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  1. That's a pretty amazing amount of money to raise on a no-name Kickstarter knockoff site. It will be interesting to see how this turns out in the end.
  2. How cost effective would a line of minis where you have several horses cast in bones with a wide variety of metal riders that could be matched with them? As for specific model, my current burning desire is for Grey Maidens. Lots of them. With bows.
  3. 1) Finish Painting Reaper goblins (lots) 2) Finish Painting Mantic orcs (lots) 3) Work out a system for basing O&G army. 4) Paint some of the kickstarter Bones that will let me learn techniques needed to start an Elf army. I think that if I work #4 in with batches of #1 & #2, that should help keep me somewhat sane.
  4. I managed to resist adding anything post Kickstarter. In particular the Expansions were a little to hit or miss for me to be justified in getting them. Might pick up some stuff at retail later. 2013 Core Set x1 Mouslings x1 Unleash the Kraken! x1 Heroes and Villains x1 Gelatinous Cube x1 Master Series Paint Set x1 Verocithrax Dragon x1 Master Series Paint Set 2 x1 Mashaaf, Great Old One x1 Dragons Don't Share x1
  5. What GameZone should do is get ahold of the people making Super Fantasy: Ugly Snouts Assault and arrange a joint Kickstarter for a deluxe edition with miniatures.
  6. Not really, while M * V = Momentum holds true, the energy (acceleration) was only imparted at launch, so the effect is akin to an increase in gravity - whether M is increased or G is increased, the G must still be overcome. The energy (E or A take your pick) is no longer being supplied, so a sharpened parabola is the result. That same energy that imparted the initial V is now being applied to M * the inverse of the temporary reduction in M. Acceleration is no longer a factor. The same result as a gravitational mass moving into an orbit. A downwards vector is added, and overcomes the forward momentum of a kilo of stone. *Thunk* If the mass increased by fifty times then roughly the equivalent of a 50G force is suddenly applied as a new vector to the parabola. Another way to view it is that A is the accelerating force, and must needs be reapplied to the equation when the mass is increased, with the original A, minus velocity already lost to resistance, being applied, as force, to the stone, as thrust. If the stone masses fifty times the mass of the miniaturized stone then the parabola is closer to a downwards line. How far can you throw a two foot boulder, using a two foot arc of acceleration utilizing muscle power? Or you can consider it the effect of dropping a twelve pound rock on top of a quarter pound rock in flight. The vector is changed. Just because magic was used to temporarily decrease mass does not mean that acceleration and momentum are magically added. Whether you apply the new Mass as a gravitational effect or apply the original Acceleration to the new Mass, the result is *thunk*. (If you think that was dry... you have never read Alarums and Excursions. :P ) The Auld Grump Besides the oddity of applying physics to a magical effect in the first place, I can't say I agree. In the first place there is no reason to suspect that momentum is going to be conserved when energy (principally the rest energy of the stone/boulder) is clearly not. Energy and momentum are not unrelated concepts after all. It's much more likely that the momentum of the rock will change in proportion to it's mass than for the connection between the two quantities to be arbitrarily broken. Secondly, all projectiles, whatever their mass or composition, follow the same path through gravitational fields. This is for deep, fundamental reasons that let to Einstein discovering General Relativity. By default we would expect even magically altered boulders to follow this same rule. Again when "a wizard did it", you could argue for any result, but I think that the most natural effect of the spell being broken is for the boulder to have the same velocity as the stone had before being transformed back and hitting with very substantial force.
  7. I've been mulling the idea of starting a Warhammer Bretonian army based on a mixture of what Europeans would have though Prester John would have sent to rescue them and an actual Ethiopian look to the army. I'd have them march with the Arc of the Covenant, get some priests with processional tryptics, etc. So no, I don't want to see this kind of thing happen in bones because that would make it very hard to me to resist my mad, fevered dream. What with the low prices and easy conversions. And I'm very sure my painting skills would not be up to matching my imagination and it would make me sad.
  8. Well if we are talking about D&D and Pathfinder then the question of realism doesn't really come up. Otherwise someone is going to ask, "What, exactly, do hit points represent?" and things will go downhill from there. The only real question is whether or not fumbles and crits are fun.
  9. The issue isn't making a MMO for that amount of money. If you read the kickstarter, the MMO is being made by volunteers and the money is just to pay for licenses for the required software. Of course the difficulty of making a functioning MMO using volunteers is also stratospheric. My general opinion is that video game Kickstarters are already more risky than boardgame/mini Kickstarters since the chance of a software project having schedule or budget problems or even just failing to produce a working system is quite high. And yeah, I agree that going to Kickstarter to fund an MMO is a bad idea.
