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  1. Hmmmm, looking at this figure again, could it really be cast in one piece? He seems to be holding his sword in front instead of in a more castable position.
  2. I feel like the experts here identified a roughly similar (100 years war with an irregular shield) knight but I can't seem to find the thread.
  3. I ended up printing them close to vertical and that seems to have worked. So do people like to fill up their build plate or playing it safe with fewer models?
  4. Hmmmm, not exactly convinced by the few autosupports that got added to these Gaslands weapons. The unsuported areas are smallish but they are flat when layed out this way. Probably easier to print them vertically.
  5. I resliced and recopied the file and it printed fine.
  6. Volcano Orange. But grey with just the wing painted with the flag might be cool.
  7. So far I haven't had any problems getting the print to release. Maybe that means I've been living dangerously as far as the print falling off. I've been impressed with how the default settings as far as print quality goes. Successfully printed a OnePageRules spaceship. Now to work up the courage to print something I've done the supports for.
  8. Hmmmm, my first and third test prints went very well but the second failed twice after laying down the first layer or so. Both times the bed was raised out of resin and it showed 0% done on the screen. Bad slicing job?
  9. So how do you guys like your stl files presented for patreons. Basic, detailed, monochrome with an arty splash of red?
  10. Your honor, the iPhone 18 won't exist for 5 long years. I am only human.
  11. I ordered a wash and cure as a combo with this printer but it hasn't arrived yet so that's why I didn't really have a plan for curing. When I first opened the box, I misidentified the z axis as the tower of LED and though I had a wash and cure but no printer. I guess this is preferable.
  12. Well resin printers are sure easy enough to set up and level...
  13. Anything I need to keep in mind with minis I can't yet cure? Just treat them gently while wearing gloves?
  14. I now have a resin printer. I do not yet have either the wash and cure or anything resembling sunlight.
  15. Yeah those almost look like they could be mixed and matched with the frostgrave minis.
  16. What's more of a pain to support textured fur or rivets? Both seem to lead to tiny, tiny islands that can't be eliminated by adjusting the angle of the mini.
  17. Any value to a magnetic build plate for a resin printer?
  18. The reproductive power of rabbits is legendary but so is GW's ability to produce new Space Marine units. If you combined the two then you have a frighteningly plausible origin for the pirates that took over the galaxy. What's up dakka?
  19. Not 3d printed but copplestone casting has some amazing 10mm fantasy. I just wish there was more.
  20. Do you guys trust autosupport to work on the interior of hollowed model? It seems like it would be a huge pain to put them in by hand.
  21. OK, you might want to prepare yourself for a deluge of newb questions. I kind of thought that my printer would be shipped from China and I'd have time to research more but apparently it's arriving tomorrow. Do people prefer the stable or beta branches of chitubox or other slicers?
  22. This seems like a clever idea for holding a funnel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivxdPWVAr0I
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