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  1. I have a vague memory of spraying some styrofoam with spray paint having it melt. Maybe a similar method could be used to get some more natural looking caverns.
  2. There isn't really a reason for Reaper not to have both Bones and metal mini's: Bones for high volume and low prices and metal for more variety than it makes sense to make plastic injection molds for. You could imagine that in a given year most releases would be metal but most of Reaper's sales would be Bones. However, it might not makes sense sell metal minis that have Bones versions because most customers will go for the much cheaper plastic.
  3. Assembling GW plastics is not the issue, it's finding ways to rank them up after you have assembled them.
  4. I think one thing that the people asking for more options are missing is that replacing Sophie with Bones almost surely saves Reaper money both because the cost of plastic is so low and because they don't have to ship separate packages. There is no similar advantage to them for letting people switch Bones with Bones. Also that thing about the Cyber-Monkey.
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