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  1. Due to certain shennigans that went down in this thread, I have just opened a box from Thunder Mountain that had, among other things I couldn't resist, 20 high elf archers in it. They are beautiful little things but I'm going to need access to that Jen and Anne download I pledged for sooner rather than later. The details have details on them. It's like detailception.
  2. Well I think whether you want to do Abyssals would come down to whether you like the style of the lower abyssals since they seem like something you'd either love or hate and painting 80 minis you don't care for will be zero fun.
  3. Yes, but nevertheless one should refrain from drinking straight from the fire hose.
  4. I can't decide if the demand for those Ultimate Tyrant pledges is driven more by people that think they can make a profit on ebay or by by people that just compare the price to what GW charges for just one fantasy army and just figure they can't afford not to get all the minis.
  5. Looks like Mantic are committing themselves to do the Forces of Nature as well.
  6. The dwarf and elf lines are both high quality lines as far as the molds go since they are part of the early plastics that Mantic used Rendera for. It's up to you to decide if you like their design. Of all their armies I think the undead are the most universally liked. I almost went for their elves after seeing this pic. The way you normally see them they are disorganized which I'm not a fan of for spearmen in general and elves in particular.
  7. I'm pretty sure if you just manage to be using the urinal next to Ronnie you could pick up some secrets without too much trouble. Report back.
  8. I don't know what's more frightening as I look through the previews, the number of Bones that I already have coming or the number of Bones that I'm wanting to buy.
  9. Man, requiring answers is hard hearted. Having to hit "no" all those times.
  10. I went and ordered one of thoe helmet sprues. For now. I won't have time to paint during the Thanksgiving holiday, in the meantime, I'm debating whether painting the robes and cloth of the elves in darker colors would emphasize the brightness of the armor and weapons even more. What do you think?
  11. Pics of 02273 Derek the Tall's boneyard parts do not match either the rider or the horse. Also I'd like to know what the actual name of the mini shown in the boneyard is. [edit] Apparently he is 02261 William Drakehart
  12. So there is no chance of me getting a buy 20 get 1 free on some bits I need for some conversions? Dang.
  13. Is there a compelling reason for a small company like this to start new a kickstarters before delivering on old ones? I know that in the case of video games, if companies waited for the delivery of their first project before starting the second there are serious problems keeping both the design and production team busy. Since keeping the production team on the payroll is extremely expensive a company that relies on Kickstarter almost has to have two projects going at any given time. In the case of boutique miniatures, it seems that both the design (sculpts) and production (casting) are often outsourced so there is no issue of keeping employees busy. Obviously plastic production sent out to China or Redera would be different. Just trying to think about how strict one should be about not backing projects whose creator still owes stuff to previous backers.
  14. So one of the stickies in the conversions subforum let me to these hats and helmets: I really like the second helmet from the left for making the sword elves look dangerous and distinctive, but at $2.82 for each sprue I'd be paying more for each helmet than I did for the minis. And that's at GW's prices! Then again, it might just be worth it. And actually at the price Secret Weapon charges for those crests it would probably be cheaper to buy plastic hoplites or legionaries and throw away everything on the sprues except for the crests. It's easy to see why Reaper wanted to jumpstart Bones.
  15. 20 stabby elves. Well I guess the musician isn't all that stabby.
  16. Why is no one talking about the fox that is pouncing on what is surely some kind of vermin? It's awesome and very lifelike, IMO.
  17. Yeah. Not feeling those Dark Elf helmets. Their eyeholes are tiny and don't really fit my conception of something a master sword elf would put over his or her eyes. One thing that I'm considering instead of mucking around with head swaps is maybe just finding some feathers that I could add to the archer's helmets to set them apart from the swordelfs. [edit] Or maybe add some crests like these to the swordelfs? I feel that Reaper might well have something useful here but as awesome as their search function is, it isn't really designed to find random sprues for conversions.
  18. Keep in mind that falling off a sailing ship without a life preserver in the kind of weather that would cause a sailor to go overboard would hardly be less deadly than falling from an airship. And as far as I know, the danger of going overboard did not cause sailors to become expert swimmers or to learn to swim at all for that matter. I'd feel free to do whatever is fun for you and your group. If you like the idea of magic based floating life preservers then go for it. If you want to just make it hard to push a person over the railings so that the issue only comes up at suitably dramatic moments, then do that. Or make being on an airship only dangerous for landlubbers and have the airmen look down on their clumsiness. Run lifelines fore and aft and have everyone tie on. Or maybe you feel that it really isn't an adventure until the captain dives overboard to save yet another of her crew so you muck around with the physics near the ships and let there be a skill for moving about in zero g. Do whatever.
  19. Yeah. That's a wood elf head that I had laying around. I was surprised at how well it fit. Don't know if I'm going to paint them as high or wood elf spearmen. And I can stop head swapping elves any time I want to. I just don't feel like it right now.
  20. Since giving up their weapons is a fate worse than death anyway, I decided to decapitate on of my Dark Elf Lancers and see how the head fits onto the LOTR elves. In this case, I used a spear elf because most likely I won't be using those figs. From left to right, spearelf that has been weapon swapped to a sword, LOTRO swordelf as designed, spear elf, spear elf with Dark Elf head, archer elf. I put them all in so everyone can see how similar the LOTR elves look. I wasn't quite feeling that helmet so I carved a bit of the top off. I added in another sword conversion and put the donor elf in the back. I wonder if I could take off an arm... I'll paint it up and see how it goes but I'm still not convinced with using the DE helms. I'm searching around for some hoplite helmets or I might try some of GW's Eternal Guard heads since I'll have some extras of those, most likely (for reference) BTW, here is what will happen to the Dark Elves when they get better, i.e. get new heads and spears.
  21. With the proper tools and force applied everything is detachable. Everything........ Well in the case of Bones, proper tools translates to "a sharp knife" and not much force should be needed.
  22. Those MHT-95s are giving off a Renegade Legion vibe for me but I'll have to resist since the CAV KS filled my "stompy robots that I don't know if I'll ever get to actually play games with" quota and then some.
  23. Here is the archer after highlights and shading have been added. In person, I think the shading of the white cloth is more subtle and that of the red cloak more pronounced. To my eye, I don't know how much more I'd want to put into a rank and file troop because I'm not sure when any more detail would be noticed. Well I do have to do some details on the bow. More important is to nail down some color schemes. In particular the LOTR elves have the same armor and cloaks and because I'll have one unit of archers and one of swordsmen that use those models, I'll want to paint them so they don't look too samey. I'm thinking of keeping the blue-silver and gold metallics as well as white cloth consistent throughout the army and also keeping the basics of the Phoenix Guard color scheme. I'm thinking of going with a dark purple for the swordsmen. Maybe blue cloth for the knights? Then again, I'll probably ask my horse-crazy niece about the color scheme for those guys.
  24. I've decided to go with the high elves for now. I did a bit more work on the archer but need to take a photo. In the meantime I have been messing around with some minor kitbashes. I'm using GW's Knights of Dol Amroth for my elven knights. Their lances have tiny, much too realistic points so I replaced one of those with a metal blade that comes with GameZone's Dark Elf Lancers. With a bit of cleanup I think it will do nicely since the contact point is a good deal wider than the lance's shaft. Also thinking of using GZ's elven shields instead of the more square shields they come with. The GameZone elf lancers I'm using as Phoenix Guard are fighting in multiple ranks so I wanted to see how well that would work with their spear tips replaced with the Lancer's halbard blades (poor, poor lancers). I'm pretty sure that the Phoenix guard never have to go to a barber to get a close shave.
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