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  1. I think Mantic has said that they are still trying to re-imagine the Twilight Kin into something more interesting before they commit to models.
  2. The more I think about it the more I wonder what Mantic have in mind for Forces of Nature plastics. Some kind of dryad, animals or maybe just elves? It's a lot easier to imagine various cavalry type forces or elites but I don't think Mantic would be doing those in plastic.
  3. Slightly off topic, but does anyone know what kind of material the "plastic resin" that GameZone uses is? They too seem to sell at a price that's low considering they don't seem to be injection molded and if they can sell them at that price, I wondered why they didn't kickstart a wider range of plastic resin figs instead of mucking about with their HeroQuest project.
  4. But the only alternative is to waste too much time checking on this subforum. There is no way out.
  5. I've been working on a slightly different calculation. To bring up a "Undead Mega Starter Army" to the same size as the "Bloodmire Legion" would take $135 and it retails for $175 vs $100. That's not including the two character models since I'm pretty sure I have enough undead types from Bone I+II to cover that. That's the only slightly annoying thing about Mantic's business model is that they are only a huge value when you go to the larger bundles and then it depends on how the bundle matches what you want to buy. For instance, I was thinking that I might rather make a unit out of some LOTR Ringwraiths rather than use the Revenant Cavalry. Of course checking GW's price for those nixed that idea. Anyway, on the slight chance that my FLGS can order the Legion, I'll go with that and otherwise wait and see.
  6. I recognize one of the engineers from a TV show that involved engineering challenges but I forget the name of the show. But I'm now 100% convinced that there should be a Kickstarter to bring back Junkyard Wars back.
  7. I think this subforum might need a new tag for certain threads. I propose "lawyers".
  8. They come with each model on a circular base that fits into a WHFB style base so you can use them either way.
  9. Yeah, KotDT, Mantic might not be the company for you. Still a few hours to change your mind about Dark Sword's KS though...
  10. I gave in and pledged for the base, Tam Lin, The Seduction and the Jen/Ann DVD. I hope you guys are happy. Again, If someone is mostly interested in the Seductress or the LE Sorceress, I could let those go.
  11. Yeah. And it's kind if fitting that this and the Mantic KS are live together for just one day since they are so diametrically opposed. Ironically I'm interested in backing this KS in part because Mantic's game is unit instead of model based and thus you can make each unit into a little diorama. I'll probably be the only one to back both.
  12. I'm thinking about picking up an undead mega army. Or even adding in a second undead mega army. I mean I do have a quart of Minwax that's just sitting around. In the meantime I'm sitting on an early bird.
  13. Cut to scene: Emergency Room Nurse: "I'm not sure... Why exactly do you need to know if an X-Ray could read credit card numbers?"
  14. Thanks, we'll get through it okay, I think. People are justifiably enraged at the whole situation, and it ripples out to us for being the headliner. The analogy is if Reaper licensed the right to use photographs of miniatures, to someone doing the "Art Book of Reaper Miniatures," and then the art-book Kickstarter failed, it's not on Reaper's financial watch, but it would hurt. Obviously Reaper wouldn't be obligated to try to fulfill the Kickstarter or refund the money people paid to the guy doing the Kickstarter, but there's backlash. That's essentially the situation we just have to weather at this point. Falstius, it's true that they can't design more, but they can sell them over a 5 year term that was presumably to be renewed when it hit. We're not going to get in CSM's way if they come up with a solution, but the Mortal Arrow proposal was rejected by CSM before we did, for reasons unknown. The only reason we weighed in on it was for transparency and to make sure CSM didn't waste time on further negotiations with MA, given that we would not have gone along with it. I hope that things work out for you and it doesn't harm you too much (I've backed your KS). However, I don't think your analogy is right. The challenge is that you were not represented as giving permission for a license, but endorsing/giving credibility to a company. Matt used your logo and used wording that implied that you were backing the KS. I realize that this wasn't the case. Business owners we need to protect their identity and IP as the consumer will imply consent if it presented the way CSM did. Out of, admittedly morbid, curiosity I decided to watch for intro video from the first ToH KS and I'd go further than that. The video really portrays the new miniature line as Frog God's idea with CSM being chosen to do the work. Furthermore the entire video is done by Frog God's VP and she uses the word "we" numerous times. Having seen it, I can't really blame any fan of Frog God's that backed this and isn't amused. Then again, it's impossible to say how much of that impression is due to things being colored by hindsight and I also suspect that the same video put up on FrogGod's website in support of CSM's project wouldn't have the same implications that it does as the main video for a kickstarter.
