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  1. Reaper could use a few more musicians that look at home on a battlefield instead of in a tavern.
  2. So it turns out that, contrary to my expectations, merely gazing upon Tom Meier's work doesn't transform one into a master sculptor but I used a bit of Green Stuff to reattach the rest of the rider's cloak. Also here are 20 spear elves with with GameZone dark elf bodies and high elf spear tips and GW Glade Guard heads
  3. Here is a picture I took a while back with a metal CAV
  4. Yeah, the one bad thing about these Bones CAV models is how warped some of the weapons will be. Maybe Reaper should put instructions for straitening them on the retail packaging just so people that pick them up off the shelf don't dismiss them as bad looking "toys".
  5. Shipping noticed: received Eye twitch: alleviated Need to recheck of pledge manager: gone Blood pressure: lowered All systems nominal.
  6. Other possible eagle riders: 77022: Michelle, Female Human Ranger 77090: Mason Thornwarden
  7. 77091: Nienna, Female Elf Ranger + GW Hobbit Eagle = Slightly different pose: I think the first pose seems a bit more natural balance wise but somehow I think if I reposed the sword arm the second angle might look better.
  8. I still have metal CAVs that are not even primed. I can be patient. By patient I mean looking upon klarg's pics only causes uncontrolled twitching in my left eye and that twitching can be described as "minor". [edit] Bah. I was resisting checking that I had confirmed my order for the fourth time but scorpio's post has made that impossible. BRB.
  9. Someone was asking about alternate models for Forces of Nature and I mentioned the Bones Earth Elemental, Fire Elementals, Unicorn and Tree Herder and also the upcoming Centaurs, Basilisk, and Water elementals. Of the things missing from Mantic's line I think the gnomes will be the hardest to find at a price that makes sense. By the way, searching through Reaper's catalog to answer this kind of question can be dangerous to your wallet. I found at least on mini (Druid with a tiny ent familier) that I have to buy and before I didn't really want a Forces of Nature army but now I kind of want to build one with mouselings instead of gnomes.
  10. I'm glad to hear people suggest brush primer because that's what I normally do and, well, I don't own an airbrush but would have totally bought one for just these minis if I had to. Sounds like I just have to refrain from trying to get a nicely opaque coat on and I should be good.
  11. Haha, December 6 is shockingly few days away. I might be getting old.
  12. Absolutely. GW doesn't seem to understand that the most amazing plastic minis are useless if you can't get people to start playing your game due to the insane cost.
  13. These guys will be part of an army for Warhammer or possibly Kings of War and if they ended up anywhere near my opponent, that can only have been a terrible mistake on my part so certainly I'm not looking for competition or display type paintjobs. That said, I'm trying to do a better paint job than I did on on my orcs where I basically just used washes and rough dry brushing on their weapons with some actually painted highlights just on orc flesh or some hero models. But what I'm asking here isn't necessarily how to paint, say, that border well but how to keep that kind of shallow detail from being filled in by primer and the base coat before I even get that far. But no advice is unwelcome so keep it coming!
  14. I picked up some Thunderboltmountain high elf archers. These minis are amazing but aside from my ability to do the sculpt justice I have some concerns about painting them. First, their scale and chain mail armor is so fine that I'm worried about losing detail through priming and painting them. Like wise the detail on the middle archer's fringe is extremely shallow. Is my best bet priming with brush on primer, an airbrush or, I guess possibly, a spray can? Secondly, I haven't really been doing that much dry brushing lately and when I have, I've not been impressed with my results. What's the best way to bring out the texture of the chain/scale armor? I'm thinking of trying to drybrush with a fine haired and very dry brush. Any tips would be very appreciated because these guys are in a different league from what I've painted before (my mind was blown when I noticed the texture on the anyway very slim straps) and I'd rather not have to strip too many minis learning what not to do.
  15. I asked about the dragon riders being available without the dragon and Mantic said they'll look into adding them in the Pledge manager. I have the same problem with Bones dragons. I even picked which dragons to get based on how I thought they might take riders. And yeah, it would be nice if you could just recommend Mantic's minis without so many reservations about exactly which models someone is interested in. And I think the good PR could be worth it in the long run. But no one has really tried to do what Mantic are doing with fantasy plastics besides GW. I'm sure it isn't an easy business and I kind of wonder what they would have been able to do without Kickstarter providing capital. On a different note, it's a bit interesting to see all these largish metal models for this KS. I wouldn't have expected anything but a few heroes or conversion bits these days.
  16. On the other hand, I'm not so sure that 40 skeletons and 40 zombies is enough. Haha.
  17. Just have to decide if I want to go in for an Undead Booster for the Revenant Cav. I'm undecided because I would also think about using the much costlier but supposedly awesome Morgul Knights from GW's LOTR line.
  18. Sounds a lot like what happened in the first KoW KS. There was a fair bit of disappointment in many of those final minis. I'd wait for retail and seeng the actual minis. I find it especially hard to pledge for things like the dragon based on concept art or WIP renders. It's one thing if some minis that form a regiment and aren't going to be looked at too closely are not top notch but quite another if you don't like a centerpiece to your army. And yeah, Magnus Mercury, I wish Mantic would redo the Basileans and goblins but I'm guessing that new molds would simply cost too much to justify when compared to the sales they'd get out of a mold for a new unit.
  19. Do not be alarmed. The odd feeling you just had was the psychic ripples and echos of Beagle calling a "unlike" button into existence through pure force of will.
  20. Like I said, I didn't have time to do any painting over Thankgiving but UPS isn't so lazy so I have some new toys to line up. Namely I got a box from Reaper and also from Thunder Mountain. Time for some more lineups then. From left to right: Amazingly detailed high elf archer from Thunder Mountain, LOTR archer, 14322: Callindra Silverspell who I am thinking might make a good leader/champion for some archers, Gamezone phoenix guard, WIP LOTR swordmelf converted from spear elf and now with Reaper's greek style helmet, 03597: Dalyn Talas, Elven Sword Mage who I thought might lead the sword elves but he is surprisingly big, maybe too big. Same lineup but with Reaper's winged helmet on the LOTR sword elf: Finally a closeup of some of the models The other helmet as well as the surprisingly tall and surprisingly male (according to tags) 60104: Battle Herald Overall I wish the helmets were slightly smaller but I'm guessing that the'll work after painting. Still it might be worth buying a sprue or two of historical ancients and see how those fit. The swordmage is the only model that I think goes to far in the "heroic scale" direction even though I think there is room for the heroes and leaders being more heroic than the rank and file. I think I can finesse the Battle Herald by putting the rank and file on thicker bases since it's just a matter of height.
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