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  1. Somehow I managed to survive long enough. I have to say I'm beginning to regret the way this post tempted fate.
  2. Yeah. We need heroes. Heros that pilot giant robots. Giant robots that pilot even gianter robots.
  3. Yeah, that pic makes it obvious that this KS should have been for a new Mecha vs. Monster game. In all seriousness, I wonder if such a game would have found a broader audience on Kickstarter and that CAV/BT players would have gotten more mechs just as a byproduct of that.
  4. Curiosity got the better of me and I did some googling. This is from Amazon Payment's merchant agreement: They also have their own Buyer Dispute Program (In theory you could contact Amazon instead of your credit card company to initiate a refund). A couple sections that seem relevant:
  5. So what has Kickstarter's reaction to chargeback's generally been? Actually, on second thought, I guess it would be Amazon that get's the chargeback. I ask because I remember hearing that Valve doesn't take chargeback's filed against Steam purchases well and might lock a Steam account from buying new games if one occurs and would be slightly worried that Kickstarter might have a similar policy.
  6. I have always thought so, but according to this it's a myth.
  7. Check if you can visit forums.penny-arcade.com If you can I'll upload it there. Otherwise, I guess you'll have to choice but to earn your paycheck.
  8. After rereading this I'm not exactly following your train of thought. For me category 4, would be kickstarters where I want to support the people behind the KS because of their evident passion for their project or where I want the KS to succeed because I want the product to be available to others but can't justify buying it myself. What you list under category 4 seems to fit more in category 3 because there is something you want but for whatever reason you don't want to back the kickstarter. Yeah, so the Minion Miniatures KS fits in category 4 for me because I already have a ton of various bones goblins but on the other hand there can't be too many high quality, plastic fantasy minis because a certain company charges way too much for theirs and thus people need options.
  9. To justify making the molds for these high quality plastics they have be able to sell large numbers of all their models otherwise it would be cheaper to do them in resin. The choice of goblins make particular sense because the Mantic versions don't have the same high reputation as Mantic's undead or orcs.
  10. I would be 100% in on this if I hadn't bought a very large number of Bones goblins. Still, I will have to keep an eye on it.
  11. After a quick look at these, I think the Duelist and one of the Knight or Thug would make for a solid pair for a stretch goal.
  12. I've had good luck with Vallejo's grey primer as a brush on primer, for what it's worth.
  13. Well there are interesting scaling effects for this kind of kickstarter that is raising money for tooling. Basically, a bigger audience brings in more money so they can make more molds which then allows them to make the kickstarter a sweeter deal which brings in more people ... and more money for more molds. Once you get to the point where you get people thinking "I can't afford NOT to back this thing", then the sky is the limit. Thus a kickstarter aimed at a market of half the size might bring in a fourth of the money or even less. Combine that with the fact that it isn't easy to use the known demand at the higher metal prices to predict the demand Reaper would see at the price of Bones versions and I think it would be pretty tricky to predict how well any given Kickstarter would do. Well unless they add a Nightshade as an addon. Then they'll start raking in the dough, guaranteed. Hint. Hint.
  14. So I noticed that in the BT forums, CAVBOSS said that most of the giant stompy robot minis will be cast in 4 parts. Do we know if they will be glued in the factory like the other Bones lines?
  15. I'm not seeing what a Katana is either. Maybe I'm blind.
  16. Alpha Assault this is HQ, Where is your update? Alpha Assault this is HQ. Where is your update? Please comply.
  17. I have one word for you Eilif. That word is "magnets".
  18. On the one hand: I don't really need these. On the other hand: Giant Stompy Robots. In Bones. Think of the customized mechs. On the third hand: Haven't played Battle Tech for years and years. On the fourth hand: But I can't guarantee that I won't ever want to. And early birds get the models instantly! Gaaaaaaaaah!
  19. I went ahead and backed this based on a need for a simple dungeon craw for my nephews/nieces and the fact that I have more faith in Mantic making this than in Gamezone making their game. A big bonus is that this should be good for using lots of Bones minis.
  20. Good point araziel. There is a disconnect between Mantic's idea that they are making a gateway game that might get kids into RPGs or miniatures or whatever and the fact that they are pushing the game for $100 on kickstarter. Given enough high quality miniatures, the game might be "worth" $100 but it can't be a gateway game at that pricepoint.
  21. All the minis in the $30 add on should already be available from Mantic's Kings of War line. Are they prepainted? I though they were just colored plastic.
  22. Everyone can calm down now. Eisenhower has shown Montgomery a picture of a laser printer which he promises will get the logistics situation squared away, put the ducks in rows, and put this invasion of puppies to bed.
  23. I read through some comments and it seems to be mostly brainstorming about what famous people they could get engaged via social media.
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