  15. My main problem with backing this is the fact that I'm not interested in all the minis in the base set. At least I thought that until I tried to put together a list of minis I wasn't interested in to see if I could arrange a split with someone here. It takes a cold heart to say no to some of these beauties even if their utility to me is questionable. But if anyone is primarily interested in the non-musician non-dancing figs in the base set, maybe let me know.
  16. Funny thing (and maybe it's the munchausen's talking here), I still don't think Matt ever intended to scam anyone. I do think he is woefully incompetent when it comes to running a business. Unfortunely the lesson learned by me, is that Kickstarter enables the real scam artists (terror birds anyone?), your average dumba$$, or a competent salesperson with ignorant equality. What does that mean? Less money comes out of my pocket (and I'm sure other folks pockets) in the future for that person that really has a good idea but not the credentials because we're all a little more leery. And this is why I think Kickstarter would be well served to be at least a bit more proactive. They should have a backer's advocate of some kind badgering CSM to provide 1) At least a top level breakdown on where the money was spent. 2) List of assets CSM has that are relevant to fulfilling the kickstarter. 3) The plan for CSM to fulfill their promises. Now given this specific situation I wouldn't expect pleasing answers but if backers felt that KS was trying to get those answers they probably wouldn't feel so hopeless and not as queasy about backing another Kickstarter in the future. On the other hand maybe even Kickstarter doesn't have enough leverage over people that would have to make a new account to run another project in any case.
  17. I seem to remember that mold makers were waiting for payments as well. It is pretty shocking.
  18. On the face of it, Kickstarters for miniatures should be less risky to back than Kickstarters for computer games but in practice that doesn't seem to be the case. I mean the quality might be variable for both kinds of projects but I figured software projects were much more likely to fail to produce a product at all. It would be really interesting to read an article (or even a book) with the title "So you want to run a miniatures kickstarter" that was full of advice on how to price your miniatures properly (depending on casting material) and how to not bite off more than you can chew as far as number of sculpts, how to work out a schedule, etc. etc. Of course, such information would be useful for backers trying to decide what projects might be too risky to back as well.
  19. Despite some foreboding, I googled the Lillian Tribute Sculpt. In totally unrelated news, some of the sawdust for the firewood I was moving around earlier today seems to have fallen into my eyes. Can't seem to get it out. Someone with more skill than me should paint one up and offer it for auction in the Jack Vassel Memorial auction.
  20. Solution: Buy more action figures for the kids. It's win-win!
  21. It's like the people at Dark Sword were lurking here, seeing all the comments about how hesitant some of us are about our ability to do these sculpts justice and responded with these DVD's. The Haley/Foerster set is tempting. Well played Dark Sword, well played.
  22. Beagle, the phrase is man's best friend. It certainly isn't man's best enabler. That would be a dumb phrase.
  23. This might well be true. But it in my case it might also be true that models with more exaggerated proportions will actually look better on the battlefield than finer detailed miniatures like these. If I can't paint them to look amazing when picked up off that battlefield, then a good part of their attraction is gone. And it's not a matter of picking up a mini or two to paint, but whether I want to spend a year or more painting beyond my comfort zone. No matter what, I'm planing on doing a couple of these as dioramas/terrain so I will be giving them a try.
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