  10. It's obvious that I haven't really accepted how awesome bones are yet. It just occurred to me that you can heat and repose the goblins without too much work. That should give a good amount of additional variety.
  11. If you're referring to Reaper, stores can absolutely order direct. And they can order both front list and NIC (not in catalog) figures and get them very quickly. Well, that would certainly make sense. Maybe I'll mention it when I pick up the mini's.
  12. Huh, I was just looking at the Legendary Encounters figs just to see what they were like and noticed that some of them were sculpted by Ed Pugh who, as noted above, is Reaper's CEO. Interesting.
  13. I just dropped by my Friendly (sadly not so) Local Game Store to order some stuff and the person that was doing my order also seemed to think that maybe they couldn't order Reaper metal anymore. In the event, they could order some of the metal and some of the Bones I was looking for not not all of either. I couldn't judge his being incorrect too harshly since I missed seeing the huuuge Bones display unit they had and had to walk sheepishly over to it and pick up a packet of goblins and a Troll that they had on hand when they pointed it out. The good news is that they said that the store had got in on the Kickstarter and that Bones were selling very well because "people are using them for every game." It's good to hear that Bones are selling despite the flood of minis that was the first Kickstarter. The whole situation where customers can order directly from the manufacturer but store cant is kind of odd but of Ceo Ed Pugh talking about the state of the industry makes it seem like the relationship between manufacturers, distributors and retail is getting stretched pretty thin these days. Come to think of it, I had an order of Plastruct stuff canceled because the people I ordered it from couldn't find it anywhere and I just turned around and ordered it directly from Plastruct. So it's not just gaming or miniature related. In fact that was an online business that canceled the order.
  14. Seems like these guys would work OK. They have roundish (instead of narrow or wide) heads and they look pretty nice.
  15. So I was doing some test painting on the bones goblins that came with the Vampire pack and noticed two things. First I was enjoying painting them and second that they looked pretty good given my skill level. When I realized that both of these were even more true compared to how I felt about painting the GW non-night goblins and non-black orcs I decided that I'd like to paint up a unit based on the bones goblins for my Warhammer army. The only downside is that they aren't poseable so I'd like to be able to use both the Pathfinder and the non-Pathfinder goblins to maximize the number of different models. Now the faces of those are very different so I'd like to find some goblins that would kind of blend those two styles together, that is, I'd like to make it look like there is a range of different looking goblins instead of two separate groups. Anyone know of a good choice for that? Metal or plastic would be fine since I won't need to buy very many. I guess I'd also need a command group to go with them.
  16. Gah, after I saw the Thank You pack I figured it was safe to finalize my pledge and then heading off to Petmart for some basing sand would keep me from adding to any server problems. But I need a few of those giant spiders which means that I need to make a post KS payment to Reaper. Who knows what I could talk myself into at such a time. Resisting temptation is not so easy on the second approach.
  17. I was adjusting my pledge and almost became a KS Troll myself. You have to watch those decimal points very carefully.
  18. I wonder if that would be a good use of their limited US based manufacturing capacity, i.e. putting out limited numbers of figures in alternate materials. But I guess it's already been pointed out that anything that would require a second mold wouldn't make financial sense.
  19. Here are some things that will work against your Kickstarter. 1) Your intro video doesn't explain why someone should back your Kickstarter. It doesn't introduce either the game I'm supposed to want to play or the team of devs that I'm supposed to want to back. 2) It's a free to play game 3) You are a new studio and your Risks and Challenges section doesn't really address the actual risks inherent in making a game. As for the rest, I've never played that style of game so I can't really say.
  20. Uh, yeah. Just got my delivery and Kaladrax is hugely big. I might need more paint.
  21. Watching that tracker makes me think that A) Reaper is very glad that they didn't do a second Kickstarter before going through the whole of fulfilling the first. B) Reaper's next Kickstarter will not have so many options as stretch goals. i
  22. You're getting: Figure Case x1 There Be Dragons x1 Clockwork Dragon x1 Kaladrax Reborn x1 Starter Set 2 x1 Mind your Manors x1 Starter Paint Set x1 vampire x1 Your shipment was postmarked on 06-25-2013 and is being shipped UPS Ground.
  23. Don't get your hopes too high. It's highly unlikely we'll see 241 minis, some huge, for $100 next time. Reaper didn't lose money this time around, but it came close. Maybe they only broke even, but they also now have a large amount of capital in the form of injection molds that will be bringing in money for years to come. That's a huge win for Reaper and what makes their Kickstarter such a genius move.
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