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  1. Watching that tracker makes me think that A) Reaper is very glad that they didn't do a second Kickstarter before going through the whole of fulfilling the first. B) Reaper's next Kickstarter will not have so many options as stretch goals. i
  2. You're getting: Figure Case x1 There Be Dragons x1 Clockwork Dragon x1 Kaladrax Reborn x1 Starter Set 2 x1 Mind your Manors x1 Starter Paint Set x1 vampire x1 Your shipment was postmarked on 06-25-2013 and is being shipped UPS Ground.
  3. Don't get your hopes too high. It's highly unlikely we'll see 241 minis, some huge, for $100 next time. Reaper didn't lose money this time around, but it came close. Maybe they only broke even, but they also now have a large amount of capital in the form of injection molds that will be bringing in money for years to come. That's a huge win for Reaper and what makes their Kickstarter such a genius move.
  4. You realize that doesn't actually make the delivery of the actual product come any sooner than 2016? It just means they're getting people to pay extra for beta access. It's an interesting scheme and I'm surprised they're having this much success with it; I thought that more gamers would realize launching a subscription model MMO in 2016 is, given the current state of the industry, a bound-to-fail propoition. I don't think that any MMO is a suitable product for Kickstarter, but to be fair, they have said they are aiming for a hybrid model like LOTRO. Then again, having a free option in a cutthroat pvp based MMO could be bad. There will be even more spies.
  5. Well, a couple things about this Kickstarter. 1) I like the idea of moving away from the "themepark ride but with math" MMO, but having the players make the content runs into obvious problems with people on the internet being total jerks. 2) The long development time for MMOs is a problem. By the time they come out the whole market can have changed. Witness Eldar Scrolls Online and even the The Old Republic. 3) Their Risks and Challenges section, in my opinion, don't really convey the difficulty of making a successful MMO and 1 million in pledges probably won't go far. It's a huge project and I think that the people behind Torchlight had a better idea of starting small and building up. Have the people backing this played EVE? If not, I'd give it a go for a month before putting money down on this.
  6. So I noticed that "Basic Fantasy" has a separate set of "starter" rules. Are there any other old school clones that have something similar? I ask, because I think it would be useful to have something more digestible when I try to get my nieces and nephews into a game (using the bones from Kickstarter).
  7. Even if they take a loss on the kickstarter itself they will profit by having a large range of bones minis that they can sell for quite a profit now that the molds are payed for.
  8. I'd like some Trolls. Something uglier and bigger than the Cave Troll. Maybe this guy
  9. The thing is the number of configurations goes up exponentially as you decrease the size of the tiles while the increase in time to set it up won't be so dramatic. Given the cost of shipping and the difficulty of storage, I think your potential customers would better served with more versatility. For instance if a set of 4 tiles were split into 16 tiles the 16 tiles would have trillions more possibilities*. More importantly, as Nirath points out above, the perception of seeing the same old layout would be lessened. *Well maybe... It depends on how hard it is to get the tiles to match. But it would be a lot.
  10. I have a vague memory of spraying some styrofoam with spray paint having it melt. Maybe a similar method could be used to get some more natural looking caverns.
  11. There isn't really a reason for Reaper not to have both Bones and metal mini's: Bones for high volume and low prices and metal for more variety than it makes sense to make plastic injection molds for. You could imagine that in a given year most releases would be metal but most of Reaper's sales would be Bones. However, it might not makes sense sell metal minis that have Bones versions because most customers will go for the much cheaper plastic.
  12. Assembling GW plastics is not the issue, it's finding ways to rank them up after you have assembled them.
  13. I think one thing that the people asking for more options are missing is that replacing Sophie with Bones almost surely saves Reaper money both because the cost of plastic is so low and because they don't have to ship separate packages. There is no similar advantage to them for letting people switch Bones with Bones. Also that thing about the Cyber-Monkey.
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