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  1. So I was listening to a 3d mini painting podcast last night and they strongly suggested a screen protector to insure against resin leaking through a puncture. Is that something I should look in to?
  2. For a second, you had me convinced that today was Monday. Would have made for an awkward week.
  3. Well presumably they put those little pop-up thermometers in the turkeys because people use them so I'm not sure that food science is in everyone's wheelhouse.
  4. Love to job you did on the hyenas. I know from experience that they are harder to get right than it seems.
  5. Well that's some nice looking work on the grey, blah or no.
  6. Well, I've got some detailed 3D models. I've got a few very well packed bottles of resin. Now I just need Anycubic to ship the printer. The first two are not going to make waiting for the last any easier.
  7. Yeah, I hope the PCs have had their tetanus shots!
  8. Back in the eighties Battletech had a section trying to explain why in the far future engagement ranges were so short comparted to contemporary tank warfare. And lo ranges have been a problem for miniature gamers ever since. Try to keep in mind the difference between shooting at the range and on a dark, moonlit night with wolf howls bumping up your heartrate. After all, even with soldiers standing shoulder to shoulder, the 25 or so rounds did not suffice to kill all of one's opponents.
  9. A lot of the links to pics from Patreon itself are dead.
  10. Looking through the MMF Black Friday sales seems dangerous. Especially for someone like me that would like to avoid the Patreon model. I mean, at least the Patreon thread in this forum is full of lilnkrot so only a small fraction of the temptation is on display.
  11. Watching some 3DPrintingPro vids while I wait for the resin printer. Am I understanding it right that even if I was printing bases for minis they should be tilted off the printing plate so that they won't be hard to remove? It seemed that way but then he eventually adds so many supports that the surface area of the support bases would also be quite high. Definitely seems that you have to unlearn a lot of fdm printing rules before you start with resin.
  12. Despite the lackluster enabling that you guys provided, I've ordered a Photon Mono.
  13. That's too bad @SotF and exactly why I love the butterfly method. And yeah, at the best of times, it isn't easy to get everyone seated and served before the food cools.
  14. There needs to be a Bones Black line of Tre orcs. Nice work on this one.
  15. Well at least you are making up for the turkey that the president pardons every year.
  16. I seem to recall that the Meeples and Miniatures podcast had some advice along the lines that 30 minis was suitable for game agnostic armies since 30 can be split in so many ways. But then they certainly were not in the business of preaching restraint despite some genuflections in Dave's direction.
  17. Hmmmm, to what degree should I be thinking of a Photon S or Photon Mono during BF? Besides price would the S have any particular advantage for printing minis or greebles?
  18. 4 hours? Don't they have a fryer in the Deli department they could use.
  19. A lady dropped by my brother's house with a 20 lb turkey still frozen after being in the fridge for a couple days. Since it was for a charity event I tried to lend a hand but I'm not sure anything I said got through.
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