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  1. Insane... This is KICKSTARTER <kicks projects that give Kickstarter a bad name into the pit>
  2. Hmmmm. My normal way of dealing with 25lb turkey is to cut out the backbone and lay it flat. I don't think I'll try that on the troll that I couldn't get to repose but maybe I'll give it a longer boil.
  3. You do realize that you are talking to people that were this close to applying hydrodynamics to determine how much the light weight of BONES miniatures would speed up a container ship as it traveled through the Panama Canal right? You can't really apply the normal definition of "not exciting" to us.
  4. I think it would be really cool if they made a specific board game to use their tech. Maybe something puzzle-like or chess-like with some lasers and mirrors.
  5. Apparently my FLGS backed this and they had boxes and bags of a bunch of extra sprues for sale. If nothing else, everyone in here that backed is getting a ton of plastic. To my eye it looked slightly less crazy than the giant Ogre box. haha
  6. Mixed is probably the right description, but Matic's line of orcs is so much better than GW's regular orcs that they literally are what kept me from just leaving the hobby. Well those and the Reaper goblins. It was one of those "Duh!" moments when I realized that painting mini's you hate is no kind of hobby. Also, even at Mantic's own tourneys they allow any companie's minis. As far as I've heard on podcasts just the painting trophies require you to have more than half your models from Mantic.
  7. Apparently that code they asked for is something the Royal Mail uses to know what airport to ship to and Mantic asked for it. Wargamesbakery is going to look them up so no need to worry.
  8. I have a nephew that was adopted from Ethiopia and although he picked up English very quickly we (well mostly his parents) just could not teach him the colors. We would hold up crayons and it was obvious he was just guessing. He could tell that we wanted him to say "red" or "yellow" or "green" but he couldn't tell which. I would have bet any amount of money that he was color blind. I would have borrowed money from Montel Williams and bet that money. I was pretty sure. He isn't color blind at all. One day it just clicked and he could answer just fine. Probably figured out what the word "color" meant. Personally, I kind of wish I was color blind because then I would have and excuse for not being able to pick good colors and I wouldn't have to look at my choices. Luckily the internet now exists so I can cheat.
  9. So here are some (terrible) pics of what I painted this year. Wee there is one Bones troll in the back that isn't painted because I could never get him to stick after I reposed him no matter how boiled he was. He will be sacked. If you look in the WIP subforum you can watch me try and work out some color schemes and techniques for an Elf army though I don't know which one.
  10. I have no idea. Google seems to think it's a Canadian thing. Zip code should be OK, I guess.
  11. Those faces are works of art in themselves. Wow. So jealous.
  12. Threw on some base coats: Magma Red on the cloak, Misty Grey for the white cloth, Russet Brown on the quiver and strap, Vellejo Air "Wood" for the bow and arrows, and Fair Skin. Note: I couldn't decide on the hair color...
  13. Are you trying to upload the pics to reaper's forums or link to an external site? I've done the latter by simply hitting the "Image" button. Also, if my eyes don't deceive me (his head looks a little more skeletal but that might just be the bones material), it seems that Dragoth is coming with Bones KS II. So much the better.
  14. I've been inspired by the current Mantic KS to take a look through some of the many, many undead by reaper. Three of the vampires that spoke to me as potential cool bones were 02867: Matthias the Twisted 03042: Morrdha, Vampire Noble 02757: Gastaroth, Vampire
  15. I'm going to have to see pictures of this.
  16. Here is may be a better pic: You can see that the skin is still a bit more vampire than elf. Just started working on another high elf. This is from GW's LOTR line. I like them but their style armor is a bit harder to pull off with the bright metallic style I'm going for. At least for me. Anyway decided to take some pics as I works so people can steer me in the right direction. I know I still have a lot to learn. Some blacklining I always to metallic first because normally I'm dry brushing something and I'm super sloppy about dry brushing. In this case it's a base coat of blue and gold Vallejo Air metallics. And metallic highlights. The when I was originally trying this I used silver paint mixed with dark green ink that I had bought to make my own green wash for my orc's skin. What I'm trying now is to mix that same ink with darker metallics to add a bit of shading. In hindsight, I should be setting up some kind of background even for these mid painting shots. Metallic effects are hard enough to photographs as it is.
  17. Here is a pic of those three from the back: Now I have an escalation league starting up this Wed. and I'm on the knifes edge between doing High elves in the style above or doing Wood Elves with different units being different seasons. Here are some test/practice Wood Elves (autumn style) Still haven't figured out what to do with the bows, exactly. Which do you guys think shows more promise?
  18. I was looking through some of Reaper's undead (there are lots) looking for things that I might want to add to an army and now I think that I want to mount Dragoth the Defiler along with his throne onto Kaladrax. I'm not sure how well he'll fit onto the battlefield though. Maybe as terrain. Extremely impassible terrain. Haha. For reference
  19. I'm glad I noticed this. I think I'm going to have to buy those goblin henchmen now that they are at retail.
  20. I've been working on some high elves and finding I need a lot of practice on them because orcs (which is what I've mainly painted so far) are easy mode with their unnatural skin tone and naturally dirty natures. From left to right an experiment trying to produce a sea foam green metallic coloring that went wrong. But I'm thinking of going with it because it give a real impression of brightness to the elven armor which I like. Basically it reminds me of a lot of passages in the Silmarillion where orcs can't even bear to look at the elves that have returned from Valinor to Middle Earth. Then a Reaper Bones elf that I worked up. Spent way too much time of the face. Some of this mini's details were a bit soft and gave me trouble. The area around his waist is supposed to be armor, I guess, but I took it to be some kind of Samaurish sash. Finally , what might be a Phoenix Guard color scheme. Overall, I need to work out how to make paint the weapons to match the brightness of the armor but still have some shading to them. The halbard is better than the sword and even the sword looks okish at table top distances. Painting white robes is also something I'm experimenting with different colors and subtlety of shading. Also I have a problem where I never know what color to pain spear poles or monsters claws or hair. I mean, even more than my usual lack of ability to pick colors.
  21. Well, I guess in theory I could have payed attention to what mini's got added to Dungeon Saga but to be honest I figured that it'll be a game where I could use a bunch of Bones so I wasn't too worried about it.
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