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  1. I have three words for you. Kerbal Space Program.
  2. That mini is ready for it's closeup. Ridiculous. Simply ridiculous. You need to put a face painting tutorial up in the Tips and Advice subforum.
  3. Yeah, they'll look terrible until you kit them with a matte spray. I was just listening to a Warhammer podcast where they talked about dipping and they even suggested doing a few minis to completion to build your faith in the method because at no point before being 100% done does a dipped mini look acceptable. Not a bad idea to do this anyway so that you see how your colors are changed, as kitchen_wolf said. Also leave a good amount of time for the Minwax/Quickshade to dry completely.
  4. Because of the bother of cleaning up, when I've used MinWax I've used disposable brushes (sold as paint stirrers, I think) and I do a lot of mini's at once. I also do them in batches of 5 or so and then take a second look at each so I can take care of any excess pooling before the Minwax begins to set. I'll probably be trying the Quick Shade sometime next year because I'll be getting way too many undead minis from Mantic's latest Kickstarter and the huge tin of Minwax I had went off because I had not sealed it up properly. So yeah, don't try to save money by buying in bulk.
  5. If I show that manifesto to an iPad will I get the same reaction as showing a cross to a vampire?
  6. This reminds me that when I head out to my FLGS this evening I should reserve enough time to drop by Lowes and pick up a gallon or two of off white housepaint. Good luck!
  7. I'm keeping an eye on this because elves and DSM and Jasonator are all good things to keep an eye on.
  8. Here is a comparison with a Ranger with a lighter blue cloak. Someone mentioned leather for the arm guards. I tried my old standby oiled leather plus a wash on the new models boots but, for the first time, I'm not convinced. Probably the red hue clashes with all the blue. Should I try driftwood brown next?
  9. Theoretically, you can't really figure out which items are popular that way. You can find out which items are surprised Reaper with how popular they are.
  10. Since I'm also thinking of some ice basing and because I just don't have the artistic way of thinking that would let me figure it out for myself, which paints specifically would you recommend?
  11. Yeah sorry. I didn't mean to imply that Reaper was transitioning away from doing metal.
  12. That is actually the one thing I'm annoyed about. Kickstarter fulfillment is holding up restocking of existing Bones, so certain models are becoming difficult to find. (My FLGS keeps selling out of their Bones stock, so I don't have a lot of hope of finding popular items something locally.) EDIT: Okay, I sounded a little more annoyed than I really am. And I'm tickled that Bones are popular and that my FLGS sells them. It's just a shame that the re-stock has to wait. In addition to the Final Containers for Bones II, we're also waiting on a Container of Bones I Restock. And I promise everybody that this frustrates all of us as much as it does you. That's awesome to hear as I was a bit worried about how long I might have to wait to buy a Bones Spirit of the Forest. And don't get discouraged. From what I can tell as an outsider, the addition of Bones is a pretty bit transition for Reaper's business and you guys are doing great.
  13. I was first to market. They named themselves after me :p. Three words Hearth Stone Miniatures. Or you know, my sig line ;) I eventually got there and then was immediately tempted to try and use your Chuppa as a Phoenix in Warhammer. But in the end I'm just too butterfingered to use resin while gaming. It's too bad because I'm no fan of GW's version.
  14. Yeah, besides the moving parts there is something about the size of them.
  15. Note to miniature companies: Please do not name yourself after a wildly popular Blizzard computer game. It makes finding your website a hundred times harder than it should be. Back on topic, I look forward to this, Sirithilliel, especially your snow/ice basing.
  16. Yeah, well I'm certainly not looking to make them actually camouflaged. This is Warhammer and not some Bolt Action figs painted up to be fighting in the Ardennes after all and while these are called "rangers", they fight in ranks and aren't skirmishers. The idea is to make the "winter themed" and I do think that the heather blue does bring to mind cold and ice. Anyway, I'll try to paint one up with things pushed more towards white and then I can see what I like better.
  17. Got my CAVs. I have put them together but not actually counted them. I had one mispack but actually the extra piece is probably more useful for conversions than the missing piece and I doubt I'll ever need four of one design anyway. Like others I'm impressed with the friction fitting of the torsos and legs. Just the right amount of resistance. Surprisingly nice engineering given that this was Reaper's first go at this. Some long barrels will need boiling but overall not many were seriously bent. It was less of a problem than I was expecting. Overall I'm impressed.
  18. What do you guys think about making the hood and shawl white and leaving more blue in the long cloak?
  19. That was basically my original plan but I do like that Heather Blue. It was hard to cover up. haha.
  20. Well they are supposed to be winter themed. Should I push their cloaks a lot whiter?
  21. Rangers with some quick highlighting/shading just to help me decide if I like these colors. Any opinions would be welcome because before long I'll have to paint all these guys chests so I can assemble them and can't dither for too long. Personally I think that the arm guards need and also the haft of their weapons need a different color. Any ideas? Also, I forgot (!) that I already had 6 more elven knights so I put together 4 more including a musician and a hero with a kitbashed sword. Probably should have primed these before taking a pic.
  22. Trying a winter theme for my Wildwood Rangers. This is just a basecoated test. Planning on highlighting up the cloak to a blue-white and shading down the grey to something darker for the boots/grieves but highlighting the grey cloth (i.e. skirt) to white.
  23. Not to disagree with Jasonator but there is certainly room for some wild patterns: To GIS! And apparently my initial questioning of the whole concept of a blue desert dragon was just wrong.
  24. 6 Elven Kniiiiiiiiiiiiiiights I really need to get back to testing color schemes and practicing painting but this escalation league escalated pretty quickly so I've been scrambling to assemble/convert minis.
  25. So bagpipers? Absolutely. Also drummers, fifers, trumpeters, etc. [edit] And the instruments themselves don't have to be realistic/historically accurate. I'm looking more at the clothing/armor and poses.
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