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  1. Oh, God. Tom Meier's name just rang a bell. He does Thunderbolt Mountain, right? I was highly tempted to go with his elves since they are so Tolkeinesque (sp?). However, like others, I don't know if I have the skill to do his stuff justice. Such temptation. Gah.
  2. I think the all or nothing nature of this KS will keep me out, but I'm beginning to have ideas about using some of these as center pieces inside forest terrain for WHFB and for my planned Wood Elves' forests in particular. If I played in tourneys and thus needed a display board for for my army, I doubt I could wait for retail. As it is, I will be strong. [edit] I guess I should, to be thorough, work out what kind of discount these prices are compared to retail. What could be the harm?
  3. I see that beagle is living up to his new tag in the comments of the latest update. Haha.
  4. Mantic is definitely going for low prices and large armies (and bless them for it) but that doesn't have to mean that the sculpts have to be sub par or the molds poorly made. Either way the plastic itself will be cheap. Just look at some of the historicals out there. Hopefully with experience and the "easy" capital that comes from Kickstarter they can be putting out high quality hard plastics from here on out.
  5. Yeah, I've seen pictures but paintjobs can make minis seem better or worse than they really are. For instance the pics of the goblin infantry on mantic's page look decent enough but I've heard really bad things.
  6. For those that were in the previous KoW Kickstarter, how did the panther riders and the fleabag riders turn out?
  7. For a minute I was tempted by the idea of using a few of these to up the weird factor of my Wood Elf army. But I guess I have to wait for retail.
  8. The elves look quite nice, but the problem I've had with the fantasy minis is that stylistically and proportionally the look of standard troops, specialty troops, and characters, hasn't been consistent within the armies. By the way Beagle, liking your new title. Apart from the sculpts, the overall quality is inconsistent as well. Their orcs (which I have) are much nicer than their goblins from what I've heard. Which is why I was a bit sad that the Kickstarter that was going to do hard plastic goblins had to be cancelled. Anyway, that blog post seem to be lacking the usual Ronnie enthusiasm level you'd expect from such an announcement. Maybe he blew through his quarterly enthusiasm allotment (high though that must be) when he found out that GW was letting all wizards summon the undead.
  9. Giant Birds: Phoenixes, Rocs, Great Eagles. Riders of said birds as a bonus.
  10. It seems that Kickstarter has added a separate shipping charge. That's probably a good thing and overdue at that but I just want to confirm that I should pledge enough for the 3 minis I want and that the 4 pounds shipping will be added by Kickstarter.
  11. Added the forest troll. Now to troll through undead bones minis to see what kind of half digested enemy he should be vomiting.
  12. One and a half containers of Dragons Don't Share? What hath Kickstarter wrought?
  13. But if you give a Colossal five-headed dragon a bow, is it a ranger dragon?
  14. Wow. On top of getting my shipment before I expected to, I was pretty amazed on how many extra paint colors were included. Keep up the awesome, Reaper. Now to go order yet another nail polish rack. Haha.
  15. I was just thinking back to when I was young and there were hardly any plastic minis and if people were using resin I certainly didn't know about it. In those times I would have considered the smaller faceless demon to be huge, bigger than anything I or my friends would have owned. The large one would be beyond my ability to comprehend in it's hugeness. So I guess I'm saying that thanks to artists like you, this hobby has come a long way. Keep up the excellent work.
  16. Well Wargames factory is targeting a slightly different market and for now Reaper's policy is to have any separate parts glued at the factory. Maybe when/if they do a Warlord Kickstarter then poseable miniatures would make sense. In the mean time, posable Bones minis are just an X-Acto knife away.
  17. Haha. Time was I would have considered the small faceless demon to be a pretty huge mini. I doubt that it weighs near as much as one of those big wings.
  18. Hasn't someone from Reaper said that the paints won't be ready until the main shipment? I think the early shipment will just be the white CAVs.
  19. I don't know, with the right marketing Dark Ages could be make to seem cool: Warning: Not safe for work. Warning: Very, very dumb. Warning: Skrillex Warning: You have been warned. Farming Simulator Mad Skill
  20. I'd guess the Legendary Encounters subforum would be pretty quiet just because those customers are probably not so obsessed about their minis and, thus, wouldn't in here posting 24/7. Has Reaper used the new bones to expand LE?
  21. Don't forget buying a such a supply of greenstuff and milliput that you get call from the producers for both "Hoarders" and "Doomsday Preppers".
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