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  1. So what are the most convincingly futuristic urban buildings that people have seen? Either bought or scratch built would be fine. The Dropzone Commander stuff seems like a super value but on the other hand, if someone asked me if they could use it for their Korean War 10mm historical game, I wouldn't exactly say it's not possible. I guess the real tricky bit is making the buildings have that impractical aspect that implies that the builder isn't constrained by current technology but yet have it be practical for CAVs to be stomping around properly.
  2. It would be interesting to see a study of how Kickstarters' funding rates have changed over time. I'd guess that they have become more front loaded because 1) More of the prospective customers know about Kickstarter so find new projects quickly. 2) People have absorbed the idea that pledging early is risk free. You don't really hear people saying "I'll back this if it funds" anymore. This might be doubly true for companies like Reaper or Mantic that have had a few big kickstarters already.
  3. It seems like this setting would be ace for board or card game if given the right, imaginative designer. Or just a gag set of cards for Resistance where everyone get a traitor card. [edit] Thinking more about this it could be possible to make a co-op game where everyone wants the team to fail but wants it to fail in a specific, secret way. But it doesn't seem like an easy game to balance by any means.
  4. I think I'm going in just for the Forest. If there was something in between the Imperial (rocks too small) and Mountain (rocks too big) I might be tempted to try a lava theme for my CAV bases but I'm not sure I'd want to do all of them with the same style in the first place. What material would you guys recommend for making a large number of 20mm bases on top of wooden Litkos.? I assume baking them is right out so basically greenstuff or milliput?
  5. What exactly do you think they should make? Something trenchlike, sandbags or something else? Just curious.
  6. I'm probably going to be building a Wood Elf army for a escalation league at my FLGS. I'm tempted to go in for the forest basius since I could get a lot of bases built with the one mold. Hmmmmmmm. Hmmmmmmmmm. [edit] On second thought the timing of this would involve rebasing a bunch of minis. Still tempting but slightly less so.
  7. I'm thrilled that you are having such success. I would like to caution you against over-committing to any product you are not confident can be produced within the time frame - many projects fall into the trap, and it ends up harming or destroying the fledgling companies. There is no shame in admitting that there is the limit of all the product you can produce within the time frame, although you may see a slight drop in backers and pledges, as the "circus" of an exploding project is some of the reason backers join. This reminded me of the Order of the Stick kickstarter which I then looked up. Apparently Rich Berlew is still plugging away at the mountain of work he promised to do.
  8. I like the station that this guy made for his N-scale bullet trains.
  9. So I picked up the JoR1 and am looking at the cover. I have to say that of all Mech porn, cutaway diagrams are the hottest. Hopefully the new book and any subsequent JoRs will have plenty of that.
  10. Huh. It's too bad that those XAI Robots didn't get added to the SCIFI expansion of Bones II.
  11. I might be tempted to buy the mounted elves just because the riders seem like they might be good for mounting on some Bones dragons. Then again, the shipping might scare me off. And I agree that if you have nicely detailed figs like these you need to have better pics to draw people in.
  12. A funny couple of things happened. First a friend I play Warhammer with saw that I had picked up the BT box and told me he had some mechs that were a part of large Ebay lot he could trade to me. Those mechs turned out to be CAVs. Second the place I had ordered some of the Dropzone Commander plastics from delivered them to my door before I even knew they had them in stock. Anyway, I decided to take a quick shot: That's the plastic Atlas from BT, and Vanquisher from CAV in the back. In the front it's the APC, infantry and AA tank from DZC.
  13. It seems that Dropzone Commmander's minis are resin or (more recently) plastic.
  14. All this stuff is of interest to me and I applaud the effort you put in to this stuff. Two things I'd really love to see you do if they aren't too much trouble would be magnetizing parts in the Converting CAV video and scale shots with Dropzone Commander tanks in the Scale Reference PDF. As a side question do people normally post CAV painting and terrain modelling threads in this forum or in the relevant general forums?
  15. Oooooh. I like that Thug. And the Centurion.
  16. I doubt that bones infantry are a good idea at this scale. Reaper's plan of staying with metal but having plastic bases to lower the cost sounds better.
  17. The only thing that kind of surprised me was that all the early birds didn't sell out. I thought those would really trigger people's impulse buy reflexes. Maybe I'm just projecting... Anyway, it's hard to be disappointed with the Kickstarter given that CAV now instantly has one of the most extensive collection of plastic mechs for sale. Even BattleTech itself has only a few more available in plastic and those aren't even sold as singles. (As an aside, I don't quite get why you can't buy some of them outside of the boxed set. If Catalyst has paid for the molds why not try and sell as many Thors, Lokis, Battlemasters and Mad Cat's as possible?) As for expanding the line further, someone should start a "CAVs we'd like to see in Bones" thread though I guess Reaper knows which of the metals are most popular. Finally, I really appreciated Reaper making good on all the revealed stretch goals and not only because I really, really wanted those Nightshades. At the very least it shows that Reaper was willing to put enough faith in CAV to put their own money into molds that they'll have to sell a lot of minis to pay for.
  18. What exactly are the rules for pledging using the manager without having pledged on Kickstarter? I ask because a couple of people on the BattleTech boards seem to have missed out and I'd like to be able to accurately tell them what their options are at this point. Or maybe CAVBOSS could just post a quick post-kickstarter faq over there and cut out the middle man.
  19. More importantly, how do you have Bones2 figures?
  20. My nephew bought some really nice, sturdy, detailed dinosaur toys with his allowance money, but I think they'd be a bit expensive to buy in horde quantities. Also, they are large. I could ask him where they are from if you are interested.
  21. Reaper. You guys are cool. I love you. And I'm not even drunk.
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