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  1. So what is the consensus on how durable a hill made with the expanding foam would be compared to one made with, say, sheets of insulation foam and sculptamold?
  2. I having a bit of an internal debate about whether the basement level and the piles of rubble are a great idea. From a tactical perspective it makes the terrain more asymmetric than might be ideal. That is it doesn't seem all together obvious that minis could come up to the front of the ruin and shoot through the windows. And since 40k minis are on such large bases these days it wouldn't be practical to make a rubble firing step in front of the wall. Well, I guess I wouldn't mind if the Primaris bumped their heads trying to get through the doors... Hmmmmm.
  3. So a semi-local FGS opened up recently and I was asking the owner if he could order some bolt action stuff for me, basically so I could support the store a bit even though I'm unlikely to buy a bunch of 40 minis. He seemed excited at the idea and also to misunderstand my request as asking to stock to game on the shelves. Even though he had to go directly through Warlord to get what he wanted he made an order of a bunch of starter sets. Seemed like a mistake to me given the low population and wealth density in these parts but I offered to do some demo games. Those games went pretty well and a couple people are buying in. You could really see the difference it made to have the product right there ready to buy so maybe not such a mistake after all.
  4. Well they put the larger radius for Pokestops back in so that's good. But I decided to post because I used the power of Oshawott community day to finally hit level 40. I was pretty unmotivated to do much before I noticed the xp bonus an that it wasn't super hard to get excellent throws. As usual I forgot to evolve any to get the special move. But now I kind of wish that lv 41 didn't exist.
  5. Yeah, I saw these used on youtube but it seems hard to get them in the US. Nice work!
  6. Yeah, I wouldn't mind a whole line of Tre Orcs in Bones Black.
  7. So is this thing more or less expensive than the GW Smaug?
  8. I'm no expert on these minis but that tiltable flight stand make me think that his is a blood red skies mini from Warlord. [edit] And yeah, that's a Corsair. In WW2 it was flown by the US Marines, US Navy and the UK Navy at least. Also served in Korea.
  9. Added some rubble, trying to keep think flat enough for models. Kitty Litter plus PVA isn't that far off from Super Glue + baking soda.
  10. My original plan was to put these on bases and then put in a good amount of rubble in the form of sprue bricks and kitty litter but having glued this together, it's pretty solid feeling and I wonder if I could get away without a base and if that would make it more flexible in use. These are supposed to be generic then again if I plan to leave them at the FLGS they'll need all the reinforcement they can get.
  11. Seems promising. Thinking about adding some columns to the outer wall and maybe window sills after the wallpaper is applied.
  12. A friend game me a huge box of Construx since he thought it could be used to make some terrain. You'd think that it would be good for sci-fi/40K stuff and there are some nice bits but I think me main use might well be to make skeletons for some generic, all purpose ruins. Thinking about using e-pvc board instead of foamboard to make these game-store proof. Then again, foamboard covered with rock textured wallpaper should be quite sturdy. Looking at this, it would be more playable if I hame the ground floor the tall one so there is room to get minis under the second story floor.
  13. You let the others do the hunting and you just cooked up the dino burgers with what they brought back?
  14. As for priming Bones minis, it's a bit dangerous to use spray primer but brush on primer should be fine. Many like to prime Bones with brown liner.
  15. Before I noticed the horn, I thought your horn blower was doing his best Gandalf impression. There are great. The middle spear best especially.
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