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  1. And we're done here. Looking again at the poll, it seems that if you are going to sell at these prices each pad has to be pretty flexible and have a good amount of variation. Any of the specialized pads got very few votes. Which is pretty obvious with hindsight. Maybe smaller, cheaper pads would be better for those kinds of terrain.
  2. I wonder if I can manage to restrain my anxiety to the point where I only check my shipping calculation one more time before this KS ends.
  3. I will only be terminated if I am guilty of treason. I am Happy, Loyal, and am not a Mutant, nor a Communist or a Terrorist. frankly, I am not even sue what most of those words mean, except that they are bad. R-BRY-1, this is a warning. Only a terrorist or communist would be worried enough about being terminated to research the penalty for Communism or Terrorism. Your happiness, loyalty and genetic purity are now suspect.
  4. This came up in one of the CAV threads but the XAIRobots should be done in bones.
  5. The key to getting over this is to understand that HP themselves are 100% unrealistic and thus there is no need to apply realism to things like pixie sword damage.
  6. Went in for the two mounted elves. Even though I'm kind of in the market for a troll or two, the two that have been shown so far aren't really doing it for me.
  7. I just pledged for 3. This despite the fact that until last month I never managed to get around to basing any of my minis at all. Not even flock. I am weak. [edit] What I could really use is a saddle pad that would make saddles for mounting figs on some Bones dragons.
  8. I disagree. I plan on using Imperial and Plaguelands specifically for RPG and display minis. The road area of Imperial will go towards makeshift dungeon floor, town streets, flat outdoor, cavalry, and wasteland style minis. The broken side will be great for most outdoor minis from animals to giants to more cracked lava. Seems ideal for RPG minis. Plaguelands will provide wood floors for taverns etc.., lava flows for demons and fire elementals, lots of area for undead, and swamps for hundreds of green skinned guys from goblins, trolls, ogres, and boggards to lizardmen, giant snakes and black dragons. It's an RPG juggernaut! Loads uf uses outside of wargaming. I love the forest pad but don't have the cash for it. I'm not saying that those aren't useful for basing RPG and display figs, I was just imagining that RPG gamers might be more interested in some of the details in, say, the Dungeon mold or Sanctuary instead of or in addition to the three I mentioned.
  9. On the one hand, I can only really count on needing the forest mold. On the other hand, it seems to me that forest plus imperial plus plaguelands would set one up for a lifetime of making wargaming* bases pretty well. *As opposed to doing display figures or RPG minis.
  10. Since you can make infinite bases with your basius pads you obviously need infinite models to put on them.
  11. Do we know for sure if the elf riding the dino is going to be separate as opposed to having his legs cast as part of his mount?
  12. There is already a thread for this here. I'm kind of glad that this popped up though. I have to decide how much I'm willing to pay for what seem to be really nice rider to put on some bones dragons.
  13. Think of the mold costs. Alternate joke: Has MSP been tested for anti-fouling? Alternate, alternate joke. Will Buglips volunteer to paint it with a 5/0 brush?
  14. Someday Reaper will be chartering ships instead of containers then it will be worth sailing them as close as possible. We just have to pledge harder. And yeah, apparently about half of container ships can't fit through the Panama Canal so they are making some improvements. But now even bigger ships are being made.
  15. It's funny how technology changes how your brain works. Here is a 100% accurate transcription of my inner dialogue: "Ha. Reaper has a pdf you can download and print in case you don't have internet access. Doh" "Actually, I wonder if Reaper has a print catalog." "But where would I find that out?" "Their web page, obviously. Or google." "Doh."
  16. Well even if the shipment currently making it's way across the Pacific was the entire Bones II order, it wouldn't be in America until the end of October and would still need to get through customs and be trucked to Texas so I would be super surprised if shipments started this month. Reaper has already said they don't know when the remainder of the Bones will make it. I'm sure they wish they did and could tell us. In the past I've heard a lot of talk about how video game Kickstarters are really educating consumers about how expensive and how difficult it is to make games. I think we are all learning a bit about how much work goes into overseas production too.
  17. I'm somewhat tempted to look back through buglips' post history to check up on what exactly counts as "not all in". Then again, I've become a bit attached to the shred of sanity I still have.
  18. So what are the most convincingly futuristic urban buildings that people have seen? Either bought or scratch built would be fine. The Dropzone Commander stuff seems like a super value but on the other hand, if someone asked me if they could use it for their Korean War 10mm historical game, I wouldn't exactly say it's not possible. I guess the real tricky bit is making the buildings have that impractical aspect that implies that the builder isn't constrained by current technology but yet have it be practical for CAVs to be stomping around properly.
  19. It would be interesting to see a study of how Kickstarters' funding rates have changed over time. I'd guess that they have become more front loaded because 1) More of the prospective customers know about Kickstarter so find new projects quickly. 2) People have absorbed the idea that pledging early is risk free. You don't really hear people saying "I'll back this if it funds" anymore. This might be doubly true for companies like Reaper or Mantic that have had a few big kickstarters already.
  20. It seems like this setting would be ace for board or card game if given the right, imaginative designer. Or just a gag set of cards for Resistance where everyone get a traitor card. [edit] Thinking more about this it could be possible to make a co-op game where everyone wants the team to fail but wants it to fail in a specific, secret way. But it doesn't seem like an easy game to balance by any means.
  21. I think I'm going in just for the Forest. If there was something in between the Imperial (rocks too small) and Mountain (rocks too big) I might be tempted to try a lava theme for my CAV bases but I'm not sure I'd want to do all of them with the same style in the first place. What material would you guys recommend for making a large number of 20mm bases on top of wooden Litkos.? I assume baking them is right out so basically greenstuff or milliput?
  22. What exactly do you think they should make? Something trenchlike, sandbags or something else? Just curious.
  23. I'm probably going to be building a Wood Elf army for a escalation league at my FLGS. I'm tempted to go in for the forest basius since I could get a lot of bases built with the one mold. Hmmmmmmm. Hmmmmmmmmm. [edit] On second thought the timing of this would involve rebasing a bunch of minis. Still tempting but slightly less so.
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