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  1. Goddamn if this song isn't stuck in my head now.
  2. I'll be in on this. Just have to figure out if any of the rewards would be useful to my brother's family since they homeschool.
  3. I'm interested in those orcs and the concepts for the elves are intriguing but I wish there was a more efficient way for people that just want minis to get some. Also, the pricing doesn't quite make sense to me if these are injection molded plastics. It would seem that they would get more pledges and get the money for more molds at lower prices ala the Bones Kickstarters.
  4. I've used Tudor Minwax Poly on painted but unprimed bones goblins. Didn't notice any problems but they did take a while to dry.
  5. From what I've seen, fans of 4th ed. have so totally given up on Next that they cant even get upset anymore.
  6. On the one hand, 30+ parts for RPG minis does seem excessive. On the other hand, if it wasn't lots of cool looking bits that don't really fit together then it wouldn't be Palladium, now would it?
  7. After seeing the variable quality of Mantic's plastics, I'd want to know a lot of details about who is making the molds, etc. before backing something like this. Not that I need empire troops anyway.
  8. Wow, just wow. Just because they are metallurogically challenged doesn't mean you should mock the Flinstones like that.
  9. I'm pretty sure that Star Citizen, not Ouya, is "Kickstarter's Golden Project of Amazinghood". That thing has become such an ambitious project that I'm kind of worried that the 40 million they've raised won't cut it. Anyway, VitaTV seems like a better take on the micro console, but even then, it's not like the Vita gets tons of games.
  10. Kaladrax was rendered. Amusingly, there was a miscommunication with the manufacturer, in which they interpreted the intended length as height, and scaled him up appropriately. I don't think I'd ever caught that tidbit before, but looking at Kaladrax I can see how it bears some resemblence to the rendered figures. Personally, I would have preferred Kaladrax at his original size, as the model is a bit unwieldy as-is. Still, no one can argue against the impression it makes! It's not so much that people can't argue, it's that they are way to afraid to even consider breathing, let alone arguing.
  11. I do not need a mutant shark football player mini. I do not necessarily need a spacefaring, man eating mutant shark football player mini. I do not, strictly speaking, need a spacefaring, maneating, mega-cool, mutant shark football player mini. Not exactly. My wallet doesn't like where this line of thinking is headed.
  12. So if I'm reading this right, the distinction is between stores that deal directly with Reaper and those that go through distributors?
  13. If my lfgs has a bones rack should they be on the list or would they have to have a bigger stock of Reaper stuff?
  14. Seems like this guy mistook college for real life.
  15. Is each wave of this supposed to hit retail after it goes out to backers or is Crocodile going to wait for the whole thing to be wrapped up?
  16. When I saw those cobras, I thought about you (non-creepy way ) . I remember a mentioning of what you learned about bases of miniatures during sculpting. And how a miniature may look great extended (like the cobra on the right) but it would not work for most games due to base restrictions. (Might have been in the gnoll or bugbear base thread). I can see why now. Having both the coiled vesion and the uncoiled version next to each other like that gives a nice perspective to it. (Love the coiled version by the way, like it was disturbed from its resting place). Well, the uncoiled cobra must be a more important character, due to the larger base size. Perhaps a commander? If you are not careful with that kind of talk, there is a very real danger of attracting goblins into this thread.
  17. If I may be so graceless as to quote myself... Actually this would be a pretty funny diorama or display board. I'm imagining a raging battle but in the middle a little clearing where all the posing models are having their portrait done. Anyone know of a miniature of a painters with an easel?
  18. Not something that I need but I bet that if Reaper made Chameleon Warriors in clear plastic, they'd sell quite a few to Lizardmen players.
  19. Thanks for the help everyone. Sorry for being so picky. Obsidian Crane, that's what I meant by going with the Sister's of the Blade minis. And yeah, it's probably the most reasonable idea. Thanks SamuraiJack, I think I had looked at darksword before but restricted my search to elven figs so missed at least one possibility. What do you guys think of the upcoming Crocodile Games Amazons? I like the plumed helmet. Here is a pic of the corresponding spearzons' green:
  20. Kaiju are cooler. Yes. And a Kraken is basically a Kaijuified Cephalopod and therefor is coolness squared.
  21. Thanks. I considered Seelah, but I'm not sure I want the whole unit to all be casually standing around with helmets off. Then again the other Grey Maiden also looks like she is posing for the unit's yearbook photo... Alistrilee is definitely on my list of good but not perfect matches. As a bonus, I think she is in the 2nd Bones Kickstarter. Well, it's a bonus depending on how patient I can be. Valise, is one that I missed. You are right it could work, if I could pull off the conversion. The greaves in particular work with the leg warmer look of Oriana. And if you are right, Acacia would also work. Maybe the best plan is to just go with all those female archers that match the Sister's of the Blade aesthetic. It wouldn't be a bad thing for the leader to stand out anyway.
  22. I'm looking to put together a unit of about 15 elven archers. They should be in metal armor and be all female. Of course the easy way to go would be with the Sister of the Blade mini's. Which would be more than fine. But sadly, I've become a bit obsessed with the idea of using the awesome Oriana, Grey Maiden mini as the unit leader. So now I'm on the hunt for maybe 5 or so matching mini's. Basically females with cloak, rounded plates for armor and bows. It would be best of they didn't have shields, actually. Also I'll probably need to find a source of closed, plumed helms. So far, using Reapers, very nice search function, the closest I've found are two that will need a head swap and a shield swapped for a bow. Finding minis that are not part of Reaper's awesome lineup is a lot harder. If anyone knows of other suitable figures, I'd be very grateful for the help.
  23. Hmmmm, maybe I'd better buy those resin Gamezone elves I've been eyeing. Just in case that this whole project bankrupts their company. Then again, AFAIK the resin minis they are making for HeroQuest aren't as capital intensive as the Bones minis, so the comparison between Reaper and Gamezone's KS's isn't exact.
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