you could count on any old random horse fitting.  And if you went away from circular washers in any way then you'd lose the ability to "pose" the minis on the movement tray by rotating them a bit.


    Maybe I should just work out a printable MESBG base that fits the usual 25x50 base.  Since it's all circles and rectangles I should be able to bodge something together.

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  3. A bit of refinement:





    That's being held to a steel sheet without extra magnets on the bottom and actually only half the magnets for the figures installed.  Definitely should hold the movement tray from sliding around in a box.  Next I need to refine the exact depth for the washers to be recessed.  Made trickier by the fact that the "strike plates" that I found (basically washers without a hole a thinner than a washer.

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  4. Thinking about mounting the elves I've started on 3/4" washers and printing 25mm sabot bases and also Kings of War movement trays.  Here are some prototypes:





    Is this worth pursuing?  And what size magnets would people use to stick the washers into the trays?

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